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Slap Shot (1977) Soundboard

Slap Shot (1977) Soundboard

Slap Shot is a classic sports comedy film that was released in 1977. Directed by George Roy Hill, the movie has become a cult favorite among hockey enthusiasts and fans of offbeat comedy. Set in the fictional town of Charlestown, the film follows the struggles of the Charlestown Chiefs, a minor league hockey team on the verge of collapse.

The protagonist of Slap Shot is Reggie Dunlop, played by the legendary Paul Newman. Dunlop, the aging player-coach of the Chiefs, is desperately trying to motivate his team and save it from being disbanded due to the declining popularity of the sport in the area. With his unconventional approach, Dunlop introduces aggressive tactics and dirty play to attract attention and revive the team's fortunes.

The film also features a talented cast, including Michael Ontkean as Ned Braden, a skilled yet conflicted player who becomes a focal point of the story. The eccentric Hanson brothers, played by Dave Hanson, Steve Hanson, and Jeff Carlson, are also introduced as characters who bring their own unique style of play and comedic value to the film. Other notable cast members include Strother Martin, who plays the team's manager Joe McGrath, and Jennifer Warren as Francine Dunlop, Reggie's estranged wife.

As Slap Shot progresses, the team's newfound notoriety brings in increasing fan support and potential buyers for the franchise. However, it also leads to escalating violence and mayhem on the ice, jeopardizing their chances of survival. The raucous comedy and unapologetic portrayal of the sport's rougher side make Slap Shot stand out from other sports movies of its time.

The film skillfully combines slapstick humor with genuine moments of camaraderie and sportsmanship. While the focus is on the game of hockey, the movie also explores themes of resilience, loyalty, and empowerment. It showcases the world of minor league hockey, with its quirky characters and unique dynamics, while also delivering a message about the ways in which sports can bring people together, both for better and for worse.

The success of Slap Shot lies not only in its entertaining storyline but also in the authenticity and enthusiasm shown by the actors, many of whom had minimal hockey experience prior to the production. This realistic portrayal of the game adds to the film's charm and appeal, allowing viewers to become fully immersed in the world of the Chiefs.

To relive the laughter and excitement of Slap Shot, you can watch the movie or download the sounds and theme music from various online platforms. The film's soundtrack, composed by Elmer Bernstein, complements the on-ice action and captures the energy and spirit of the game beautifully. So, whether you are a hockey fan or simply enjoy a good comedy, Slap Shot is sure to entertain and leave you cheering for the underdogs.

Whether you appreciate the memorable performances, the quotable lines, or the energetic soundtrack, it is easy to understand why Slap Shot has endured as a beloved classic in the realm of sports cinema.

A bounty
A bounty (2)
A bounty (3)
A couple tickets in it for ya
A dyke
A gal who works in a shop there has a space open
A gal who works in a shop there has a space open.
A hundred bucks says you're gonna crack my skull huh
A little bit south of Saskatoon
A look at sports
A one in a million chance
A retirement community has bought the chiefs
A st petersburg florida retirement community is negotiating with the charlestown hockey corporation for the purchase of the charlestown chiefs
A terrible masturbator you know couldn't control himself
Actually it's florida
Actually she's on waivers
Against the rules
Ah geez
Al that's why made the trip!
Alex don't you remember when you had the amnesia you gave me power of attorney
All aboard son
All bad
All I can get
All my years of publicity all the fashion shows and radiothons for nothing!
All prices drastically slashed
All right come on dummy you won the game come on pick up your trophy
All right guys!
All right let's show them what we got guys!
All right no high sticking no tripping no slashing
All right that's it that's the game you lose out!
All right!
All right! kill 'em!
All she could do was drink and cry like you
All together in one room! why not
All together in one room! Why not?
An object right in the face!
And by god if I could get down there i'd be standing up to them!
And Eddie Shore sends me this guy who's a terrible masturbator.
And from mile forty saskatchewan where he now runs a doughnut shop
And hang up
And he started slapping me around I ended up in the hospital
And he usually refers to the opposing players as the little scalps
And here's a name for you nostalgia fans
And here's a name from the past
And I think that was jack well it was jeff or jack
And if you get hurt by the little things I say I can put that smile back on your face
And it appears the syracuse bulldog management is real thirsty for a big grudge match type victory here tonight
And it's all right and it's comin' along we gotta get right back to where we started from
And jacky was running around telling everybody he was gonna get jill back even if he had to beg her
And now back to jim carr's sports talk
And on the other side of the scale ned braden who's a college graduate and an american citizen!
And one of those little kids said i'm killer carlson
And since we ain't exactly the boston bruins
And that country's refusal to accept him,
And that son of a bitch over there keeps playing me when he knows i'm shitfaced
And the first thing she says to me was come on out by the pool
And the guys are getting anxious to find out what's going on
And the hanson brothers
And the next week we did it sober and it was terrific!
And the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
And there's a penalty for that
And there's another little matter that's come up and is kinda pressing and important
And there's no one to stop it because there are no officials on the ice
And we could get somebody interested in the chiefs
And what do you think those old geezers really miss in florida
And you're not getting any younger
Andre of course has been living in semi seclusion in northern quebec ever since the unfortunate denny pratt tragedy
Andre poodle lussier defense
Announced it this morning april 1 they shut it tight
Any of you guys know the palm isle in this town
Anybody throws me against the boards i'm gonna piss all over myself
Anybody who'd call my old lady a dyke i'd go fucking bananas
Anything new on the sale of the chiefs
Are you a fighter nah i'm a lover
Are you a fighter? Nah, I'm a lover.
Are you crazy those guys are retards!
Are you guys brothers
Are you my girl
Are you nuts
Are you really going
Are you serious
Are you shocked
Aren't those hansons something
Aside of course from the swami baha whose positive thinking records have been a tremendous help
At center for the chiefs number 7 player coach reggie dunlop!
At defense for the chiefs number 5 billy charlebois!
At least i'm not chicken shit like you!
At left wing number 10 ned braden!
At the end of the day I think about women about women's bodies
At this moment I have no idea where she is
Atta boy walt
Back in the old iron lung
Be careful girls
Beat it
Beats me
Before larry has his one chance at our jackpot bowl is there anyone you'd like to say hello to back home
Before the other guys, nobody there.
Before you do that jim I know a lot of kids would enjoy coming to the games to see a great veteran like reggie dunlop skate
Beginning to like it here huh
Behind the net!
Bernard call detroit tell them bullshit!
Bernard they close it
Big afro twenty one twenty two watch out for him
Big crowd out there tonight let's really try to win this one hey boys
Big crowd out there. Let's really try to win this one, hey, boys?
Big deal joe
Bleed all over them let them know you're there
Boys! every scout in the nhl is out there tonight with contracts in their pockets and they're looking for talent for winners!
BRADEN: Slow down. You're making her nervous.
Brought to you by sheehan's rustproofing
Brought your cars with you huh
Bully! Can the heavy stuff.
Business here is just dead
But dave was there
But i'll tell you one thing we're gonna win that fucking championship tonight
But she ain't happy. Sam, let them out
But that was my car!
But the mill is closing and next year i'd be interested in a good front office job
But the minute I get up to minnesota i'm gonna bring my guys up there
But we're gonna win it fair and square I mean old time hockey none of this wrestling shit
But you have to understand that I couldn't make enough of a profit to have a sale be worthwhile
Buy you a soda after the game!
By all means
By the time pneumonia set in you'd be sound asleep
Bye francine come back and see us
Bye reggie
C'mon let's go! let's go!
Call the pizza man!
Call the pizza man!
Call your local indian spring man he's in the yellow pages it's only a few pennies a day
Can the heavy stuff let's start something
Can you get my clothes
Canadian club and water
Cement heads
Changez la canal
Channel 8's 11 00 movie richard anthony in high risk devils
Charlestown chiefs seem to be coming down ice with the puck!
Chicken shit bastard
Chiefs sought by florida retirement communities
Christ a handsome man like you reggie
Christ we all know how to play hockey just play it smart
Clarence screaming buffalo swamptown!
Clear the puck billy!
Coach our line starts
Coach you want a white avenger
Come on and see it
Come on braden our line starts
Come on dave!
Come on defense get the puck outta here!
Come on down bring the kids! we got entertainment for the whole family
Come on fellas!
Come on get up!
Come on girls! get out of here! come on
Come on guys! we can get it back!
Come on honey you got all the room in the world you ain't gonna hit anything come on!
Come on in
Come on killer
Come on mo jesus
Come on mo! give it to them!
Come on nail him!
Come on ned hit him!
Come on now the chiefs are a terrific organization!
Come on watch your wing!
Come on what are you talking about
Come on what's the matter with you you're a chief!
Come on who's in
Come on you guys
Come on you son of a bitch! come on!
Come on, Braden. Our line starts
Come on, honey. You got all the room in the world.
Come on, Killer. We win 'cause I score goals.
Come on!
Come on! let's go!
Come on.
Compliments of the chiefs
Compulsory fashion shows every afternoon
Could I be serious for a minute
Could you tell them for example what is icing
Couldn't control himself.
Cover his wrinkled old ass
Cover the point! goddamn it cover the point
Crash how are you
Cut off my balls i'll be skating in florida
Cynthia pierce is having an affair with carl barton
Daddy he called me a pussy and then he changed the station
Damn lard ass
Damn you
Dave hold it steady you're making me miss
Dave is it tough sitting up here watching your team lose like this
Dave's a killer!
Dave's a mess
Definitely jim
Denis I know that some in our audience don't know the finer points of hockey
Denis lemieux continue son saison
Dickie dunn dickie dunn
Dickie dunn wrote this
Dickie have you seen francine
Dickie it's me reg
Dickie they've already built the rink!
Dickie, it's me, Reg.
Did you ever want to sleep with a man
Did you hear what he said he shouldn't have said what he said up there you don't say stuff like that when you're on the ice man
Did you listen to the game last night
Did you listen to the game last night? Of course not.
Do you remember the day that shiny day when you first came my way I said no one could take your place
Do you see this quarter it used to be a nickel
Do you think the old folks in florida are gonna like these guys
Do you wanna know how it happened
Does that make him a fag
Don't admit to nothing you guys!