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Hang on, hey, shut your filthy fucking mouths. I'm sorry. Surrounded by savages.
Hello, Annie, it's Rita. Hi. Listen, I need a trip that I can fantasize forever so that I'm able to have sex with my husband. That's why I'm thinking Vegas. Vegas.
I can't believe you've never been with anybody else, Jessica. I'm sorry. I just. Becca, I just can't help but feel bad for you. You don't even know what you want.
I cracked a blanket in half. Do you get where I'm going with that? I cracked it in.
I don't. I don't want you to be a big fuck up like me. How do you think I feel like me? No, you can still turn it around. Don't.
I want balls in my face.
I'm so sorry. Get away from me.
I've got a new tube top. I want to cut the tags off. I'd like to take advantage of this opportunity. Where are we going?
So you don't even have sex anymore? Oh no, I have. I have sex constantly. The sex is constant. But he hasn't kissed me in five years. What are you doing when you're having sex then? Thinking about ...
That's why every girl needs those slutty college years to experiment. Get it out of your system. Find out what you like. Sorry.
The other night I'm slaving away making a beautiful dinner for my family. My youngest boy comes in and says he wants to order a pizza. I said no, we're not ordering pizza tonight, he goes. Mom, why...
Three boys. So cute. They are cute, but when they reach that age, they're disgusting, They smell, they're sticky, they say things that are horrible and they're extreme moon all over. Everything. OK...
You know, I can get cocaine from my hairdresser, so, OK, bye.
You're more beautiful and Cinderella. You smell like pine needles and you have a face like sunshine.
277 and sevens. Is that you'll like it, It's.