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Philly Thug Soundboard

Philly Thug Soundboard

Philly Thug, converted from the classic Flash soundboard to HTML5 and MP3.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And don't you have just failed his cell phone number?
Are you sexy?
Are you sexy?
Are you sure you want to find a man?
Come on, come up with a new one then.
Convicted felon
Do come up with a new line.
Dude, you ain't gonna beat my ass. You know who you're messing with.
Faggot, why speak white piece of shit? Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha.
Ha ha.
Hey man.
Hey, just let you know this conversation is really being recorded now and then when I beat your ass I'm going to hand you over to. The cops are displayed on my cell on my telephone died.
How about I call the cops and you meet them, you punk bitch.
I am at my house.
I can I can do this all day? Dude, I can talk all day.
I don't even know your punk ass do.
I don't know who I'm talking too, but I'm not in the habit being called a bitch.
I don't know.
I don't wanna come here. Wooden shed guard.
I just want to know who is this?
I promise you, I will have you a full expenses paid trip to Bell County waiting on you.
I said, what are you looking for?
I will fucking kill you.
I will keep this conversation on record and you will do five years in fucking prison for fucking, threatening to fucking kill me. And you're probably getting fucked in the ass by your roommate.
I will kill you.
I'm 17, I could probably beat your ass.
I'm for I'm old enough to be your Big Brother. That's how old I am.
I'm fucking sober. I will fucking kill you.
If if you have friended Josh is, I'm really sorry that you are because I don't like not hanging out with people like you.
It will then, if you know me, man. Do you know not to come at me like this?
It's some inbred rednecks bone. That's who it is.
Josh bales
Just don't call here again.
Man fuck you dude.
Man, do you called me? Fuck you? Do you are stupid you said right now.
Mood shut the fuck up man.
No, you won't.
Now where you at?
Oh no, I just ask you a question.
Oh, I am. Josh is mom.
Oh, let me guess, let me guess, you're a gang Bangor you gotta gun you're gonna shoot me.
Oh, really.
Once you go get you high get you fixed and quit calling this number.
Philly Thug Soundboard Sound
Philly Thug Soundboard Sound
Philly Thug Soundboard Sound
Philly Thug Soundboard Sound
Punk bitch.
So I don't know if you're trying to get ahold of Josh or not.
Tell me.
That's all you gotta say.
That's it.
That's what you think.
The same Pizza Hut.
This ain't Pizza Hut.
Wait, what are you looking for?
We are you at the gay boy I don't do gay boys dog.
We'll see who's the bitch when I call the cops on your ass 'cause I got your number up here and your fucking name darling.
Well I am Josh is Josh Bell with his mother.
Well, I got some half are you punk bitch?
Well, I happen to know for sure that I am.
Well, who is it?
Well, you're talking to Josh is mom.
Whatever man you know what the fuck I live dude.
Where you at bitch?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who do you want to talk to?
Who is it?
Who is this?
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck are you? There you family dentistry? Josh bales.
Why you so young, man?
Yeah, do I got your fucking name or you idiot?
You don't fucking know me dude
You fucking Foo Gazy fucking garbage you faggot. Shut the fuck up.
You fucking.
You heard what I said.
You sound awfully familiar too.
You sound awfully familiar.
You sound like you can barely drink a bottle of fucking Jack.
You're a fucking drug head.