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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Absolutely, please do.
And I am running your information right now.
Are you done?
But you're bout to learn about me is I'm tracing your number and I'm gonna come talk to you.
Call the police and having traced the call.
Come on up and see me.
Come see me.
Did this number come up on your caller ID?
Do you have? You have no idea.
Do you think I'm kidding with you? I'm gonna give you a phone number.
Frank Garrett
Hello, I'm here.
How's that?
I am the police.
I am the police. That's what I'm trying to convince you of. I don't know who you think I am.
I don't know who you're married now are or who you're trying to yell at, but you are, truthfully speaking to the Police Department.
I don't know who you're married now.
I thought you were Frank Gary.
I'll get ahold of Independence PD and let him know that you just threaten the police officer and haven't come see you.
I'm Frank Gary.
I'm going to jail.
I'm gonna let you talk as long as you want to. It's all being recorded.
I'm scared come see me.
I'm still here. I'm listening. I'm just letting you run off. It's all being recorded.
If the address that you gave me is correct, I'll send independence over by there and and you'll know that I'm not messing around, how's that?
My name is Sergeant Cubic.
No Frank, what's your birthday so I can run you through the computer here.
Nobody's calling you, man.
Nobody's calling you, man. This is a Police Department.
Oh, now you're talking about shooting a cop.
OK, come on over.
OK, let's find 'cause you're going to trace it back to the Chillicothe, Mo, Police Department.
OK, look up Chillicothe Mo Police Department get their phone number and then call back and ask for badge #4 and when I pick up you'll recognize my voice and you'll know that you've been talking to ...
OK, then a police officer is looking for you.
OK, well the number that you called is not a mobile phone. This is the Police Department.
OK, well whatever you're dialing it, you're getting our number.
Put your birthday so I can run you through the computer here.
So I would highly suggest you hang up and find another number partner or you're going to have badges banging on your door.
So who are you?
Tell me your name.
That's not a real number.
The number you're getting is the Chillicothe, Mo Police Department.
This is a Police Department.
This is not a house.
This is not a house. This is a Police Department.
This is Sergeant CU of the Chillicothe, Mo Police Department you dumb ass.
This is the Police Department.
Well, come on up here.
Well, I think I got enough, so I'll go in and pull the recording.
Well, tell him to come on over so when they when they see me standing here in my uniform, they'll they'll know who we're talking to.
Well, you're the one doing the talking. I'm just listening.
What number did you dial, Sir?
What's your birthday, Frank?
Who do you? Who do you think I am?
Would you like to know who you're talking to?
You are honestly, honestly speaking to the Police Department in Chillicothe, Mo.
You are, truthfully speaking to the Police Department.
You have you have access to the Internet.
You really don't comprehend what you're doing, do you?
You think I'm kidding, but I'm totally serious.
You're so bad. Give me your name.
You're so bad. What's your name again?
You're talking to a Police Department and I've got your phone number.
You're welcome to call me back at the Police Department.
613 Walnut Chillicothe Mo.