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And that's all she wrote
And this is this
Are you
Are you my pal
But I have a lot of things that are on order you know credit trouble
But I think someone giving you the bigger
Caddy Shack Sounds Sound
Check if i'm wrong sandy but if I kill all the golfers they're gonna let me have to throw away the key
Do you make a bull shark make a shoe smell very far
Don't count that I was in the period
Don't do it I just do that
Don't sell yourself short judge
Don't you have homes
Double turn
Feels like really really really
Fifty bucks to snails keep picks his nose
Gambling is illegal it bushwood sir and I never slide
Go playing golf and you're going to like it
Hamburger no cheese I want a hot dog I want milkshake
He's a cinderella boy choosing his eyes I guess he's lines of this last shot he's got about hundred ninety five yards left and he's got
Hey everybody we're all gonna get laid
Hey whitey where's your hat
How about a nice cool drink varmints
How about prescott
How do you like tomorrow my love
How do you measure yourself with other golfers
I bet this licensing awards a hundred bucks
I christening the flying walk
I don't have no whole to danish
I don't think there is going to come out with quite awhile
I guess it's just a matter now I put in about fifteen thousand gallons of water down there
I guess you getting around is pretty much over uh
I have the letter
I know you
I like you very danny sir
I smell varmint poontang
I smells thousand bucks you missed that part
I think it is
I try to understand it i'm playing the worst there my life hey
I want you to choose every go for on the course
I'll guarantee you will never be a member here member are you couldn't you think I join his promise never torium on his whole place sucks that's right it sucks only reason i'm here is not real fire
I'm looking at you
I'm terribly sorry this happened I learn a paper you alone
I'm using talk about this is that you can play thirty six holes on in the afternoon take it home and just get stoned it up for jesus
Is your nose
Is your place called
It slip slip
It's a candy wrapper doing there
It's easy to grin
Just a harmless coronata plastic explosion ready
Let's go all way young my sir twenty off
Let's go away young
Like you have your fuzzy little foreigner
Little lizard joke all start pulling wire with her
Look it up for the last time I saw a mouse like daughter had a book
Man in a boat overboard
Men and women
Minutes to the golfing industry
No no nice shot right on the beach
No no no
No you don't
Not my fault nobody can understand what you're saying
Not talking now
Oh he got all of that one
Oh it looks good on you
Oh mrs crane your little monkey woman you know that
Oh well is broken
OK cookie
OK I guess we're playing for keeps now I guess the kidding around is pretty much over
OK you can open
Old charlie on hot today
Or should we have a half dozen spoken detention set my friend up here with the whole schmeer in our clubs bad shoes club shirt pants hairy arms pauls auto parts in owes me a boxers naked lady chees...
Pick up that blood
Please go first
Poop that was a good one
Quick takes for message
Read big job soon greasy running over guts
See people don't say that about you as far as you know
So I got that point
Somebody stepped on a duck
Song number I onto lumberyards I notice you don't spend too much time there
Thank you very little
That's a little harsh
That's all I need
The best man I got it from a n****
The hard way
The sign says no bare feet
The the bone
There you go
This is just have keep being yourself
To tell you must know your enemy in this case my enemy is requirements
Very well coming animal coming
Wake up girls I gotta salami I gotta hide
Well the world needs ditch diggers too
What about my asthma i'll give you asthma
You beast you savage come on bark like a job for me
You can open the curtain up out there somewhere I can get rice did I wouldn't i'm an idiot or something because they always cut lines for them and you know people don't say that about you as far as...
You ever doing there
You know i've often thought of becoming a golf club
You must've been something before electricity
You take drugs danny
You're going to eat your fat
Your honor your honor