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A Community Of Motivated People
A Dominating Performance
After Nine Kills In Development
By Far The Most Advanced Scam
Dominating I Guess
Dont Ever Ever Feed On The Internet
Double Kill
Even Now Im Learning From Our Customers
Everyone Is Dead
First Blood Thanks And Have Fun
Fundamentally Piracy Is A Service Problem
Games Are In Fact Art
Godlike 1
Godlike 2
Hello Im Gabe Newell Youve Just Achieved First Blood
I Almost Got That In My Last Bot Match
I Dont Like Using Curse Words
I Will Ignore Your Email Number Of Kills
If You Were A Millennial Id Say Wicked Sick
Im Gabe Newell And Welcome To Dota 2
Im Not Reading This
Im Not Wearing Underwear
Impossible Kill
It Happened Again
Ive Always Wanted To Be A Giant Space Crab
Just Alt F4
Killing Spree
Kind Of Makes Me Want To Play Doom
Making Mistakes Is The Path To Wisdom
Mega Kill
Monster Kill 1
Monster Kill 2
More Than Two Kills Less Than Four Kills
Must Be Using Dota Plus
My Favorite Hero Is Sand King
My Favorite Kill Is The Monster Kill
No Ones Left Are We Done
Ok Both Teams Are Dead Do We Just Wait
Own Age
Please Email Me At Gabe N At Valvesoftware
See Dota Plus Is Worth The Money
Teamwipe All Of Your Former Friends
Teamwipe Enemy
Thank You For Supporting Pc Gaming
Thanks For Playing Dota 2 Double Kill
That Was As They Say Wicked Sick
That Was Unreal
Thats Game Then Right
The Entire Team Was An Ass
The Iteration Of Hypothesis Changes
There Are Bodies Everywhere
There They Go
Theres No Reason To Get Overly Excited
These Things They Take Time
Theyre Unstoppable 1
Theyre Unstoppable 2
This Is A Good Opportunity To Learn
This Reminds Me Of The Steam Summer Sale
Time To Bring This Thing Out Of Beta
Try Clicking On The Running Heroes
Uhh No
Ultra Kill
Um This Isnt Working
Valve Software Was Established In 1996
Who Programmed These Bots
You Cant Improve Until You Make Mistakes
You're A Beautiful Person
You're Doing Very Well Im Very Proud Of You