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A couple more times, OK.
A family group knows. Fuck yeah, don't forget about my mom.
A few words on your son, Jordan. Remember what I told you? It involves your penis and her vagina. And you know, you know what you could do, Jordie.
A fucking tsunami? You're making a big mistake.
A lot of activity. Don't know what's going on here. I know, I know.
A new issue day. Cock sucking mother, fucking do it today, this is what you do.
A real wolf pit, which is exactly how I liked it.
A rich one at Stratton. There were three kinds of hookers.
A special idea, another situation, another stock to reinvest his earnings, and then some and.
A total fucking hatchet job.
About my friends. Like you said, there's no friends on Wall Street, right?
Absences. Ohh. It's that obvious, huh?
Absolutely fucking not. But we were making more money than we knew what to do with.
Absolutely no question. I I'm trying to. I'm getting this.
Accounts money laundering 1. Count obstruction of justice.
Across my desk, John, it is perhaps the best thing I've seen in the last six months if you have.
Actually went to law school. I called him rugrat because of his piece of shit hairpiece.
Actually, wait. OK.
Affect this weird British accent, right OG? That'd be great.
After they left, I checked the apartment.
Again, the white. We had to buy champagne and you ordered all the fucking sides. Tell them about the sides. Order sides.
Again, you don't think I'm going to see my car not fucking letting you near my kids?
Against you, don't you understand? He's smart. You're dumb.
Ah fuck, it's good.
Ah, fuck. It's good to see you, Patty.
Ah, you listening. It's easier than you think.
Ahab get it? Huh.
Aims of the people you always trying to do exactly what you do. Look at yourself he's.
Algee message on the machine. I don't have Jack shit, you know?
All cash, none of it's on the books. A big.
All counts of the indictment currently pending against him in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.
All my motor skills. This was the drool face.
All of that is hot. Shut that motherfucker. Shut it. Shut it shut.
All of you know Kimmy beltzer, right?
All over again. Alright.
All rallied, excited. Everything had to run tight. It had to be perfect. The fuck is that?
All right, enough, right enough.
All right, honey. And we could just, we could, we could talk to Sam, all right.
All right, pull you to focus for a second.
All right, tell me what happened. What happened?
All right, you got to be you got to be joking. Kidnapping.
All right, you got to feed the geese to keep the blood flowing.
All right.
All right. Hey, Jordan. Jordan. You're rotting away in jail till your kids get out of college.
All right. Make a lot of money.
All that money. What I needed was a rat hole with the European passport.
All the press and everything, and then I end up being the schmuck who does the looking exactly.
All these drinking got this non-alcoholic shit.
All told, the weekend cost me 2,000,000 bucks. Including the cost of refurbishing the entire 28th floor.
All we are ohh baby ohh you're going to play rough huh?
All you have to do today is pick up that phone. And speak the words that I have taught you. And.
All yours. Did I get this?
Alright buddy, you know I do it for you, right? You know that, right?
Alright Sir, I fucking love that.
Alright, baby Daddy, you can go a little trip together, OK, little trip together.
Alright, I want to. That's not why I do it. I do because I fucking need to.
Alright, let's give it up for Steve Madden and his awesome Mary Lou. Hold that up.
Alright, OK, I'm going.
Alright, stay with me.
Also known as a wire. After 5 minutes you'll forget to even have it on.
Amish, do you guys not wanna make money?
An initial public offering. It's the first time a stock is offered for sale to the general population. Now is the.
Anchors aweigh!
And aspiring landscape architect, let me get that right go.
And assess the damage, drown out my eyeballs.
And Bayside, Queens. The year I turned 26 as the head of my own brokerage firm, I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week.
And Brad's the guy I really wanted. But he didn't go along with us. He was already.
And crash of 29 your family, you know mine.
And credit card all day, huh? Cause I can't keep track of you professions honey, because last.
And Emma?
And Emma's signature you're making shit.
And gets busted down in Miami Swiss. I'm not communist.
And he had to pick it up. All right. OK, uncle.
And how much you want to go for this time? $5000.
And I do that for anybody, you know, anybody that needs the proper guidance.
And I have some more. And here welcome.
And I hope it happens. Hello, John.
And I love all of you. I love what you got in my arm. I mean that.
And I needed to be thinking straight, joy. Welcome.
And I promise, risk is what keeps us young, isn't it, darling?
And if they don't trust you guys, why should they trust you? I mean, look at you. You're a bunch of fucking sleazy salesman, right?
And in return. I got three years in some hellhole in Nevada I had never even heard of.
And is awesome, Mary Lou. Hold that up. Hold that up, hold that up. Proud.
And is scared, OK, scared and by the way.
And it is. What the one?
And it's completely legal. Yeah, no, but they're they're like, not gonna make anymore money though, right?
And it's truly with a heavy heart that I'm I'm here to say that. That that that day is finally here.
And Jordan Belfort, Jordan, what do you get on that blue chip stock? I'm.
And last month.
And load the dog shit, the pink sheets, the penny stocks, where we make the money.
And making cash hand over fist. The only problem you're gonna have is that you didn't buy more.
And on US soil.
And on US soil.
And says to you, yes, yes, we're absolutely devastated. Thank you. Thank you so much for your condolences. Now where?
And secure the deck. And we're looking at a few, maybe a few broken dishes if you broke it.
And security check on me well. When you sail on a boat fit for a bond villain, sometimes you need to play the part right.
And she married.
And she passed away, unfortunately. But we gave him that opportunity, you know what I'm saying?
And start dialing. I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich.
And switching it with Psycho, they'll do it. You can do that.
And take his company public.
And that kind of that kind of stuff.
And the FBI is another animal completely. Let's still be pursuing you for criminal wrongdoing, however, with you step.
And the month 28.7 million in gross commissions, all from pink sheet stock boys.
And the shit in the house again? Me too.
And the term is Grenada. Have you ever heard of Grenada?
And then once right after lunch. Really. OK.
And then that you like it babe, that's.
And there is no secret to wealth creation. No matter who you are, no matter where you came from, you 2 can become financially independent and just a matter of months.
And they have to fucking hello. But as soon.
And they're all shaved too. Get out of here. All shave.
And this associates anybody who'd ever known me or taken so much as a stock tip.
And to reinvent the company. Gentlemen, welcome. To Stratton Oakmont.
And took you out of 47 US steel at 16, took you out at 41, you wouldn't be saying to me.
And waffle out of this around the house.
And we have two kids and they're. I mean, I don't mean I don't want to get personal. And they OK? No, they're not.
And Weed Chester, who sold tires and weed and.
And welcome to the Investor Center.
And what are the fucking odds? There had to be 10,000 Swiss bankers in Geneva, and Rugrat gets the one dumb enough to get himself arrested on US soil.
And when she came to me and asked me for a job. She asked for a $5000 advance just just so she could pay his son's tuition.
And who are you gonna be sitting next to?
And with the rest of the world. Which meant there was only a finite amount of these things left. No.
And work one at anytime you can, and when you get really good at it, you'll fucking be stroking and you'll be thinking about money.
And you know something else, Daddy? Mommy is just so sick and tired of wearing panties. Yeah, yeah. In fact. She's decided to throw them all. Away.
And you know where that is. It's because I believed in you.
And you? Go fuck.
And you'll come pick it up. Well, we don't fucking work for you, man.
And you're a month, yeah. I still have family over there though, in London.
And your mattress, alright.
And your part, if I'm not mistaken, yes, yes we would. Assuming the account is under your name.
Anger issues you got. So is the one who flew in here at three in the morning on that stupid helicopter and woke up Skyler. That was you.
Animal hey, how you doing?
Another Brilliant Idea #the wolf of wall street #matthew mcconaughey #good idea #brilliant #genius #smart
Another Bush, to be honest. Really.
Another Bush, to be honest. Really. Yeah.
Answer me. OK, now I get it. Now I get why this is a gay thing. Ohh. I see all of you.
Anyone what? Your Mama? Calling you man.
Anything else, gentlemen? You don't have a rare condition. Requires me to drink one of those every 15 minutes, please.
Anything else?
Anyway, this is for you. It's a complete list of every person that was at my wedding.
Applications now, right now, John, the stock trades over the counter at $0.10 a share and.
Applying the man what I'm saying he's creating.
Are we OK? You being a couch for yes? Yeah, yeah.
Are you fucking cousins? Are not what? What if you? I mean, what if something like that happened? I basically.
Are you fucking high? I didn't kill him. I didn't want. God.
Are you fucking serious? #the wolf of wall street #spiders #gross #ahh
Are you going? Wolf. Ain't that fucking dog. Yeah, it's getting old and decrepit, starting to shit in the house again. Me too.
Are you sure you guys don't want something to drink? I mean, you're not hungry? Nothing. Nothing. Oh, no, no.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure. Yeah, I'm sure. You sure?
Are you sure? Yeah.
Are you Swiss Slovakian or Swiss Slovenian?
As for you, what's that 20?
As you can probably guess, my fucked her God damn brains out Jesus Lord. For 11 seconds.
At 1:00 PM We opened the stock for sale at $4.50 a share. By 103 it was over $18.00 even.
At 40, pick up the cock sucking phone. Marketing great as well.
Aunt Emma flew to Geneva 2,000,000 in cash in her carry-on, which in the big picture was a drop in the Swiss buck.
Aunt Steve, come up here for a second.
B name in women's shoes at the moment, and all of Wall Street was begging to take his company public.
Babe, I spoke to the lawyers again today.
Baby now the key to making money in a situation like this is to position yourself now before the settlement.
Baby yeah, mommy.
Back in this office, it's not the same when you're gone.
Back in your job interview, I had to do something to stand out right, Sir?
Back that guy must be. Jordan. Bellfort.
Back to our friends. The look, I know you're not following what I'm saying anyway, right? That's that's OK. That doesn't matter.
Back with me, bro. What's the fucking crack with me, bro?
Back. Scott, Scott. Scott. Scott. Scott. Scott. Scott, Scott.
Backed up, right? Locked up.
Ball stock brokers, right? It's all a fugazi. You know what Fugazi is? Fugazi. It's a fake gazy fugazi. It's amazing. It's a woozy.
Banker from law school, European pussy. But he was in Geneva and there was.
Banya yeah, yeah, yeah. French fries.
Barry Kleinman's on the phone from future video.
Bay Ridge, that's in Staten Island, right? Brooklyn, across the Verrazano Bridge, Saturday.
Be 5 minutes. Maybe we built up a tolerance after all these years, huh?
Be back in law school. Check with champagne. Champagne. Yeah.
Be happy with what you're doing. Actually, yeah, I got you a little present.
Be in charge, right? I will not be stolen from you. Get that?
Be risking this is the SEC 700 bucks an hour to be the voice of doom. Listen to me.
Beat the hilfer. Hellfire.
Beautiful girls there. It's wonderful. Alright, get the fuck off my boat.
Because at least it's a rich man. When I have to face my problems, I show up in the back of a limo wearing a $2000 suit and a $40,000 go fucking watch.
Because I don't have shit from you, right? You know you got my wife.
Because I have so few and in the case of arretine, based on every technical factor out there, John, we are looking at a Grand Slam home run.
Because I work hard for it. And if it doesn't work for you, it's because you're lazy and you should get a job at McDonald's.
Because I'm very easy to talk to.
Because it's awesome. Want to make them?
Because it's love. What the fuck you think you need to go?
Because that would make it real, right?
Because that would make it real, right? Now, what do you do? You get another brilliant idea. A special idea.
Because the following month, over the course of six round trips, Chantal's family and friends smuggled in over 20 million in cash without even a hiccup.
Because they're too smart, that's why not.
Because this man is here, we should be on our hands and knees right now getting ready to suck this guy off, alright? Like this, OK.
Beds. What you doing? I thought you were.
Before oh really beautiful beach out there.
Before you luck runs out.
Before. A boat. Learn how to say one off 6.
Behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Brad did three months in jail for contempt because he wouldn't rat Donnie out.
Being a couch for yes. Yeah, yeah. I don't understand. I'm sorry. I'm curious.
Being the best trained professionals to guide you through the financial wilderness.
Belfort, yeah. Yes, Sir. Mark, Hannah, pleasure to.
Belfort. Nice to meet you. Yeah, you know, actually, I see that car around. I see it around a lot. I think we live in the same building.
Bella said at $10 million.
Bellfort, Alden.
Bends. Woman who who spends her her winters in the Bahamas in a summers in the Hamptons.
Best Carrera. Doesn't ring a bell.
Best his earnings and then some. And he will. Every single time. Because they're fucking addicted.
Best of seven. Bye, bye.
Betty, give me the fucking case. I'm going to give you the case. Give me the you gotta do me one favor.
Between 2:00 and 300 bucks, finally, there were the pink sheets, skanks they cost.
Big bug him. You could get some information. You don't fuck with these guys like that. You don't fuck with him like that. What are you, nuts or something that you're fucking?
Billboard in your ear. Hey, Barry Kleinman filming the wedding. Few words.
Bitch. And I lived in a place where everything was for sale.
Bizarre fucking halfwit. Dang up. Missed it. And then he's Mad Max all over again.
Blair, right? Yeah, like the jet ski.
Blood sugar diverting. Think it went on for months. It was a total fucking harassment.
Body fluids. Yeah. He got.
Bogged down by student loans? Turns out his mother needed triple bypass surgery, right? Horrible situation.
Book office? What's his problem? He's a Boy Scout, didn't you fucking Gordon Gekko?
Bookmart stability. Integrity. Pride.
Books in jail for what do you do? I don't know what he did by friends.