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Deckard Cain Sounds

Deckard Cain Sounds

Deckard Cain is a fictional character who appears in the Diablo video game franchise by Blizzard Entertainment. Cain is the last surviving descendant of the original members of the Horadrim, an ancient order of magicians charged with trapping the series' primary antagonists within enchanted crystals and guarding them thereafter.
See also: Michael Gough (voice actor), Deckard, Diablo (video game), Diablo (series), Diablo III, Diablo II,

Be careful
Diablo is heading east for some foul purpose
Elzix is quite a scoundrel
Good day
Good evening
Good morning
Have I told you about the haradrim
Have you spoken to jaron yet
Horadric Cube
Horadric Staff
I need
I need your help
I talked at length with war eve as we crossed the desert from khanduras he has many fascinating tales of the dangers of the desert
I thank your friend for coming to my aid
If you haven't already tell altima that radha minton is dead
Meshif is an interesting man
Six gems plus one sword transmuted into a socketed long sword
Stay awhile and listen
Take the stone to the hell forge
The hammer
The time has come to destroy mephisto soulstone
There is something about pharah that troubles may
They were an ancient confederation of mage clans who sought to bind the three prime evils for eternity the haradrim are now nearly forgotten and it appears that the bonds they wove are unraveling
This is a great victory indeed
What a fortunate turn of events!
What metal headpiece
What would an SA
You astound me, my friend
You better hurry it's beginning to feel like some great evil is permeated the air around here
You have a horadric staff
You have an uncanny knack for finding rare and valuable artifacts
You have quite a treasure there in at horadric cube