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CLUE: A Mysterious Caper Unraveling Through Laughter and Thrills!

For all the thrill-seekers and perplexity aficionados out there, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with "CLUE"! This cinematic masterpiece, released in 1985, takes its inspiration from the classic Hasbro board game of the same name. And let me tell you, it is an absolute blast!

Starring a phenomenal ensemble cast that includes the likes of Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and Eileen Brennan, "CLUE" takes the concept of a murder-mystery dinner party and transforms it into an epic tale of suspense, laughs, and mind-boggling twists. The film truly captures the essence of the game, providing audiences with an entertaining and immersive experience.

In "CLUE," six guests are invited to a secluded mansion on a stormy night, each assigned a colorful pseudonym: Wadsworth the butler (played by Tim Curry), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn), Colonel Mustard (Martin Mull), Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), and Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren). As they arrive, tension fills the air, and they quickly realize that their mysterious host, known only as Mr. Boddy, has ulterior motives.

The tone of the movie is delightfully campy, with humor bursting from every scene, courtesy of the impeccable comedic timing of the talented cast. With witty one-liners and hilarious situational comedy, "CLUE" keeps audiences engaged, chuckling, and second-guessing throughout its gripping narrative.

As the night progresses, chaos ensues when Mr. Boddy's lifeless body is discovered. Suddenly thrust into a web of deception and suspicion, our ensemble cast must work together to solve the murder, uncover hidden secrets, and ultimately survive the night. Every character harbors their own secrets, adding an extra layer of mystery as the plot unfolds.

What sets this film adaptation apart is its innovative storytelling approach. In theaters, the movie had three different endings, and each one was shown at random in various screenings. However, when "CLUE" made its way to home video, all three endings were included back-to-back, allowing viewers to experience the full range of possibilities. It added a unique interactive element to the movie-watching experience, keeping audiences guessing until the very end.

If you're in the mood for some auditory delight, you can still enjoy the official "CLUE" soundtrack, composed by the legendary John Morris. From eerie orchestrations to lively jazz numbers, the music perfectly complements the on-screen antics, heightening the atmosphere of suspense and excitement. You can play and download these timeless sounds here [insert link].

"CLUE" remains a beloved cult classic, cherished by fans for its fast-paced plot, lively performances, and memorable characters. The movie strikes a perfect balance between nail-biting tension and lighthearted comedy, making it a delightful watch for both mystery enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

So, if you're up for a thrilling ride filled with laughter, intrigue, and a dash of nostalgic charm, make sure to add "CLUE" to your must-watch list. And remember, as the saying goes, "It's not just a game anymore!"

You can play and download these sounds [here](insert link).

A candlestick?
A double negative? Do you mean you have photographs?
A foreign power.
A likely story.
A limousine.
A little higher.
A long black car.
Absolutely non.
After we all split up again,
After we found the cook dead.
All of you have been paying what you can afford,
All of you.
All right, I made a mistake.
All right, it's true, I knew Yvette.
All right, lam!
All right, lam!
All right, look.
All right, who done it?
All right.
All right.
All the doors are locked.
All this came out after dinner in the study.
All you have to do is tell the police,
Although you may not have seen me.
And Colonel Mustard and Mrs. White.
And Colonel Mustard's work on the new fusion bomb.
And created a sense of injustice in me.
And dragged him to the toilet.
And force him to confess.
And forget that any of this ever happened.
And furthermore, I'm gonna tell you how it was all done.
And guess who's getting it?
And hurried to the study.
And I introduced Mrs. White to Colonel Mustard.
And I introduced myself to you as a butler,
And I made across the hall to the library.
And I noticed that Mrs. White and Yvette flinched.
And I prevented you from telling me your real name
And I suggest that the two shortest search the cellar,
And I took her coat and hung it up.
And I was going to give them back
And I was wondering if I could use your phone.
And I'm a homosexual.
And I'm frightened of the dark.
And I'm gonna sell my secrets,
And I've been locked into the lounge.
And if I didn't appear,
And in some cases more than you can afford,
And it is certainly not me. It is her.
And it was Mrs. White looking pale and tragic.
And It's always difficult when a group of new friends
And it's no good blackmailing me, madam.
And make a little money out of it.
And Miss Scarlet here. Professor Plum here.
And monkey's brains, though popular in Cantonese cuisine,
And Mr. Boddy went to get the surprise packages from the hall.
And Mr. Boddy will be behind bars.
And Mrs. Peacock here.
And Mrs. Peacock sat here. And Professor Plum sat here.
And my instructions are to do so.
And nonchalantly rejoined us besides the cook's body in the kitchen.
And none of you know who's blackmailing you. Do you?
And one of them is my old boss from...
And one of us got away from his or her partner
And pretend that none of this has ever happened.
And shot her.
And so forth.
And so had his...
And so on, up.
And someone could've taken it out of my pocket and substituted another.
And stabbed the cook!
And stabbed the cook.
And the cook used to be your cook.
And the cook was in here, alive,
And the doorbell rang.
And the gunshot was intended to kill him, not me.
And the murdered ran back down the secret passage to the study.
And the murdered ran back down the secret passage to the study.
And the murderer switched off the electricity.
And the rest of us all live in a government town.
And the singing telegram girl?
And the stranger's locked up in the lounge.
And the work of your husband,
And then
And then ran back to the cellar.
And then the doorbell rang.
And then the gong was struck by the cook.
And then turn him over to the police.
And then we all followed Colonel Mustard's suggestion
And then Yvette met you and smiled and poured you a drink.
And there are two dead bodies in the study!
And they're not the only ones.
And this conversation is being tape recorded.
And this is Mrs. Peacock.
And to free all of you from the same burden of blackmail
And we put the weapons in the cupboard
And we realized there was only one other person in the house.
And we went into the dining room.
And what was he holding over you?
And while I was in the master bedroom,
And while we all examined the bullet hole,
And who shall I say is calling?
And why are you receiving phone calls from J. Edgar Hoover?
And why would you lock me in?
And wrongful imprisonment and obstructing an officer
And yet, he was the one who died. Not you, Mrs. White. Not you.
And you all opened your presents.
And you also knew her, sir.
And you'll just go on blackmailing us all.
And, Colonel, you drive a very expensive car
And, my, this soup's delicious, isn't it?
Another denial.
Another door?
Another politician. Jesus!
Anybody else want a whiskey?
Anybody else wish to deny it?
Anyone could've picked it up. You, him.
Anyone here not earn their living from the government, one way or another?
Anyway, we all revealed we'd all received a letter.
Are not often to be found in Washington, D.C.
Are not often to be found in Washington, D.C.
Are you a cop?
Are you afraid of silence, Mrs. Peacock?
Are you hiding?
Are you locking me in? I'll take the key.
Are you making moral judgments, Mrs. Peacock?
Are you sure?
Are you there?
Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?
Aren't you gonna tell us?
Armageddon is almost upon us.
As everyone here is in the same boat,
As I was trying to tell you, there are no bullets left in this gun, you see?
As sex after marriage.
As soon as all the guests have arrived.
As soon as Mr. Boddy was unmasked.
As to whether or not there's anybody else in this house.
At least, my wife was.
At the start of the evening, Yvette was here by herself,
At which point I believe our unknown host will reveal his intentions.
Be my guest.
Because I am frightened. Me, too.
Because it's all too shocking.
Because Mrs. Peacock was screaming about the poisoned brandy.
Because she was with us all in the billiard room doorway
Because their radios didn't work.
Because you were all implicated in Mr. Boddy's dastardly blackmail.
Before he could blackmail anyone,
Before he finds out what's been going on here?
Before I fainted, or after I fainted...
Being killed is pretty final, wouldn't you say?
Between patients who are alive or dead.
Blackmail depends on secrecy.
Breathing, heaving breaths,
Brilliantly worked out, Wadsworth.
But Colonel Mustard wasn't in the cellar.
But he holds a sensitive security post in the Pentagon.
But he never reappeared.
But he was found dead at home. His head had been cut off.
But he was with us in the billiard room when we found Yvette screaming.
But he was your second husband.
But how can we possibly find out which of you did it?
But I am a butler. In fact, I was his butler.
But I am determined to enjoy myself.
But I didn't do it!
But I didn't know anything about any of you until this evening.
But I didn't.
But I have a feeling that I'm in danger.
But I must keep it a secret or I'll lose my job on security grounds.
But I think there's a phone in the lounge.
But if I wasn't trying to keep the conversation going,
But if one of you kills Wadsworth now,
But if the payment is delivered by
But if you want to know who killed Mr. Boddy,
But in her death and the deaths of five other people.
But it seems to me you've done the world a public service
But it was locked!
But it was not his untimely death this evening
But it's dark upstairs.
But look what happened to the cook.
But my car broke down out here
But one of us knows he's alive.
But one of us wasn't here. No.
But remember what happened next.
But that doesn't make me a murderer.
But that was his job. He was an illusionist.
But the other half of the pair would be dead!
But the police will be here any minute. What happens then?
But then I forgot, we're not supposed to say who we really are,
But this is ridiculous.
But what I don't understand is
But what I don't understand is
But what if you are?
But where and when was Mr. Boddy killed?
But where?
But while we were in the billiard room,
But yes. See for yourself.
But you can pay me in government information.
But you've been paying blackmail for over a year now
But your souls are in danger.
But, look!
By now she was dead.
By ridding it of an appalling blackmailer and his disgusting informers.
Can I come in and use your phone?
Can I interest any of you in fruit or dessert?