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A tragedy like this can't help but shake the world of boxing to its very foundations
Boxers don't have an old timers' day
Do you feel this tragedy is gonna affect the world of boxing
Down Goes Frazier #boxing #george foreman #joe frazier #down goes frazier #knock down #crush #punch
Every time I talk about boxing a white man got to pull rocky marciano out their ass that's their one that's their one 'rocky marciano rocky marciano!'
Hey fuck him scotty if he was a better boxer he'd still be alive
I'm not boxing myself in down there
In the ring, you got rules
It's true you do look like a boxer like john garfield in body and soul exactly john garfield
Joe louis came out of retirement to fight marciano the man was 76 years old
Joe louis is the greatest boxer that ever lived
Kill the body the head will die ali frazier fight crazy shit a proper end to the '60s
No we haven't met but they said I could tell that you look like a boxer
Now that was a great boxer you're damn right
Punch to the face #mayweather #conor mcgregor #punch #face #injured
Self own #self own #punch #hit #uppercut #boxing #hurt self
The Champ is Here #champ #best #greatest #worlds greatest #muhammad ali #cassius clay #boxing #muslim
These boxing gloves were worn by joe louis in his first fight
You killed the other boxing man he's dead the radio said he was dead