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All crew stay frosty keep your eyes peeled for our target
And I won't be talked down to by anybody
Anytime you're ready
Apparently there is frustrated with the confederate as we are
Are you into this
Are you kill me now darling
Are you out of your mind
Damn it
Damn you Arcturus
Does that mean they're going to send some back up for us
Doesn't look like I have much choice
Don't i
Don't let it get to you man
Done with you
First you sell out every person on this world to the cirque then you ask us to go up against the protoss and you're gonna send kerrigan down there with no back up
For phoenix and all the others who got caught between you and your mad quest for power
General i'm impressed
Get your refugees tucked in nice and tight
Go ahead commander
Good honey
Headquarters just begun analysis of the disks
Hello commander do you mind
Hello let's just get on with this OK
Hey man
Hey man
How many more noble souls do you need to consume before you're satisfied
How many more people need to die before you realize what you become
Howdy boys
However I do believe that she's serious about taking out the U E D
I can't believe you actually left her down there
I can't believe you're really going to trust this snake
I don't know
I hope whatever 's on those disks is worth it
I know about your past
I know that nothing I do can bring those things back
I know their reputation
I know what you mean phoenix
I know you were part of those experiments with deserve that next came and saved you
I mean i've heard the rumors
I never figured you for the frontal assault type
I never thought of you as anyone's martyr
I stand corrected
I think our tourist wanted to speak with you
I think we can handle it
I want a piece of the mall right
I'd like to help if I can
I'd like to repay the debt
I'll be seeing you
I'll give you an angle you slimy confederate peace
I'll see you dead for this
I'm a long way from home surrounded by hostile aliens
I'm gone and you better come with me
I'm in
I'm jim raynor marshall these parts
I'm positive I didn't hear that right
I'm pulling your ass out of the fire art tourists
I've got to do something
If I wanted your damn opinion I would have beaten it outta here
If we had burned at dan factory this entire colonies have been overrun
If we wait for confederate reinforcements that stations dust
It sounds like you've already got a plan
It's risky
It's the only way to make sure that the zerg won't send more reinforcements to shakuras
Kerrigan are you reading this
Let's get moving
Let's get this over with
Looks like we're on our own
Make no mistake about it we've got us a serious scored a sound
My crew and I will remain here on iron shut the gate down on this side
My hearts breaking for your kerrigan
Not even a protoss
Not only are we up against desert here but our old pal general duke may be creeping around two
Now exactly why was it that you asked phoenix and I to bring makes to you
Oh yeah
Or angle
Our objective is to locate in disabled aside instructors primary power generator
Our tourist his voice strongly from the prison
Prepare your ships for dimensional
Provide you can sidestep anymore surprises from our confederate friends and we can keep away from those critters they should have an easy time
Raynor here
Really you
Ride on
Serves him right
Show me good
Shut up and sit tight
Shut up arcturus
So the server here for you darling
Sounds fun
Starcraft Jim Raynor Sounds Sound
Starcraft Jim Raynor Sounds Sound
Tasador laid it on the line for me and my crew on char
The hell with him
The name is jim raynor pal
The Zerg have taken everything from me
There's no telling who are curious will screw over next
They expect to have him decode it shortly
This is bullshit
This is jimmy
This is reiner
This morning
Transports waiting when we come out
Use it in some militia and will save those folks
We got plans man
We're gone
Well I guess all I have left is to see this through
Well i'm a man of action
What are you saying
What are you thinking
What can I say
What the hell is that
What's up man
What's your problem man
Wish is luck
Yes you wouldn't be a considered if you wanna complete pain in the ass
You mean like you sacrificed kerrigan
You sound like a tired old man phoenix
You'll have to postpone those plans gentlemen
You're not just gonna leave him