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Alex Owens - Flashdance Soundboard Sound
Alex Owens - Flashdance Soundboard Sound
Angel I just love how you always trying to straighten out other peoples lives anytime you want new street not yours just let me know
As a kid who grew up in alaska in pre hard circumstances I identify with rigorous pursuit I know what it's like to have to get down and dirty in order to succeed an accomplishing your mission
As a matter of fact I fuck his brains out
Black fumbles phone calls you probably just like doing it in bed right
But yeah I don't have to worry about you what was he before it became a dog gets upset when people he doesn't know follow me home
Did you know that the smallest penis ever measured was one point one inches
Don't you buying me anything I don't want you buying me period
Eyes I know you are such a ballet fan I thought you just liked it in prime it how quickly they forget at the dance benefit the blonde in the white dress who is the god damn blotnick
I understand you give up your dream you die
I'm nick early really i've seen your name on my paycheck
If you close your eyes you can see the music you can too chevy try see the music
Listen I didn't come here to fight I came here to see if you're OK forget it doesn't matter what doesn't matter the addition I don't care you do care don't care you do care it can't be honest with ...
Stop the god damn car come on you called him last night but I didn't tell you I got the audition to this morning right tell me how did you know huh
Wait a minute what's going on around here is everybody gone crazy last night so it throws a rock through my window and your fucking window you are nice master stupid window
What's this come on richie a lesbian with a hard on