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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And I want you to know I feel your love
Do that
Down to smoke gas had to cut down on tray
Get better dig yourself there woman but people down at last test and you just don't think
Got got lucky
I used to have lots of having been bigger step
I would like to take them both so do it do it like that
Not a president of the united states demands saturday
People that are well out there
So let me give you was used in home
Sorry I love
Still a great big man like me husband
Teddy Pendergrass Soundboard Sound
Teddy Pendergrass Soundboard Sound
Teddy Pendergrass Soundboard Sound
Turn the mall
Wake up and by adding no more sleeping in bed no more back thank in time for thinking and he world say so very much what it used to be
We drive it some magazine if this were available
Will do that or whatever you talking to was stoned if I asked you to share a problem dispatcher or
You should have no attitude have been living gone no if your smile interest
You stand up in the corner with a farmer champagne talking about harriet joanne thicken body and what they got and they lived out in the lord develop