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All right
Are you going to hurt my feelings
Are you gonna bark all day little doggie are you going to bite
Bring it on
Enough talk let's fight
Give me some sugar baby
Hola thank heaven for little girls
I have something for you
I'd like to speak to miss towels first name jenny
I'll beat you like a bad stepchild
I'm losing my patience
I'm your best reason to be afraid
I've been dreaming of you all tide up like that
I've just about had enough of you
If I thought you aren't my friend I just don't think I could bear it
If you think i'm sexy and you want my body
It's howdy doody tame kitties the bad man is here
Let's boogie boogie man
Nothing like fresh packed meat
Now now no need to get worked up
Now this could be the start of our beautiful friendship
Oh hot steam maybe I should strip down in nothing but a towel and relax a little
Oh no one wants to play with maine
Oh you're dead
Save it for someone who cares
Smile when you call me that
So i'll do more than that
The rest of your life is going to be measured in seconds jump
Things have changed but I don't need to tell you that
Today is the last day of the rest of your life
Well hello mister fancy pants forgive me if I don't shake hands
What are you gonna do spank
What's that supposed to rain
Yeah haha
You have no idea
You know you've got a real attitude problem
You're not going to look so good with your face ripped off
You're not my type
You've gotta be kidding