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All of a sudden had this big attitude problem.
Alright, 10 bucks for kid over cough it up pay the piper give me it.
Alright, check out this bad boy, 12 megabytes of RAM, 500 megabyte hard drive, built in spreadsheet capabilities, and a modem that transmits it over 28,000 BPS. Going to use it for games and stuff.
Alright, hang on a second there, Custer.
Alright, that's it. School is in session.
And if all goes as planned, my butt will be smack free.
Are you crazy am I am I am I out of my mind about losing my senses?
Are you going to kiss me? Was thinking about it OK?
Are you in there little fetus in nine months? Will you come greet us? I will buy you some Adidas.
Are you the cutest? I'm afraid I might just be.
Are you watching Star Trek?
Aren't you going to answer her? That's like the 10th Bing Bong message she sent.
Behalf of everyone. I just like to say my hand.
Beta beta give me Rhonda from PS129. I shared my pudding with you man. I gave you my snack pack.
Big fat bummer.
Bite me.
Build the units and are really lay the tile cinderelly.
But did you see the ass on her?
But this is such geeks.
But you will always be the guy who peed on me.
Come on, play that funky music white boy.
Come on, quit yanking me.
Come with us to watch naked girls dance around.
Congratulations, you just crossed the line into completely useless get out.
Cookies and porn. You're the best mom ever.
Don't cry out loud.
Don't touch the computer. Don't ever touch the computer.
Dude, we are so gonna party.
Dude, what are you doing?
Electrifying infinite time.
Friends TV Show Soundboard Sound
Friends TV Show Soundboard Sound
Friends TV Show Soundboard Sound
Get out of my chair, dillhole.
GI Joe cool correctly.
Give me a century 21 real estate agent to get to wear those really cool jackets.
Good morning, nice breast by the way.
Good very good firm but tender. I recommend it to a friend.
Happy Hanukkah God will Christmas be snowy Joe. He happy New year. Chandler and Ross spin the dreidel Rachel.
Have a hubba Bubba birthday.
He said #2
He's just going to be so glad that you don't have barnacles on your butt.
Hey hey, good looking.
Hey how you doing?
Hey Rich, you want some sandwich? Oh what is in that olive loaf and ham spread no mail, no no 'cause mayor that would make it gross.
Hey shut up you're not my real mom.
Hey, don't you want a washboard, stomach and rock hard pecs? No, I want a flabby gut and saggy man breasts.
Hey, stick a fork in me. I am done.
Hi tushy
How come all I can think about is putting that ice in my mouth and licking you all over? Because I went to an all boys high school and God is making up for it.
How do you not fall down more?
How you doin
I always picture your mom when I'm having sex.
I believe my exact words were flying instant.
I have a lung capacity of two year old.
I kiss him before I can do it again.
I mean, you suck like you've never sucked before.
I need to live in a land where people can fill.
I said share not scare.
I tell people secrets. It makes them like me.
I think my boyfriend never so dreamy.
I think somebody needs another lap dance.
I think this could be the real thing. Capital R capital T.
I think you've gone over to the bad place.
I'm going commando too.
I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.
I'm Joey, I'm an actor, I don't know squat about dinosaurs.
I'm sorry we don't have your sheep.
I'm still awake and now I have to pee.
I'm such a grown up.
I'm talking about you. You big big freak.
I'm telling you this thing won't print.
If I had two IP on anyone of you.
If I was a superhero who could fly and be invisible, that would be the best.
If you don't meet her now, you're going to be kicking yourself when you're 80, which is hard to do, and that's how you break a hip.
Is it wrong that I was totally aroused by that?
Is this what it's like to be you?
It's just like a bloodbath in here today.
It's like somebody literally wrote down my worst nightmare and then charge me $32 to see.
Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!
Let me show you my underwear.
Let me tell you something in a long time since I've been flung.
Like a dirty math problem.
Look at kids, he's coming.
Look Ben, it's a toy that protects U.S. oil interests overseas. Call Joe.
Me on my computer.
Mr millionaire. New from Snooty playthings. Third wife sold separately.
My breasts are coming out my back.
My breasts are really strong.
No, my motto is get out before they go down. That is so not my model.
Not going to go commando in another man's fatigue.
Now Grandma is a person who everyone likes. She bought you a train and a bright shiny by Lin Lee. She hasn't been coming to dinner, and last time he saw her, she looked so much thinner. Now your mo...
Now problem litter in the litter box. Don't change your Kitty. Change your Kitty litter.
Oh dear, God, what have I done?
Oh man, I'm so excited I may vomit.
Oh my.
Oh no no no no.
Oh no, wait a minute. I have no one.
Oh no.
Oh, dark mother. Once again I saw collector smoke eat eat.
Oh, it's a website.
Oh, then I guess the panty raid last night was totally uncalled for.
OK, this is most romantic disease I've ever had.
OK, you know what? I just heard blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Or the cow in the motor goes move over cow in the Medical's move, then the farmer hits him on the head and grind them up. And that's how we get hamburgers.
Over my dead body.
Pair aye.
Pee into the wind.
Please pass the pie.
Princess Leia gold bikini.
Put some pants on kids so I can kick your butt.
Put the shame you can't see what finger I'm holding up.
Seeing that drunk Santa wet himself really perked up my Christmas.
So far it kind of blows.
So how's your day with your cyber chip going?
So if this guy goes down for like 2 years at a time.
Sometimes late at night, I can still hear the screaming.
Sometimes men love women. Sometimes men love men, then there are bisexuals the some. Just say they're kidding themselves. La La La La La La.
Step away from the duck.
That is so sad.
That'll teach you lick my muffin.
That's how radio stars escape stalkers.
They call me cookie dude.
They had little like she must leave.
They're kind of Papa.
Turkey, oh giving thanks.
Volume take you to the bed. You're obviously not their favorite pet. Now we can pass. Medicare is not your fan, no OS. What will I think you might want to pick a more masculine note?
Well before we answer that, I think we should address the more important question. How dumb are you?
Well that was a nice move dumb ass.
Well, I don't think you can make that statement unless you've been kicked in narrative that God only meant to be treated nicely.
Well, I thought if I littered that, crying Indian might come by and save us.
Well, I'm going to kill you.
Well, we haven't actually met, we just stayed up all night talking on the Internet.
Went to the store. Sat on Santa's lap. Asked him to bring my friends all kinds of crap. Said all you need is to provide them a song that you haven't heard it yet so don't try to sing along. Don't s...
What a wank.
What are you being such a weenie for?
What are you looking at me for? He's the one who wants to buff the maniac.
What did you do after you threw her leg on the fire?
What just happened?
What's the worst thing that could happen? I could die.
When I walk outside naked people throw garbage at me.
Why, why, why, why, why? Why would they do this?
Wow, that ripped.
Wow, what's that like?
Wow, your lip wet bulb.
Yeah hey nice to meet you a really.
Yeah, 'cause life's just that kind.
Yeah, Bing what's that about?
Yeah, my rock.
Yeah, that was a tricky one.
Yes, back then I use humor as a defense mechanism. Thank God I don't do that anymore.
Yes, getting over the frying pan is a good idea. We might want to backup plan though, just in case she isn't a cartoon.
Yes, I press that button like 100 times.
Yes, yes, I was just trying to figure out a way to demonstrate how I can get my exceptionally large feet into my even bigger mouth.
You could start out with a little one. I do A1233 the five a four at 322 A 24624642247576777777777.
You don't think I'm cute?
You guys wanna play doom?
You know channel and put it up on his computer.
You must have me confused with the amazing Chandler.
You owe me, I know.
You should never be allowed to talk to people.
You will be talking stop talking now.
You're going to do some fake flirting.
You're not the boss of me.
You're stupid.
You're swell.