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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A Beautiful Soul
A Beautiful Soul Morphed
A Miserable Transit
A Miserable Transit Morphed
Ah Ha Ha Ha
Ah Ha Ha Ha Morphed
Another Chance
Another Chance Morphed
Another Soul For Me
Another Soul For Me Morphed
As Ever
As Ever Morphed
Assault Cuirass
Assault Cuirass Morphed
Attack Morphed
Been Saving Those Pennies
Been Saving Those Pennies Morphed
Beware The Shadows
Beware The Shadows Morphed
Black King Bar
Black King Bar Morphed
Blink Dagger
Blink Dagger Morphed
Butterfly Morphed
Come Along Little Soul
Come Along Little Soul Morphed
Denied Morphed
Desolator Morphed
Dont Mind If I Do
Dont Mind If I Do Morphed
Double Damage
Double Damage Morphed
Eye Of Skadi
Eye Of Skadi Morphed
Fear My Presence
Fear My Presence Morphed
First Blood
First Blood Morphed
For My Collection
For My Collection Morphed
Forward Morphed
Greater And Greater
Greater And Greater Morphed
Ha Ha
Ha Ha Morphed
Ha Morphed
Haste Morphed
I Am Here
I Am Here Morphed
I Come For Souls
I Come For Souls Morphed
I Go
I Go Morphed
I Grow Stronger
I Grow Stronger Morphed
I Have The Soul Of A Poet
I Have The Soul Of A Poet Morphed
I Sense Proximity Of Souls
I Sense Proximity Of Souls Morphed
I've Been Saving Up For This (Morphed)
Ill Leave You A Couple Pennies
Ill Leave You A Couple Pennies Morphed
Ill Not Fail Again
Ill Not Fail Again Morphed
Ill Reclaim My Lost Souls
Ill Reclaim My Lost Souls Morphed
Ill Save This For Later
Ill Save This For Later Morphed
Ill Take That
Ill Take That Morphed
Ill Take That Soul
Ill Take That Soul Morphed
Illusion Morphed
Im Not Ready
Im Not Ready Morphed
Immortality Morphed
Indeed Morphed
Into The Fray
Into The Fray Morphed
Invisibility Morphed
Its In The Bag
Its In The Bag Morphed
Its Now Or Never
Its Now Or Never Morphed
Its Now Or Nevermore
Its Now Or Nevermore Morphed
Its The Perfect Time
Its The Perfect Time Morphed
Ive Been Saving Up For This
Izh Eyik Hedoq
Izh Eyik Hedoq Morphed
Join Me
Join Me Morphed
Just What My Collection Needed
Just What My Collection Needed Morphed
Killing Doom
Killing Doom Morphed
Killing Leshrac
Killing Leshrac Morphed
Killing Shadow Demon
Killing Shadow Demon Morphed
Killing Terrorblade
Killing Terrorblade Morphed
Killing Windranger
Killing Windranger Morphed
Losing My Grip
Losing My Grip Morphed
Manta Style
Manta Style Morphed
Mm Ah Ha Ha
Mm Ah Ha Ha Morphed
More Room In My Collection
More Room In My Collection Morphed
More Souls For Me
More Souls For Me Morphed
My Power Grows
My Power Grows Morphed
My Reach Extends
My Reach Extends Morphed
My Reach Is Long
My Reach Is Long Morphed
My Shadow Darkens
My Shadow Darkens Morphed
Necromastery Morphed
Need More Souls
Need More Souls Morphed
Never Again
Never Again Morphed
Never Fear
Never Fear Morphed
Never Give You Satisfaction
Never Give You Satisfaction Morphed
Never Morphed
Never Never Nevermore
Never Never Nevermore Morphed
Never Say Nevermore
Never Say Nevermore Morphed
Never You Mind
Never You Mind Morphed
Nevermore Better
Nevermore Better Morphed
Nevermore Is Here
Nevermore Is Here Morphed
Nevermore Is Now
Nevermore Is Now Morphed
Nevermore Morphed
Nevermore Shall I Fall
Nevermore Shall I Fall Morphed
No Mana
No Mana Morphed
No Master Nooooo
No Master Nooooo Morphed
Nooooooo Morphed
Not Enough Mana
Not Enough Mana Morphed
Not My Soul
Not My Soul Morphed
Of Course
Of Course Morphed
Oh Wondrous Scepter
Oh Wondrous Scepter Morphed
Oh Yes
Oh Yes Morphed
Onward Morphed
Ooh Collectibles
Ooh Collectibles Morphed
Outplayed Morphed
Ozh Icha Gluth Izh Sol
Ozh Icha Gluth Izh Sol Morphed
Regeneration Morphed
Requiem Of Souls 1
Requiem Of Souls 1 Morphed
Requiem Of Souls 2
Requiem Of Souls 2 Morphed
Requiem Of Souls 3
Requiem Of Souls 3 Morphed
Requiem Of Souls 4
Requiem Of Souls 4 Morphed
Requiem Of Souls 5
Requiem Of Souls 5 Morphed
Requiem Of Souls 6
Requiem Of Souls 6 Morphed
Satanic Morphed
See You In The Abysm
See You In The Abysm Morphed
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade Morphed
Shadow Fiend
Shadow Fiend Morphed
Shadowraze 1
Shadowraze 1 Morphed
Shadowraze 2
Shadowraze 2 Morphed
Shadowraze 3
Shadowraze 3 Morphed
Shadowraze 4
Shadowraze 4 Morphed
Shadowraze 5
Shadowraze 5 Morphed
Shadowraze 6
Shadowraze 6 Morphed
Shadowraze 7
Shadowraze 7 Morphed
Shadowraze 8
Shadowraze 8 Morphed
Shizzy Wizard
Shizzy Wizard Morphed
Slipping Away
Slipping Away Morphed
So You're Curious Where Im From
So You're Curious Where Im From Morphed
Something Else To Collect
Something Else To Collect Morphed
Soul Collector
Soul Collector Morphed