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Ah you again how about coming back in about two minutes
An assault rifle when you absolutely positively have to kill every damn person in the room except no substitutes
Are you going to hurt my feelings
Are you gonna bark all day little doggie are you gonna fight
Are you son of a bitch
Be careful now you'll shoot your eye out
Bring it on
Damn it
Dead man walking
Did I hurt your feelings
Enough talk let's fight
Eviction time
Fly me to the moon and let me sing among the gore I reminded
Frankly my dear I don't give her down
Give me some sugar baby
Good morning and in case I don't see you again good afternoon good evening and good night
Ha ha
Hell if I know what do you care you don't seem to be having any problems with them
Hey tell me you got a death wish or something
I am death who won some
I am done i'll our face nothing
I don't know nothing about birthing babies miss scarlet
I don't know nothing about that kind of stuff
I guess it's not a good day to van fan guy huh
I have something for you
I never learned to read
I wish you wouldn't do that
I'd like to speak to miss towels first name jenny he
I'll beat you like a bad stepchild
I'm dead again
I'm kicking my own ass
I'm losing my patience
I'm not a bad man i'm just misunderstood
I'm the guy with a gun
I've got a train to catch so you around
I've got two guns that should be enough for all of them
If I thought you weren't my friend I just don't think I could bear it
If you think i'm sexy and you want my body
It's Howdy Doody time kiddies, the bad man is here
Let's boogie boogie man
Letting me live
Make the hurting stop
My i've wrestled with reality for thirty five years doctor and i'm happy to state I finally won out over it
My momma said there'd be days like this I never liked her
My trusted friend
No power
Now you have a nice day
Ooh la la thank heaven for little girls
Payback time
Shocking wait I mean that joke already
Smile when you call me that
Sweet mother of god was the hold up
Thank you and goodnight
They just don't make em like they used to
Things have changed but I don't need to tell you that
This is from
Today is the last day of the rest of your life
War easy big fella
What are you gonna do spank me
What do we have here is a failure to coagulate
What's that supposed to rain
When you get to how tell him I sent you go get a group discount
Why is there always a thin lange above a bottomless pit and why must I always cross it
Yeah haha
Yeah he comes here comes speed racer he's a devil on wheels
Yeah right yeah
You behave now
You bet i'm just getting warmed
You just made your second mistake you stuck around
You know you've got a real attitude problem
You'll pay for that
You've gotta be kidding