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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Bullshit you see their fucking head come apart then I never seen brains like that before
Bunny - Platoon Soundboard Sound
C'mon hey let's fucking door let's do this whole fucking village
Do a man too
Fucking pussy man a charge I got him in my whole yeah
Fucking pussy man he's laughing at you
Hey what are you talking shit for maine thank you ever smoke any shit
How's it going buddy LT leather boots like that
I bet you do your bitch runs the whole fucking show me she probably cut manage throat she probably cut my balls off if she had the chance
Listen to that that's a bad jam redneck noise do that's all it is
Wait a bouclair yeah sure you are real sorry ain't you just crying you little hearts out about sandy and south and marry me
We don't smoke mailman hotel is everybody man to getting high that's what what's your hobby kids they think there's something special man
Well well what have we here
Yeah but I still like a piece of pussy once in awhile he not like a piece of pussy said maybe the indy five hundred
Yeah I could dig it man we smoke that shit everything kind of gets weird you know what I mean here that story about the goose put in chemicals in grass so we don't fight so become pacifists
Yeah that way sarge fucking liessmann the fucking right that's what he is going to get everybody in this platoon in deep shit somebody wanted frag his ass