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And I know this is very difficult but I must ask is there a history of sexual abuse in your family
And maybe maybe you think it's a victimless crime
And your father he molested you when you were
Big Meaty Chud
But when you crapped in that urinal OK you might as well have just dropped her pants and later turned right on mister venezuela 's head
Chocolate hot dog OK
Do no coffee in the teachers lounge and then you walk into the bathroom just to find a big duke laying there in the ernel
Drugs and sex and alcohol
Drugs are bad you shouldn't do drugs it you do them you're bad because drugs are bad and good it's a bad thing to do drugs and set up the bed but you were drug nine everything drugs are bad
Excuse me, can we get back to the issue please
God damn
He walks into the boys room and sees a big meeting should staring him in the face
He's got three kids at home he's got a car that barely works he's gotta clean up puke with saw dust and cooling
How did you do it
How would you feel if somebody came into your home OK pull down their pants and laid a big mud monkey right on your mom 's face
I don't need to take you right wing authoritative bullshit
I just come from the mens restroom
I'm gonna kick your ass some good
I'm not saying they're related
It had a colostomy at age five good
Let's leven at you
Let's see what your mom and dad had to say about your little poops complain
Look whatever you believe the fact of the matter is somebody dropped a duke in the school urinal and there's still no explanation for that
Mister venezuela the school janitor who clay he's the person who has to clean up when some trickster drops a duke in the wrong toilet mister venezuela makes six bucks an hour at best who could
More important
Mud monkey
No I don't think you can good
Now who made dookie in the urinal
Oh no
Oh you think that's funny huh yeah that's real funny
OK OK you think it's funny but nobody else does
OK that's good
So there's nothing funny about going up to a nice clean unsuspecting journal good dropping your pants and then turn it around squatting over that urinal including maybe maybe pulling your butt chee...
So you think it's funny huh OK OK you're gonna think it's really funny when the police get here
Some jokester took a poop in it who could
Somebody with number two in the urinal
The boys bathroom is closed until further notice
They gotta walk in that bathroom and see your rented do propped up against the back of the you know like brown rag doll
We are young guy holding too hard days we stand
We have a very serious problem
When you do get in the urinal it's bad OK
Who could
Who is mister hat there
Whoever did this unspeakable act is still at large
You all don't seem to understand how serious this is
You are the one who had to walk into the boys bathroom who K after avenue to wake up early you know
You decide you're going to be a comedian OK pinch one off in the internal leave it laying there very would have to look at
You don't let it happen again
You know three hundred people that need to use the boys room
You may have worn this time
You need to face this demon in your closet
You thought it would be a good idea
You're just having a hard time dealing with the memories of your father sexual abuse
You're just like the government may try to prosecute out one side of your mouth while supporting johns out the other