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And I'm 76.
And then the bathroom and.
Are you working on on Barnes?
But Frank listen, my opinion is changing quickly.
Do you have the election right?
Franco, Frank how are you?
Frank theory is just a minute.
Frank, I think you're drunk.
Frank, I think you're drunk.
Frank, what is your number?
Frank, why you calling here?
Haven't been asleep
He don't know he's in the bathroom. Frank will be out in a few minutes.
His talk tomorrow, it's bedtime.
I didn't hear you.
I don't know what your problem is.
I think you're drunk.
I'm gonna record this.
I'm not Jesus Christ then.
I'm sorry if we did call you is earlier today, but we haven't called you lately. It might if we called you it was a mistake, OK?
I've always had a high regard for you.
If you call here again, I'm gonna turn you in.
Is this Frank?
It was it was a mistake. If we bring you and I I'm sorry, listen will talk to you tomorrow.
It's pretty warm, it meant.
No, I'm
No, we didn't break. He must've called us 'cause we were asleep.
Oh yeah, he's here. You want to talk to it.
Oh yeah, I'm home, Scott.
Pretty dry, you bet. You bet you bet it is.
Pretty good, how about you?
Thank you he's got a problem.
Very good question I.
We appreciate it. Good quick call.
We have it. We have a rac**** problem. Frank, it looks in our son Tyler state are both eating every night.
We're gonna fix your phone where you can and we're going to report you to.
Well, you told me it was a minute ago.
What do you want with Homer?
Who is this?
Yeah, I'm doing good.
You love what time it is.
You're out in the field working now.