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Gaming Sounds | Game Soundboard for Gamers

Gaming Sounds | Game Soundboard for Gamers

If you are a gamer, whether you are otaku or not, or you just like video games a lot, this app is going to love you.
And it is that installing it, you will have forever on your device a collection of more than 200 sound effects and most famous video game memes. You will be able to review the best sounds of the most important video games in gaming history.
From the most famous RPG games of all types, arcade, action or adventure, platform, fighting, survivals, to strategy like LOL MOBAs through the most aggressive shooter games, you will have sound effects of all the best games!
Thus, you will be able to remember with nostalgia those wonderful joystick arcade video games or simply enjoy those that once were your favorite hobbies and hobbies.

Aoe Horn
Aoe Wololooo
Battlefield 1942
Bomberman Bonus
Cod Dontstop
Cod Noprisoners
Cod Timetowork
Come Get Some
Contragame Theme
Crash Akuaku
Crash Main
Crash Woah
Cs Bomb Planted
Cs Counter
Cs Fireinthehole
Cs Gogogo
Cs Hostage Rescued
Cs Letsgo
Cs Terroristswin
Darksouls Youdied
Destiny Epic Win
Diablo2 Summoned
Donkeykong Die
Doom Shotgun
Doom Theme
Dota2 Matchready
Dota2 Monsterkill
Ea Games
Ea Sports
Fallout Vats
Fallout3 Levelup
Fallout3 Liberty1
Fallout3 Liberty2
Ff Chocobowark
Ff Levelup
Ff Victoryfanfare
Ff Viii
Fortnite Death
Fortnite Electrictrap
Fortnite Goal
Fortnite Pumpshotgun
Fortnite Radiobeep
Fortnite Rocketlauncher
Fortnite Snipershot
Fortnite Stormeye
Goldeneye64 Theme
Gtaiv Theme
Gtav Theme
Gtav Wasted
Hail To The King Baby
Halflife Headcrab
Halflife Medkit
Halo Gameover
Halo Kingslayer
Lol Dominating
Lol Legendary
Lol Pentakill
Lol Pm Receive
Lol Queue
Lol Unstoppable
Mario Coin
Mario Gameover
Mario Invincible
Mario Itsame
Mario Jump
Mario Levelup
Mario Life
Mario Main
Mario Mammamia
Mario Pipe
Mario Power
Mario Underground
Mariokart 1st
Mariokart Select
Megaman 1up
Megaman Gameover
Megaman Lifeup
Megaman Megabooster
Megaman Stageclear
Megaman Start
Megaman Victory
Megaman2 Opening
Metal Gear Alert
Metal Gear Codec
Metal Gear Gameover
Metal Slug Complete
Minecraft Xp
Mk Excellent
Mk Fatality
Mk Fight
Mk Finish Her
Mk Finish Him
Mk Flawless
Mk Johnycage
Mk Laughing
Mk Lucane
Mk Rayden
Mk Scorpion
Mk Subzero
Mk Test Ur Might
Ninjagaiden Intro
Ow Dva
Ow Epic
Ow Genji
Ow Hanzo
Ow Lucio
Ow Mcgree
Ow Pharah
Ow Play Game
Ow Reaper
Ow Tracer
Ow Tracer2
Ow Zenyatta
Pacman Die
Pacman Start
Pacman Wakawaka
Pkmn Battle
Pkmn Recovery
Pkmn Redrival
Pkmn Victory
Pkmn Wild
Portal Are There
Portal Goodbye
Portal2 Imbecile
Portal2 Imdifferent
Portal2 Noooo
Portal2 Sarcasmtest
Portal2 Thankyou
Pubg Bullets
Quake3 Excellent
Quake3 Humiliation
Quake3 Impressive
Quake3 Jump
Quake3 Prepare
Quake3 Quadjump
Re3nemesis Stars
Resident Intro
Resident4 Buying
Sega Dream Cast
Sf Coin
Sf Ko
Sf Theme
Shit Happens
Skyrim Quest
Sonic Extralife
Sonic Invincible
Sonic Opening
Sonic Ring
Sonic Ring Multiple
Sonic Ringslost
Space Invaders
Splinter Night Vision
Starcraft Trans
Tetris Theme
Time To Kick Ass
Tmnt Title Song
Unreal Godlike
Unreal Headshot
Unreal Holyshit
Unreal Killingspree
Unreal Monsterkill
Unreal Multikill
Unreal Rampage
Unreal Ultrakill
Ut99 Flagcapture
Ut99 Flatalert
Wow Peon
Wow Reaverfel
Wow Workcomplete
Xbox Achievement
You Guys Suck
You're Fucked
Zelda Getitem
Zelda Storms
Zelda Theme