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Are you currently using or paying for a medical alert system in your home
Are you still there
Are you there
But you were you trying to reach man
Can you listen to me real quick
How are you doing
How are you doing today
I already answered that
I can't hang up the phone
I can't hear you you're heading your cutting out
I couldn't hear you I said you were cutting now I didn't hear you
I'm being very nice to you
I'm really not trying to make you mad or angry i'm just doing my job right now
I'm saying what what is it that you need to tell me
I'm sorry when you're cutting out what do you say
I'm sorry would you say
I'm wonderful thank you for asking
If you don't wanna hear about it just simply hang up the phone
If you're joking around all of our calls are recorded for quality insurance
Just for listening today you do have the opportunity to see one hundred dollar rebate voucher
May I have the correct spelling of your first and last name please
My name is carla
My name is carla revive for tags twenty four seven
Now are you familiar with the medical alert systems and how they work
Oh I i understand that
OK what is it
Our calls are recorded for quality insurance
Pretty good
So I don't really know what happened and i'm very sorry about the confusion
Thank you for holding my name is carla revived for tags twenty four seven how you doing today
That's great to hear
That's what I was trying to explain to you
Well with our promotion today even selected to receive a medical alert system which provides twenty four hour emergency mandering so congratulations
Who are you trying to reach
You know this is there this is a really serious thing right now
Your phone keeps cutting out on us