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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A battle of the bands yeah
A billion dollars now we're getting somewhere
A fire sister a fire i'm on fire what is it
A million
A million pounds
A shitload
Affirmative i'll notify headquarters
Ah look at that man the great outdoors huh yeah great outdoors yeah
Ain't for real check this
All of you come on get out let's go get out of there everybody
All right
All right (2)
All right (3)
All right all right show time come on looky here looky here
All right everybody out move everybody out
All right freeze this is a bust
All right freeze! this is a bust party's over folks
All right it's together man we're going to be there man
All right man be sure to be there and don't be late all right see you later
All right move it out
All right officer clyde contact headquarters and give them our present location
All right we are not brothers of the faith we are police officers
All right we got to call the paddy wagon
All right we're going there ourselves come on over
All right what do you got in here lady
All right yeah we could score some smoke from him yeah I told you man we could
All right you guys ready to jam all right here we go one two three yeah
All the time
All they need is rhinestones on them pointed shoes man yeah
All we got to do is keep practicing man you know like just keep it together
Almost 9 billion dollars
Amigos presenting you all's new uniforms
And a retard
And how important is it to you to apprehend the suspects
And I know she loves me so
And the search boys are going to go searching don't ask me what they're going to go searching for but they're gonna go searching
And then i'm going to take off your dress and then i'm going to take off your bra and then i'm going to take off your shoes
And these are the seeds which may sow the destruction of the human race
And we'd like to rock 'n' roll and play some great music
And what is your name sir
And you know what that means
Anthony I want to talk to you
Arabs from turkey
Attention all units attention all units this is sergeant stedenko attention all units this is sergeant stedenko
Attention headquarters attention headquarters
Baby the name plate
Back up
Benny will you shut up i'm gonna tell my
Besides it's just punk rock man you know you don't have to know how to play all you just got to do is be a punk man we could do that
Besides that he's got a van too man it'll be heavy yeah
Best cop I ever knew
Boy she can bust me anytime
Boys my man curtis sure came through for us this time didn't he man
Build your goddamn muscles huh you know you could build your muscles picking strawberries you know bend and scoop like the mexicans
But I say arrebata all the gustos you can find
But then she'd like really get going and she'd be more like you know
But we could get our band in it man we could enter we could win it man and it's 100 dollars too
But why so he can get a free ride man
Bye bye lard ass
Bye bye see you
Can I see your license sir what your license where's your license
Can this wait
Can we see some tickets guys
Can't you see she's sick she's been through a lot in a short period of time she's all fucked up
Can't you see she's sick she's sick all right
Check you in the morning
Check you in the morning see you tomorrow
Claymores what claymores
Come on
Come on baby i'll give you a ride let's go
Come on cheeks stay together
Come on cheeks stay together let's stay together
Come on cheeks tighten up
Come on come on in
Come on ice cream
Come on it's open man
Come on let's go check this place out
Come on let's go get high
Come on let's go get high (2)
Come on light it up let's get chinese eyes man
Come on make way for the new king goddamn you're a star man
Come on man
Come on man hurry up and get dressed we gotta go score a lid
Come on man I gotta get rid of this dope man don't act a fool
Come on man let's do it
Come on man we're on in
Come on man you wanted to go out there i'll put you back in the closet
Completely lost due to incompetence
Damn I wonder what great dane tastes like man
Damn it you stupid idiot look you idiot you are a stupid stupid man
Debbie was telling me all about it
Deport them yeah
Did you bring the id where's the id all right get the id
Did you get the weed
Did you give him some pills
Didn't I put them in the pocket
Do it now man
Do something
Do you expect to see any violence here today I certainly hope so
Do you realize that this is the bust
Do you want to do a lude
Does howdy doody got wooden balls man
Does this show yeah they sure do no I mean this this spot let's see yeah a little bit
Don't make that face man you make me laugh
Don't man it's the cops man
Don't swallow the dope we know you're holding
Don't worry about it buddy it's nothing just some people doing what they're not supposed to be doing that's all
Dope drugs weed grass toot smack quackers uppers downers all arounders you name it we want it
Dude that's
Eh cousin
Even though we do not know what we are looking for we do know the approximate value of the weed itself
Everybody into the van hurry hurry come on
Excuse me sir what where's the toilet over there
Far out man
Forgot all about this man
Freeze you chili choking pepper belly
Fuck me alex
Fuck me alex fuck me alex fuck me alex fuck me alex
Fuck me fuck me
Fucking vodka man
Gentlemen I don't think we need to comment on the seriousness of the situation
Gentlemen I would like to hear your opinions
Gentlemen we are on the threshold of copping one of the largest shipments of marijuana that has ever crossed the mexican border into the united states
Get in the back get in the back get in the back get in the back
Get me a cookie
Get me up past that last hutch there and jettison me into the paddies
Get over here
Get over here harry
Get stedenko on the phone right away this might be it
Get that siren up
Get up come on now get up
Gets you high don't it
Give me that gun
Give me that!
Go ahead after you king salami
Go ahead hey watch your step yeah there you go yeah right back there
Go on fire it up
Go with it get away from you tell me to go with it
Go with it go with it
God I will never ever never take a bald headed man in the department again
God it sure looks real
Goddamn what was in that shit man I never had no dope like that before in my life man
Good afternoon officer
Good afternoon sisters
Good dog man
Got my leg caught just i've got my legs caught
Guacamole in my shoe
Hard hat
Hard hat code name hard hat do you read radio dispatch
Hard hat hard hat do you understand
Harry are you understanding me I am stoned I am stoned
Harry get a sample of that car
Harry luke come on
Harry remember to get a lab sample of this stuff
Harry what are you sure you talked to headquarters
Harry will you cool that just stop that harry
Hat hard hat
Have a seat the boss will be right back
Have the rest of the men stand by
Have you anything to say for yourself
Have you got the book no sir
He don't like it he wants some
He is so sweet you know
He said is your name pedro I says yeah I guess so
He said then come with me 'cause you're the man we've been looking for
He said where were you on the night of july 29 I said man I was home in bed he said judge that man's lying
He's a bright kid and he's going to military school and remember he was an eagle scout and
He's covered
He's probably got some dope man he's always got the best smoke
He's really weird man
Headquarters headquarters come in please this is code name hard head
Hello can't hear you man just a minute
Hello headquarters hello headquarters come in headquarters
Hello hello hello
Hello hello hello hello hello can you hear me
Hello hey pedro
Hello radio dispatch this is code name hard hat code name hard hat do you read me over
Hello uncle chuey this is pedro
Hello who's this james!
Her boyfriend's name was alex you know
Here i'll take it out for you will you yeah sure just take it off oh great
Hey be brave and be sure to remind me we gotta take those back or we'll get charged for an extra day
Hey be careful with that shit man
Hey blind man
Hey come back jesus
Hey come on
Hey come on man come on
Hey did that really happen
Hey did you get the dope man
Hey don't take those man
Hey double bubble
Hey everybody be quiet i'm calling home
Hey excuse me where's the toilet
Hey fella
Hey get rid of it not that way man throw it out throw it out
Hey got something for you lard ass
Hey have fun at magic mountains
Hey hey
Hey hey hello
Hey hey hey come on look at i'm sorry hey!
Hey hey man hide what hide man it's a bust
Hey hey man we got a ride
Hey hey no man now get in the back
Hey hey wait a minute wait a minute hey you hey listen wait a minute
Hey hey you don't even know where you're going wait for me
Hey hey! watch the road!
Hey hold it man no man I can't wear this
Hey hold on don't start without me
Hey hold on to your thing man
Hey holmes
Hey holmes this your ride yeah wow
Hey how long does this shit last man
Hey how you doing
Hey how you doing man
Hey hurry back I miss you already darling