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Hey ma you want a doughnut how old are they fresh baked monday richie that's six days ago okay give me a couple
I couldn't possibly fit him in until monday sir i'm booked solid
I've just decided to switch our friday schedule to monday which means that the test we take each friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on monday before we've learned it
Listen pal your client's a scumbag you're a scumbag and scumbags see the judge on monday morning!
Look at this joint it looks like coney island on a monday morning
Monday tuesday thursday wednesday friday sunday saturday
Monday, it's friday
No monday in your sunday no monday in your sunday clothes
No mr lowery but then she's always a bit late on monday mornings
Remember monday is malaria day
Sleeping though the weekend
Sleepwalking Coffee
They called it black monday
They got a ******* holiday on monday