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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright, then will do it that way.
Are you giving me your mom and Dad's names?
Because once you're in the ******* ******* Big House, they gonna give you ******* Marlboros in Bud Light every ******* night. You know what I'm saying?
Boy are you a ******* piece of work. You ****** ****** I'm gonna enjoy pressing charges on your ***
Break more.
California, yeah so California come on **** you what? What water turn California 26 socket set about 15 California Q What Blackwater turn garrett's ****** ****** **** you. I'm doing the talking now...
Caller ID gave me all your information.
Chrome on the road. I'm in Kansas City and I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm ******* half hour away from your **** ***
Come on, shut up, ***** ************ captured.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Do you want me to come to Kansas? I'll come to Kansas right now and I will ******* kill you. You got that you piece of ****
Do you want me to get over the Kansas? You want me to come to Kansas? You ****** ******
Do you want to talk to the officers now?
Don't worry about it.
Don't you think you're gonna stop you from doing this silly ******* nonsense? It's your ******* age.
Don't you understand that?
Feeling better now?
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett OK Frank Garrett.
Give me your address.
Give me your number.
Go ahead check head.
Go ahead. It's your dime.
Go smoke another carton of Marlboros ************
Go to bed you stupid. Who's your ****** ******
Gunsmoke, another Marlboro you ****** ******
He struck out ******* night you ****** ******
He's not or whatever your ******* name is.
Here is your ******* *** kicked by a 40 year old you ****** ******
Hey **** you ************ and call your ******* house.
Hey **** you, I just **** you. I'm doing the talking now you ****** ******
Hey ****** ****** you don't like to call in your house do you?
Hey eat me you **** ******
Hey look you dickless piece of ******* **** I'm gonna ride up there to ******* independence and I'm gonna blow your ******* *** away you got that you ****** ******
Hey, **** you you can't.
How about that you put?
How are you gonna come see me? I you don't have to come see me, ****** ****** me and the police are going to come see you.
How did I know it was you? I got your fucken name and your address. I got your zip code you stupid piece of shit.
How old are you?
I can understand you go ahead what you say good enough.
I could come down here with my ******* AR15 and shoot your ******* old who's your *** right there to defense research ************ you got sucker ****** ******
I didn't call your house.
I don't know how To Hell you got this number.
I don't know where you got this number.
I got your ******* address and I will be talking calling you a ******* it here a few hours.
I gotta call your house ****** ****** You got the wrong ******* number.
I have never called your number until now.
I just called your ****** ****** Get your ******* figure straight.
I just tried to call your house to see if that was you calling me back.
I live at 11216 Burton St.
I live at 11216 Burton.
I looked up your ******* house, you, Chekov.
I never called you tonight until you started this ******** you ******* who's your you? I am going to have you a ******* rested. Do you get that?
I never called you, ever.
I said nobody is calling your house and bothering you.
I want to hear apartment in Jefferson County last night to report the very same thing.
I went down to the police and they are checking my phone records to make sure I didn't call you and they said a lot of times that people will get calls from salesman bill collectors and they block ...
I'm a woman. I'm not a ***********
I'm coming to sucking your house ****** ******
I'm gonna ******* shoot your ******* brains out. You correct?
I'm gonna come see you, your ****** ******
I'm gonna kiss you I'm gonna get that loving ***** wife of yours to you ****** ******
I'm gonna press charges on your *** if I don't end up shooting you. You piece of ******* ****
I'm not buying my telephone. I'm gonna drive to ******* kill you.
I'm not saying you did, it was someone else.
I'm telling you right now, you're gonna go to jail for this.
I've been sitting here on the ******* TV and computer.
If I call it back, it's blocked.
If that's the way you want it, I'll go make out of report.
In Halo.
Independence was very.
Is that what you want me to finger your ******
Is that what you want?
Is that your whole vocabulary?
It's really nice to meet somebody like you like this. You know what I mean?
It's too so I can understand you you ******* loser.
Look ****** ****** I'm gonna get the police involved now.
Look here, you ****** ****** I got your whole sucking steel down. I got your background check. **** what you owe on your ******* **** I know everything about you now ****** ******
Look, I'm not gonna put up with your ******** OK?
Lord of the ******* job tomorrow. 'cause You wrote it for that Obama set your ******* problem. Freight making bad decisions all your ******* life like calling me up this much. Listen you ever made ...
Meeting Kansas City then most fire.
Mr Frank Garrett.
Mr Frank Garrett.
My mom's dead next serve. She died several years ago.
Never, what about California? Are you talking about?
No, I didn't.
Nobody called you you drunk old ******* new shirt. Nobody is bothering you.
Nobody has called your house from this number.
Nobody has called your house.
Now we got some ***** on here cursing this out.
Obama is the president now.
Oh, don't you think you're going to find you?
OK, hang on.
OK, well when I'm talking about is is you harassing me and me pressing charges against you down in Independence Mo for calling my house.
Once you put the horn, the phone against us out. My wife you *** ** * *****
Phone records show it.
Playing County Police Department.
Quit calling here, OK?
Rick the Mullet Man Superboard Soundboard Sound
Rick the Mullet Man Superboard Soundboard Sound
Say nobody's bothering you.
Say something ******* stupid out stuttering you ******* prick.
She talk to me.
Shut your **** you all you want **** you ************ Standard little prick.
So why are you calling here?
So you got the wrong ******* number.
So you want the police to call you back?
Sounds like you been drinking.
Start again, just go to work or do something.
Stick **** **** ** your own ******* ***
Sugar Creek.
Telling me I called your house to the last 10 minutes 3 times and cursing me out.
Thank you, can I make you shut up *****
That has prank phone calls coming from that house to hear.
That's all you can say over and over again in it.
That's right, call anybody.
That's right.
The **** are you talking about California?
The banana boat you saw your off the ******* banana. Bully Shalom or silver today, Frank.
The sooner you ******* die, the better off the world will be.
This is a mobile phone that's called.
This is Karen.
This is the mobile phone that's called.
Try an *******
Typical called police on your ***
Want me to get the police to trace this ******* call? They will.
We can make any call your number, that's for sure, Sir.
We got your ******* phone number. Ann is being traced.
We need to get you some help.
Well you gonna you gonna have to dry out eventually. You know what I mean?
Well, nobody called there. The phone records will prove no one called your house.
Well, you better sober up there. 'cause if the please come down there, you know just out of this this is just not necessary to be like this.
What are you doing?
What are you shooting ************ You told me your ******* name when you were drunk is coming out.
What do you got much? Talk OK, don't you guys?
What do you want to shoot out with the cops? Are you suicidal?
What do you want?
What is this ******* shares? Again, see if you prick.
What now ************
When I get up to ******* independence in, I was actually called Sugar Creek ******* Missouri. I'm gonna blow you away like let's you bad habit ******* piece of ******* garbage.
When the police come to your ******* house and rip you a new *******
When you ask it, claiming my 40 year old.
When you go to ******* jail for harassing people, you're not going to get any ******* marbles or any ******* beer. Do you got that you stupid *** ** * *****
Who am I?
Who are you?
Who is this now?
Why am I so stupid? You're the one wasting your ******* time getting arrested you ****** ****** you.
Why are you calling here?
Why are you keep calling me? I don't have your ******* phone number you your wife says it's the wrong number. I know where you live, your ****** ****** You can't hide off the caller ID you stupid p...
Why do you want trouble with the police?
Why do you want trouble?
Why don't you put your unavailable off and I'll kick your ******* ***
Why would you call here? I don't have. I have nothing to do with you.
Why would you do that?
Why you keep calling me?
Why you keep it up? Why you keep calling me and waking me up when I gotta go to work you ******* prick.
Yeah, I'm not trying to call anybody.
Yeah, no don't tell me. Know you ****** ******
Yes she does. She got it from you, you *** ** * *****
You *** ** * ***** you.
You ******* drunk. Who's your? I'm gonna call the police again you ****** ****** you.
You ******* spineless piece of ******* ****
You are a.
You are some piece of work.
You call me, Sir.
You called here a dozen times.
You called here unavailable with your number blocked.
You can come to your house for her ration mean.
You do OK. Well then will have him call you back.
You don't even know what just say you ****** ******
You don't go for something you say.
You don't know how old he is.
You don't know how old you are.
You don't know who you're calling.
You don't know who's you ******* with you ****** ******
You don't know.
You don't.
You gonna meet me here soon. I'm coming from Kansas City and I'm gonna ******* kill you. You got it.
You got my number.
You got nothing else to say but you stupid **** ****** is that all you can ******* keep repeating and save.
You got nothing to live for, 'cause every day when you walked up and look in the ******* mirror and see that two plus deliverance. Who's your ****** ****** staring back at you? You got no reason to...
You got some kind of just wish you ****** ******
You got that, you know.
You got this you ****** ******
You got your number here.
You have called here. I just in time. The first time you called, you said I called there three times in the last 10 minutes at your house and I have never called your house. Phone records will show...
You just said looking for cancer. You ******* torque. You **** you, you ****** ****** You your ******* life. **** your ******* Did you ******* *******
You know our main.
You know what? When I get you to jail, they're gonna help you straighten your *** out.
You need to cool it.
You need to lose my number. You don't need to be called here no more.
You probably got nothing to live for.