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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alright, well fuck you too then.
Also, please do it then Mother fucker. I'm telling you I'm not the fuck you talking about.
And you don't know me.
Bring your fat ass over here will make a new Lincoln Tunnel. Then it be Obama tunnel. Bring your ass over here.
But no, don't you maybe put something your mother fucking matter fact?
Can you please call the fuck you will stop calling here.
Come here, come to me.
For your bitch ass over here.
Fuck you stick your finger in your ass and blow your faggot mother fucking brains out.
He's a faggot.
Home bubbles
I did not call your house.
I didn't.
I don't know what the malfunction is, but this is a place of business.
I don't know where you get this number. This is a place of business.
I recall you saying.
I'll call your house.
I'm not a. I am Angela sucking white guys. Come on pal.
I'ma get your address motherfucker. I'm gonna come to you.
Listening, I'm running a business here. I don't need you calling here fucking with it.
Mother fucker.
My name is big Dick.
My name is big Dick.
Nobody makes calls other. We only receive calls on it.
Please don't call no more.
Please stop messing with you man.
Shut up bitch.
So what is the problem? What do you want man?
Tell me your address in settings.
This is a Dick factory.
This is big size motherfucker.
This is the barbershop.
This is the place of business.
Use a lonely fucking mother fucking bitch.
Victoria Moore fagot
Want to call your girlfriend to leave somebody else's husband alone so he can come back home and be with you?
We got beat up in you faggot.
Well, I don't know how it is.
What do you say?
What do you want?
What's it called can't call on telephone companies in get them inspected for you. 'cause we don't. We don't make calls in receiving.
Who are you trying to get in contact with?
Who are you?
Who is who are you?
Would you listen to me for minute?
Would you say?
Yes, would you like to speak to?
You called me.
You don't want it up front. You couldn't really handle black man. You think I'm fat, no, but I'm a black man from a fat man, punk.
You had all kind of images of a black man with three legs and not the one talking to you or not to come get with your.
You know doing the trapped in the closet bitch?
You see rule when I run this mother fucking Coltrane through US.
You shut the fuck up.
You sound like a whole talking to me.
You talking to?
Your ass is mine. I ain't talking bout like Michael Mina either bitch.
Your mother.
'cause you don't want to have a black man, Dick.