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Ah yeah you're contending for the title to be leader of all the clans in this area
As leader of all illegal activities in casablanca I am influential and respected man
But the rules say there's has to be a contest to find the leader
Following the leader the leader the leader we're following the leader wherever he may go
Hey hey just because you're dressed like king tut doesn't mean you're our leader
I got news for you pal you ain't leadin' but two things right now jack and shit and jack left town
I know what you're thinking he is the least qualified person in the world to lead us and you are right
I never said I was your great leader well you sure act like it sometimes
I only got one question who named you leader
Master your technique is invincible! and you're bound to get the leadership
My guys are pretty good but they're not leaders they're clowns you're a leader
Oh so that's the plan from our great leader huh just sit here on our butts
The leader of the wu tang has been killed here
This man says he wants to be the leader of all the clans here
Yes oh fearless leader
You are the worst leader i've ever seen to the batmobile!