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Halloween (1978) Soundboard

Halloween (1978) Soundboard

Halloween is a 1978 horror film directed by John Carpenter that has become a cult classic and a staple of the genre. Released during a time when slasher films were gaining popularity, Halloween broke new ground and set the standard for countless horror movies that followed.

The film focuses on the iconic character of Michael Myers, a masked killer who escapes from a mental institution and returns to his hometown on Halloween night to continue his murderous rampage. Jamie Lee Curtis delivers a remarkable performance as Laurie Strode, a babysitter who becomes the main target of Michael Myers' relentless pursuit.

The entire cast brings their A-game, creating a sense of fear and tension that pervades every scene. Donald Pleasence is unforgettable as Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael Myers' psychiatrist, who knows the true evil that lurks behind the killer's eyes. The chemistry between Pleasence and Curtis is palpable and adds depth to their characters' complex relationship.

The film's eerie and haunting score, composed by John Carpenter himself, is an integral part of its success. The theme, famously known as "The Halloween Theme", is a simple yet chilling piano melody accompanied by a repetitive, hypnotic synthesizer rhythm. It perfectly captures the sinister atmosphere of the movie and has become one of the most recognizable horror themes of all time. You can play and download these iconic sounds here.

Halloween was a low-budget production, but its emphasis on suspense, atmosphere, and effective storytelling elevated it beyond its constraints. Carpenter's masterful direction and skillful use of the camera create a sense of impending doom and a feeling that the audience is being watched from the shadows.

The movie's success led to multiple sequels, remakes, and reboots, but none have been able to match the impact of the original. Halloween birthed an entire subgenre of horror and inspired countless filmmakers to explore the terror that can lurk behind the facade of a small, seemingly peaceful town.

Beyond the scares, Halloween also delves into themes of fate, evil, and the nature of true horror. The mask worn by Michael Myers, a simple white William Shatner mask painted over, adds an extra layer of unsettling anonymity to the killer. It becomes a symbol of the evil that cannot be reasoned with or understood, only survived.

Over four decades later, Halloween continues to captivate audiences with its timeless story and spine-tingling atmosphere. It remains a favorite during the Halloween season, getting viewers in the spirit of the holiday and reminding them to lock their doors and keep an eye out for any suspicious figures in the dark.

So, turn off the lights, grab some popcorn, and prepare to be immersed in the terror of Halloween. If you dare, you can play and download these hair-raising sounds here and relive the chilling experience that started it all.

A man wouldn't do that this isn't a man
All fancy this has not been my night
All right all right come on where's my beer
All right annie
All right annie first I get your famous chewing now I get your famous squealing
All right I got it
All right i'll stay with you tonight just on the chance that you're right
All right meatheads joke's over
All right the bogeyman can only come out on halloween night right right
All right the wallaces leave at 7
All right you guys what's next
All they took was some halloween masks uh rope and a couple of knives now who do you think it was
All you have to do is go up to somebody and say you wanna go to the dance
And for that matter I might as well be a girl scout myself tonight
And if you are right damn you for letting him go
And if you don't stop all this i'm gonna turn off the tv and send you to bed
And now the horrifying conclusion to the thing
And the book ends
And then he went back into the house and he kissed his wife and his two children goodbye and then he proceeded
And until further notice all hands will wear sidearms that is all
And what about the boogeyman there's no such thing richie said he was coming after me tonight
Annie (2)
Annie annie
Annie are you all right
Annie i'm in here
Annie look look where behind the bush
Annie paul called
Annie was that you of course
ANNIE: Bye bye. WOMAN: Bye bye
ANNIE: Hi. MAN: Hi, Annie
ANNIE: Laurie, stop coughing.
Are there any special instructions
Are you all right yeah
Are you all right you all right yes i'm okay
Are you fooling around again i'll kill you if this is a joke
Aren't you gonna be late huh I said aren't you gonna be late
Artificial gravity off aft locked cut primary coils primary's cut sir
As usual I have nothing to do
Attention captain to crew stand by to reverse polarity standard class a security will be maintained upon landing
Because I know him i'm his doctor you must be ready for him if you don't it's your funeral
Because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply evil
Ben tramer shh
Besides i'm on my way to pick up paul
Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts
Black cats and goblins on halloween night
Bob lynda
Bob put me down put me down this is totally silly put me down
Boy are you weird
BOYS [IN UNISON]: He's gonna get you. He's gonna get you. He's gonna get you.
But please my paul
But what Samuels is really talking about here is fate
But what samuels is really talking about here is fate
Bye girls bye dad bye
Call Ben Tramer and tell him that you were fooling
Can we make jack o' lanterns sure
Can we make the jack o' lantern now let's go
Can we watch the monster movies sure
Can't you hear me oh god
Come here now just listen to me
Come here.
Come on
Come on annie it's enough
Come on could've been a skunk could have
Come on hurry up
Come on lindsey! lindsey come out here lindsey i'm in the laundry room the door won't open
Come on! get help! come on come on!
Coming over tonight same time same place
Costaine wrote that fate was somehow related only to religion
Couldn't be prouder Can't hear us now
Couldn't believe it such a young boy
Covens of witches with all of their hosts
Cute bob real cute
Death has come to your little town sheriff you can either ignore it or you can help me to stop it
Do as I say hurry!
Do you believe everything richie tells you no
Do you believe everything Richie tells you?
Doctor do you know what haddonfield is
Does anybody live here no not since 1963 when it happened
Don't forget to drop the key off at the myers' place I won't
Don't you think we could refer to it as him if you say so
Doyle house hi laurie what's up
Doyle residence it's me
Dr chance please report to ward c dr chance ward c please
Dr. Loomis...
Ever done anything like this before
Every kid in haddonfield thinks this place is haunted they may be right
Everybody's having a good time tonight
Everybody's having a good time tonight.
Excuse me laurie
Excuse me, Laurie.
Families children all lined up in rows up and down these streets
Fate never changes
First we go inside, right? Then we'll just talk a little
Funny see you bye bye
Funny. See you.
Get her for me will you she's washing her clothes
Get in there come on tommy now lock the door
Get upstairs, get Lindsey, lock the bedroom door.
Go ahead lonnie go in!
Go get me a beer I thought you were gonna get me one yeah
Go get me a beer.
Go watch TV
God can't you take a joke
God i've got a shirt on that's all you ever think about
God, can't you take a joke?
Guess not no tricks for annie tonight
Guys think i'm too smart I don't I think you're whacko now you're seeing men behind bushes
Have a good night dear bye bye bye bye
Have her call me when she gets home I have lindsey here and I wanna know what time to put her to bed
Having fun never mind i'm sure you are
He always looks like that
He came home
He can't come over tonight
He could have seen her through this window
He doesn't believe us don't you know what happens on halloween yeah we get candy
He doesn't believe us.
He followed Lynda over here.
He got hungry
He shouts too
He was standing right there
He was standing right there.
He was your patient doctor if precautions weren't strong enough you should've told somebody
He'll barely be able to sit up that's the idea
He's been here once tonight I think he'll come back i'm gonna wait for him
He's covering up. This catatonia is... is a conscious... act.
He's gone he's gone from here the evil is gone
He's gonna get you he's gonna get you he's gonna get you he's gonna get you he's gonna get you he's gonna get you
He's gonna get you.
He's on his way you've gotta believe me officer he is coming to haddonfield
He's on his way.
Hello (2)
Hello hello who is this
Hello hi annie oh hi paul
Hello hi lindsey this is paul is annie there yes she is
Hello who's there
Hello why'd you hang up on me
Hello, help me!
Hello! hello! hello help me! can you please help me please!
Help me please!
Help! somebody help me please! somebody help!
Here we are
Hey annie annie we're here
Hey creep
Hey hey lonnie get your ass away from there
Hey is annie around no I thought she'd be home by now she went to pick up paul
Hey isn't that devon graham
Hey it's the bogeyman he's outside the bogeyman's outside there's the bogeyman
Hey it's totally dark yeah
Hey jerk speed kills
Hey let's look for a note let's don't
Hey lynda laurie
Hey nobody's getting anybody stop scaring each other
Hey now that's wonderful
Hey, let's look for a note
Hey, nobody's getting anybody. Stop scaring each other.
Hi annie laurie
Hi annie what are you doing making popcorn
Hi hi annie come on in
Hi hi dad what happened what what happened
Hi lester
Hi tommy hi come on in
Hmm terrific
Holy cats hey yeah almost a perfect
How come you're walking to school this way my dad asked me to
How does samuels' view of fate differ from that of costaine's
How now cried arthur let no one pass this way without a fight
Hurry up hi
I already lost it I doubt that
I always said you'd make a fabulous girl scout thanks
I am begging you to reconsider your decision.
I am so mad
I can understand why
I can't believe this I can't tell you anything every time I tell you something everyone else knows about it
I can't yes you can
I didn't know you thought about things like that laurie
I don't know yet I have to get out of taking my brother trick or treating
I don't like that story
I don't see anything
I don't see anything.
I don't think so
I don't think you have enough to do tomorrow totally
I forgot my chemistry book
I found the car he's here where he's three blocks down
I gotta go i'll see you tonight bye bye
I had my mouth full couldn't you hear me
I hate a guy with a car and no sense of humor
I hate that dog i'm the only person in the world he doesn't like
I have a place for that
I have big big news for you
I have no choice, but to remand Michael Audrey Myers to the Smith's Grove
I have the feeling that you're way off on this
I have the feeling that you're way off on this
I knew it so you do think about things like that huh laurie
I met him 15 years ago I was told there was nothing left no reason no conscience no understanding in even the most rudimentary sense of life or death of good or evil of right or wrong
I met this 6 year old child with this blank pale emotionless face and the blackest eyes the devil's eyes
I plan on making popcorn and watching dr dementia
I remember over in russellville old charly bowles about 15 years ago
I saw somebody standing in mr riddle's backyard probably mr riddle he's watching me
I saw the bogeyman I saw him outside
I spent eight years trying to reach him and then another seven trying to keep him locked up
I spilled butter all over my clothes they're in the wash I got stuck in the laundry
I still think I should notify the radio and television
I think he knew i'm sure he could smell it no he didn't did see the look on his face
I think he's cute