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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright, I haven't been in there for a long time, so I'm going to have to re initiate my account.
And he keeps calling me.
And sometimes the doctor calls for me.
And you got prank calls in your telephone.
And you know, quite personally he's not the kind of guy you want to **** with.
Based on the number that I'm looking at on the phone.
Blui doubl
Break your OK Frank Frank.
But the you know I then where you're at trust me.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear that stuff on the other end?
Chris The Hacker (MBPD) Soundboard Sound
Chris The Hacker (MBPD) Soundboard Sound
Chris The Hacker (MBPD) Soundboard Sound
Chris The Hacker (MBPD) Soundboard Sound
Chris The HHeheheacker (MBPD) Soundboard Sound
Countdown OK, we gotta get the contract written up.
Did you know that?
Did you know you can make money on YouTube?
Did you lose?
Did you see that?
Did you see what made eight? Do you know Pat?
Do you know how broken up this is?
Do you know?
Dot Dot Live in NIMP.
Even if it is even the physicians up big wins, even if it's only 5 or $2000 a month.
Get it fixed.
Go to the track.
Good evening.
He says that he's going to find out who's been using your voice in your likeness.
He's actually cause us for a lot of emotional distress.
Hello hello.
Hello hello.
Hey buddy.
Hey Frankie.
Hey I need some assistance.
Hey listen, this is my business.
Hey you there.
Hey you there.
His name is Robert Lane.
How do you do this?
How much you get.
How you doing buddy?
How you doing buddy?
Huge like 1/4 of $1,000,000 year. I don't give a **** about that even if it's for 5000 bucks a month for $5000 a month. If we spoke that, that's that's between 2000 and 2500 bucks a month. We don't...
I bet you don't know how do you.
I don't know what what, why not.
I don't think so. OK, not a big deal.
I have your number from going to school.
I think that this is a bit.
I thought so.
I totaled up honey, honey, baby.
I want to some numbers in the last month alone based on all the print views were talking a quarter of a million views. Unlike videos boots for normal. I found out I right now I would have with the ...
I was looking for a name that's cool. Good to know could might be a fictitious name.
I'm a legend. How much money can a legend make and how keen is how? How much money to his manager make?
I'm a star, you making me a star you can make me some money.
I'm actually, um, I meant mental disabled.
I'm going to assume I think that's what I was doing before you called.
I'm just being very difficult.
I'm looking for somebody with the balls to come out and let me know who they are and show me how we can make money on YouTube. If you I'm not greedy, I'm not making the money anyway, right?
I'm loyal.
I'm making some money on YouTube.
I'm meeting John Kimble.
I'm not breaking up your lumbering.
I'm not lumbering, you're breaking up sounds like you're on tonight, voice over IP.
I'm not right.
I'm sorry that you're going through that.
Is that the doctor?
Is that with the security company?
Is there?
It appears your ****
It might be a doctor Lane.
It was this number calling me.
It will problem splitting it 5050.
It's not like I spoke to your personal assistant.
Listen, I'm not Nope. Duty calls you can still trust me.
Living in November.
No every go, see, that's where you're mistaken, she.
No, I think you should do the same.
No, no, I really don't.
No, what game your playing?
No, you don't know pack.
Oh John John Kimble, T John Kimble.
Oh no, I didn't.
Oh really, hold you.
Oh, I heard that.
OK well did you censor?
OK, great.
OK, how much you get then you tell me how much you get.
OK, so I guess I'll just have to find somebody else to help me.
OK, that's cool.
On that note, it's off to the races.
One damn penny.
Or cold sick.
Play wait and where am I wrong? Am I right?
Set alarm for second.
So anyway, tech called me up and let me know that he made.
So but anyway.
So by the way, do you like hearing a lot of ringing?
So check this out.
So cheese.
So when you gonna have coffee together and discuss potentiality.
So who would?
So will you make a new sound boards?
So you doing so you what company am I talking to?
So you know.
So you will.
Start receive calls from a doctor for the last 16 years of my life.
Take out.
Talk to me. Wish I were talking.
That simple to do. There's plenty of software out there to make software.
That simple to do. There's plenty of software out there to make software.
There will be dead soon, Dad. You will be.
They probably changed the damn name of the town.
Unless you help me, 'cause I'm going to find somebody that will.
Very good.
We didn't you.
We just wanna prize.
Well, guess what?
Well, guess what? I don't care.
Well, I got a personality disorder.
Well, whatever.
What are you doing?
Who do you want to collect your prize?
Will this work?
Yeah baby, how you doing?
Yeah Jake.
Yeah mate.
Yeah, get off listen.
Yeah, guess what?
Yeah, I just told you who I was.
Yeah, I'm the general manager Doubles data recovery.
Yeah, little bit.
Yeah, please do bye.
Yeah, well thanks. I appreciate the info, but tell you what.
Yeah, you owe me.
Yes, exactly.
You get a subwoofer. That one, huh?
You got no concept. You got no clue.
You heard a partner status.
You in the different times I'm just bored. Nothing to do.
You just won the prize.
You know?
You know?
You make your own software.
You owe it loser. You owe me.
You remember this, I know a A's weakness.
You there?
You there?
Your *** is going to be in trouble.
5050 split
******** you should just said you don't know how to make money on YouTube.