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Always Been A Public Servant
Angela rayner as thank you mister speaker wow and despite that waffle the cat is finally out of the bag the government has revealed their plans for new grammar schools in england but not not in thi...
As the new shadow secretary of state for education my priority is to make sure that every child gets a decent education and a good future view from the background like maine taken on that level of ...
British People Are More Savvier
Children of Today
Choosing My Words Carefully
Don't like to actually ask the members of parliament the present on the panel and what part of democracy that don't actually understand
Giving Somebody Your Time
He Can Run But He Can't Hide
How Did He Get It So Wrong?
Ideology never put food on my table I talk about tony blair 's tenure because it changed my life it gave my children a life that I could never have dreamt of having and I want us to get back to tha...
Independent Process To Be Followed
Inflation To Hit 6 Percent
It's fair to say that I would be standing in front of you as the shadow secretary state for education if it wasn't for my background and care knowing that sometimes just being there for somebody in...
Jeremy 's got a significant monday less than twelve months ago to lead our party and that we need an effective opposition at this time zaire to all of my parliamentary colleagues to come together t...
Knocking on doors and they say I want to talk about tony blair they've made their mind up on the iraq war and it's very divisive on the streets about what we did the chilcot inquiry it goes into vo...
Maybe He Should Go Back To His Sun Lounger
Millions of British Workers
Mister speaker if I may i'd like to start by offering some advice to the government stop your silly class war
Prime Minister Governing Shambolically
Running to angela rayner jeremy corbin 's a vegetarian is he using five pound notes do you think I reckon he's still using them absolutely I think that's probably quite a good guess is this an issu...
Thank you mister speaker based on the courts that have already been outlined by members come the secretary of state sell the house if she has secured new phones from the treasury to meet the spendi...
They Left Our Elderly
This Is Disgusting
To some it is a surprise some tories look down their noses at main because as you can hear I wasn't born with a plumbing my mouth I get snobbery to from pundits and comment
We've heard from many members on all sides of the house today that there has been a dramatic wave of hate crime hostility and intolerance towards EU nationals are members of the BME community livin...
Well it would be we have fantastic campaign and it's about time that instead of saying positive words like ross altman 's been saying to these women their action is taken and they get what they rig...
What Will The PM Do?
When I first turned up that the first day lots of people lots of ram peas were saying wow it's just like university but of course I never went to university so to me it was just like hogwash
Without The PPE
You Get Bullied Anyway