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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Back off I'm a scientist (Ghostbusters)
Everythings under control (Picard)
Hiyah! Give you power (Mr. Miyagi)
I have a very dramatic announcement (Futurama)
I have failed you (Star Wars)
I havent heard of that but sounds bad (South Park)
I love you (Star Wars)
I sense great fear in you (Star Wars)
Its working (Star Wars)
Oh its beautiful (Star Wars)
Piece of cake (Duke Nukem)
Sneak attack
Sneaky sneaky
Who is your daddy? (Arnold)
You'll see very soon
1 Applause
1 Crow sound
1Birdy (Kung Pow)
1Birdy Birdy (Kung Pow)
(Agree) As you wish (Star Wars)
(Agree) By god you're right (Futurama)
(Agree) Can Do (Meeseeks)
(Agree) Possibly
(Agree) We swears to do whatever you wants (Gollum)
(Agree) Well maybe I will (Aqua Teen)
(Agree) Yeah I guess not (Family Guy)
(Agree) Yes sir!
(Celebrate) Alright we fucking did it (Team America)
(Disagree) Hell no (meme)
(Disagree) I don't think I will (Bob's Burgers)
(Disagree) I'm not listening to you you're crazy (Jack Black)
(Disagree) No thanks we're not interested (Bob's Burgers)
(Disagree) Nope brother (Hulk Hogan)
(Disagree) One does not simply walk into Mordor (LOTR)
(Disagree) You get nothing you lose good day sir (Willy Wonka)
(Farewell) I'm scared I'm moving on (JonTron)
(Farewell) BRB (Arnold)
(Farewell) We tried thanks (Bob's Burgers)
(Greeting) Alright maggots listen up
(Greeting) Duty to fight for justice (Bob's Burger)
(Greeting) Good talk, right?
(Greeting) Hello there (Star Wars)
(Greeting) Hello What have we here? (Star Wars)
(Greeting) Help you I can (Yoda)
(Greeting) I mean you no harm (Yoda)
(Greeting) Im here to help you
(Greeting) Never heard of him (Star Wars)
(Greeting) Oh now you tell me (Futurama)
(Greeting) Thank you for your cooperation goodnight (Robocop)
(Greeting) That was really sweet (Bob's Burger)
(Greeting) We be nice to them if they be nice to us (Gollum)
(Greeting) Who am I talking to? Because I dont know you (Aqua Teen)
(Greetings) Not for me, thanks (Bob's Burgers)
(Insight) Don't bullshit me (Arnold)
(Insight) Oh so you cant see this but I can (Jack Black)
(Insight) Questions answer immediately (Arnold)
(Insight) Thats not true, that's impossible (Star Wars)
(Insult) Dick move (Birdperson)
(Insult) God that is just classic her (Archer)
(Insult) Hold on a minute sugar tits (IT Crowd)
(Insult) I know you may be slightly stupid (Gordon Ramsey)
(Insult) Nice shootin tex (Ghost Busters)
(Insult) Surrounded by idiots
(LOH) Are you like being kinky and stuff (Beavis & Butthead)
(LOH) Dont touch me mother fucker get out (The Room)
(LOH) He's trying to touch my weiner (Beavis and Butthead)
(LOH) I feel so violated (Community)
(LOH) Nobody wants to see that (Aqua Teen)
(LOH) Oh frisky are we (Fat Bastard)
(LOH) You stupid life prolonging fools (Futurama)
(Question) Any idea what it is or where it came from? (Picard)
(Question) How much (Arnold)
(Question) Is that legal? (Star Wars)
(Question) Was that your plan?
(Question) What the hell are you doing here?
(Question) Who are you? (Arnold)
(Question) Why are you here? (Yoda)
(Question) Would you mind identifying what you are (Picard)
(RP) I love the children they are my heart
(Sass) Bitch I aint going nowhere
(Sass) Breaking my balls (Team America)
(Sass) Chore
(Sass) Don't everybody thank me at once (Star Wars)
(Sass) Don't you talk to me like that (South Park)
(Sass) Gotcha bitch (Dave Chappelle)
(Sass) Groan (Duke Nukem)
(Sass) Hurry it up alright (Archer)
(Sass) I'm not backing down on this (Aqua Teen)
(Sass) Inconceivable (Princess Bride)
(Sass) Really? Man of your talents (Star Wars)
(Sass) Surprise motherfucker (meme)
(Sass) That's not right
(Sass) What did you say!? (South Park)
(Sass) What is wrong with you people? (Bob's Burgers)
(Sass) What? I said worst case
(Sass) Who the hell cares? (Family Guy)
(Sass) Whooo! (Archer)
(Sass) Yeah you heard what I said (Aqua Teen)
(Threat) Can you fly bobby
(Threat) Deserve to die/Burn in hell (Dave Chappelle)
(Threat) Do what I tell you (Arnold)
(Threat) Kick your ass (Duke Nukem)
(Threat) Kill him, kill him now (Star Wars)
(Threat) She cant do that, shoot her (Star Wars)
(Threat) You seem a decent fellow I hate to kill you
(Threat) You wanna dance? (Duke Nukem)
(Threat) You're lucky wee man (Fat Bastard)
(Trap) All Clear
(Trap) Anymore ridiculous ideas? (Futurama)
(Trap) Bad feeling
(Trap) Did I mention the crippling agonizing pain (Futurama)
(Trap) Don't try it (Star Wars)
(Trap) Dont you touch that (South Park)
(Trap) Gonna take a nap (meme)
(Trap) Happy accidents (Bob Ross)
(Trap) Hulk Smash
(Trap) I can't believe you've done this (meme)
(Trap) I could just kill myself (IT Crowd)
(Trap) I hurt so much (Bob's Burgers)
(Trap) I'm going in (Duke Nukem)
(Trap) I'm in trouble
(Trap) Ill try spinning (Star Wars)
(Trap) It burns us (Gollum)
(Trap) It's a Trap! (Star Wars)
(Trap) No wait I'm afraid to die (Futurama)
(Trap) Not clear (Star Wars)
(Trap) Ooh I try to act cool but inside I'm freaking out (Futurama)
(Trap) R2-D2 Screaming
(Trap) Run Forrest Run (Forrest Gump)
(Trap) Screaming goats
(Trap) Sorry, it was an accident (Men in Black)
(Trap) Strength to do it (Star Wars)
(Trap) That sounds like it could be bad (South Park)
(Trap) That stings
(Trap) That was figuratively killing me
(Trap) That would be dangerous
(Trap) That would kills us (Gollum)
(Trap) That's gotta hurt (Duke Nukem)
(Trap) This is totally not a big deal (Aqua Teen)
(Trap) This is uncomfortable and humiliating (Futurama)
(Trap) Trust me
(Trap) We're here to rescue you (Futurama)
(Trap) When did that ever help (Star Wars)
(Trap) Wilhelm scream
(Trap) You fell victim to one of the classic blunders (Princess Bride)
(Trap) You wish I never did this (Aqua Teen)