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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you saying now love so you're saying but exactly what are you saying
As far as the actual jobs concerns piece of piss and monkey could do it as well thought of you
As he put it on now please alright I suppose his milk are in a donate up to ask him
But quite frankly or attitude to pause and it's not what you sound so the stuff for not signing in sinew enters
But would appreciate it if you ever word with him let me now he's been rumbled so long as the ginger ale
Can I get you a gerudo that you steaming camp satellite is late round their panties girdles you fucking done shop
Can I tell him that she said in there we're back in the bar but check check the parking
Change marsha is sticking to me i'm sweating like it come
Dairy cow yeah
Deary me what a stain on your life hey, all the Persil in the world couldn't shift it. She's disgusting.
Dirty Deedee
Do it
Don Logan - Sexy Beast Soundboard Sound
Few months back I guess invited this party massive based on the bishops avenue wild party old G or G
Find this astonishing you're amazing this is astounding repeat
First tuesday of every month the wednesday went they call it yeah then big dedma nowadays there's also please sixteen she's very popular oh yeah it's very popular you seen him
Fucked hundreds
God you fucking tried are you gonna do the job
H the avon plainfield meal
Hello market I which entirely I told her nothing
Here come the guyver gay look i'll tell you what i'll get off the plane i'll smack it outside
Hi I love you
I know a bloke who knows a bloke who knows a broke hello now you know these plug so this is about you know
I love you girl you're lovable big lovable bloke lovable lump lovable lummox gelder party boy they have
I out this crisis of the FAQ edo
I thought jackie fuck ask you should tell ya a factor
I was a flight them was alright
I would like to leave now this minute please give me attacked him
Isabel fan it
It's not about the money if you have millions it girl is the charge it about is the bus is the sheer fact office of it all in my right
It's you you're a problem you gotta fucking problem you fucking doctor wianki jamrog arcane spunk bubble i'm telling you H you keep looking at me i'm going to put in a fucking ground I promise you
Jenna what we was doing she's trying to take a finger up my bum almost at the roof you can imagine what america that girl what you make of woman who want to do there
Just and I like porky pig item on your wife skirt your ex pornstars wife skirt
Look at your fucking son turn light lever lever man you're skinny mother fucking suitcase are you old all the luck crocodile fact crocodile fatboss he looked at fucking DDR mean I mean stay here to...
My fucking ears have been in all the wife fucking back in a fucking cunt sucking on fire
Narnia pull like a fat blob laughing at me you're going to have that you really think i'm going to have that your pants
No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no not this fucking time no fucking way no fucking way no fucking way no fucking way you maybe look a right cunt LOL right fu...
Now you're just going to have to turn this opportunity yes
Preparation preparation preparation
So so fuck off girl
Society which is a juice or I might until me he said that
Talk to me girl I mean for you i'm a good listener
That Stan? Course it is you cunt.
That stand stein iggins wants me to put a team together eight men go and friday graft going to try to eliminate good boys could be
Well fucking happened i'll tell you what fucking happened you tell me girl you tell me what fucking happened give me a fucking not let you fat fucking cunt
Well that's your problem in there it's your move
What about the address tonight
What did jackie say
What is stinky doll eternity with the governor 'cause it's hard to staffing
Who said sancho do you want me to cut your hands off is it an ashtray yeah i'll put it out providing you're prepared to let me stab it out on your ipod i'll put it out agreeable now
Who's behind this, Stan?
Who's he fucking sitting next to?
Why you swearing i'm not wearing
Yeah, safety deposit, late seventies
Yeah, this is alright innit? Not bad
You crazy bastard
You will be missed around tree no dash roundtree grosvenor friday among P O
You're born in Britain, you're not a fucking Spaniard, don't kid yourself. You like a laughing stock. .