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Active montgomery car because I got mad at my mom and then I suddenly had my friend come in and he smokes with cigarettes yes but I wanted to do hood rat stuff for my
And as soon as I saw may they came bounding over
And I have trailers I like beer is good for you
And I just dropped my need see my little knee and and then when i'm on my knees i'm backing up backing up backing up back it up back it up back enough 'cause my daddy taught me good and i'm back in...
And i'm not gonna put up with any of you people 's crap anymore you will have to deal with the police 'cause you done goofed and I know who it's coming from because I back traced it and you'll be r...
And then they eat the poo poo
And you ain't gotta walk everyday so you gonna get out strut that ass put that ass fuck that ass
At eleven pay more at the grocer but getting less will tell you how to get the most
Can't we all just get along at the red house where black people and white people buy furniture
Dante is me bro don't
Here's a black hawk helicopter blackhawk helicopters surveying
Hey what up y'all this young girl will jay so if you got anything to say to me you can say it to my mother fucking face or hit me up on my mother fucking my face and kill your ass ****a
Hi i'm Sean Stephenson an I have to warn you when you're about to see is going to be intense I call it a dance party
How are you gentlemen
How are you i
I gotta tell you something can is good for me
I like turtles
I personally believe that US americans are unable to do so because people out there in our nation it don't have that south africa and the iraq everywhere like such up and
I represent the rent is too damn high party
I try to LA
I walk the shopping mall
I was like
I'm basing marcel dot com your republican candidate for governor i'd like to recall all permit and registration for guns
Is this real life yeah this is real life stay in your seat
Know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know, know no no no no no no.
Let's rain some stay dry and others feel the pain chocolate rain
Literally a load please
Living rooms, bedrooms, dinettes oh yeah you can buy them at the market we talking about flea market montgomery is just like it's just like a mini mall, Montgomery
Name in barbie caribal
Obviously we have a rapist in lincoln park his climbing in your windows snatching your people up trying to **** and so you need to hide your kids hide your wife and had a hug because they're great ...
Oh my god it's full on double rainbow all the way across the sky
Pulling into something from it has something special girl is my big in a box
Queen anne lance lincoln
Shevonne I apologize for calling you a slut you're a whore so you can apologize for twenty one me whenever you want
So far so far back
So we thank president barack obama and secretary of education arne duncan put the race of the cock rooster record
Some even like a level kind to me I do look up military who are single level crime say yeah
That voted for the country with amazing yes I did I guess what
The bombs world
The Internet Classics Soundboard Sound
The Internet Classics Soundboard Sound
The Internet Classics Soundboard Sound
The whistles god is that woo woo
There is a bloom
They're or besides chicken
Tons of fucking sequ
Um the well
We never do that never gonna let you never gonna run around and you never gonna make you cry
We'll do it live will do it life fuck it doing life I could alright it and we'll do it live fucking thing sucks
We're live on channel eight news how's your flight day going
Well very very heavy heavy do it ver tatian tonight we had a very darse darrison by let's go ahead terrace chasing those for that they had the pet
Where am I live never come back I swear you never see me again
Who the fuck is justin bieber gay
You forgot blueberries
Your name