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A pornographic activity does not, should not be in the husband, wife relationship.
A pornographic.
About what? What's going on in the churches today?
All right guys, it is arrogance.
All right.
All right.
All the way.
All this talk about 2012 has nothing to do with the Bible.
Alright, in this day and is being prepared for judgment day unless.
Alright, let's take our next call welcomed open forum.
Alright, So what is your question?
Alright, that's that's humbling right there. We, we, we, we're, we're, we're more proud of that. We're we're too proud for that.
Alright. Would you repeat that please?
Am I?
Am I? Do I have clean, wholesome thoughts with the Lord at the time that I am engaging in that action?
Am I? You'll repeat your question.
And all of that is part of God's plan.
And all of us have have familiarity with that, of course.
And also in the lives of our staff that they have been able to continue faithfully to feed the sheep.
And always take our next call. Please welcome the Open forum.
And and it's easy then to go along with it.
And and it's hard.
And and therefore anything in the Bible that is not directly involved with the gospel we can expect is probably a parable.
And and you're and of course it's.
And and. If you don't have a question about it, we're going to go to our next caller.
And anybody who dared to predict the date and various people did it during that period, they were always wrong.
And but God still has in the midst of this, has this wonderful salvation program going on, where a great multitude, which no man can number, are being saved.
And but now, today, there's been a vast change.
And celebrate in a false church.
And everyone can go into their in their home and in the privacy of their bedroom or their.
And everyone has got the potential for sin in their life.
And for 19155 years you are absolutely correct.
And for every one of our listeners, God has been so merciful.
And for everyone of our listeners.
And he doesn't even know that much about that.
And he who is that? That has the gates, the key to the gates of hell.
And here the infinite God who spoke and brought this grand creation into being, who is from everlasting past, past, and who is, we could go on and on with the glories of how great God is.
And here's this little individual thing. I know more than you do.
And I appreciate your your attempt to be kind and then all of that but.
And I can tell you it does not follow the normal pattern of a great many people who want to talk about the gospel. We're in this business only on behalf of a love for our neighbor as God commands u...
And I can tell you that I have had so many blessings in my life as I have been hearing all the reports about how Family Radio has been continuing through this time.
And I heard every word. And now I'm gonna get you.
And I knew it was in the book anyway.
And I know that in the church world and in the evangelism world, there are many people that are feathering their own nest. They are getting richer and richer. And as they are causing people or or r...
And I thought.
And if you. Remember what the churches were 20 or 30 years ago.
And in the world.
And it's all, it's all we know. We're all happy in the Lord and so on.
And it's it's this, this kind of conversation and what, what, what, what, what will we do the next day? You know, that doesn't make it's nonsense.
And let God do that work.
And now I can't find the man.
And now we are approaching closer and closer to that time when the end is here.
And now we have learned a whole lot of information, including the very time of year.
And one of the first things that happens when you get hard of hearing is that, and this happens to a lot of people, of course, and I the first thing is that high voices are more difficult to unders...
And resee how everybody has been faithfully listening and praying for this task that God has assigned to us.
And room, I wrote a little note to myself.
And shall we take our next call? Please welcome the Open forum.
And shall we take our next call? Please welcome the Open forum.
And so let's take our first call tonight and see what's what their question is. Welcome to open forum.
And so the question you have to analyze is what's going on in my mind?
And so we'll have to go to our next caller. Again, I'm really sorry about that.
And so you gotta make up your mind it's Christ all the way.
And so, so that sin is is developed.
And so.
And so. Alright, they potentially know that they could engage in that same thing.
And that judgment Day will be here. We better listen to it.
And that that's because God has put Satan there to rule.
And that's a good question.
And that's an entirely different situation altogether.
And that's fornication can be looked at spiritually or physically.
And that's what's happening in Revelation 9.
And that's, that's that adds to it.
And the next and it just affects them.
And the same thing with with this business of sexual perversion.
And then, you know, the whole business is dirty rotten sin.
And therefore he better be listened to, and because God is the one who always does and is able to do whatever he has prophesied.
And they shall we take our next call. Please welcome the Open forum.
And they're claiming ohh yes that can be found in in the Bible.
And they're trying to get our direction in the wrong way place.
And we have a caller on the line.
And we know how we can be tremendously affected.
And we know that it's all in God's care. We know that God has assigned us the task that we are engaging in.
And we never, never wanna wanna look critically.
And we read that in Revelation 20.
And we're going to continue to try to do that as faithfully as possible, right to the end.
And we're going to stop this discussion right here.
And what we're hearing about in Iraq?
And when God has given us all of this information that we're only 24 1/2 weeks away from the very end of God's salvation plan.
And why do you want to go?
And yet we must never do that to them.
And yet you unconsciously are empathizing with it.
And you can't. Yeah. If it's not Sid enunciated very distinctly, it's very hard to know.
And, and that's saying a different thing. For example, when God says faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God, that is not a parable.
Anything that they're celebrating?
Are there those statements that deal directly with the gospel?
Are they big churches that have got eight, ten, 20,000 members? Are you hardly hear anything about the Gospel of salvation?
Are you notice who she's proud against?
As we read the Bible, and as we faithfully teach the Bible, the Bible will have plenty of negative things to say.
Because God is going to show Satan that Joe will remain faithful.
Because God is preparing the world for Judgment Day.
Because it is going to happen.
Because it says, but only those men which have not the seal of God in their forehead.
Because nobody likes to be proven wrong.
Because that sin is perfect.
Because there's a lot of information about that.
Because we could wish that you 2 might see the light.
Because when Christ without a parable did not teach, that means that as we go through the Bible, we should expect to find parables again and again and again. Anything in the because the nature of t...
Because you've been affected by that.
Better not try go to go any further cause I'll just be speculating.
Both in my own life, providing healing mercies.
Boy, oh boy. You mocking me, you nest. Nasty person, you scorned me.
Brother, you didn't understand the verse.
But a lot of people did, they they made it possible that this program might be on.
But also in the lives of our staff that they've been able to continue faithfully to feed the sheep.
But anyway.
But behind it all is the fact that God has installed Satan there to rule.
But but I do want the value, the integrity of this program.
But finally God came to the was finished with the church age.
But go ahead with your question.
But God pointed out to Adam and he that tree.
But how often you hear a preacher saying from the pulpit, you know, I five years ago I taught it this way, and today, now I know I am wrong and I have to. I've been corrected by the Bible.
But I.
But it shouldn't be that way. We have to walk very humbly.
But let them produce it in in a very clear way, as we can show May 21, 2011.
But let's take a look at it.
But my, my God has been so merciful.
But now notice it says in in verse 4 the locusts are just a figure of devils or of their activity of Satan as he works.
But shall we take our next call? Please welcome durpin forum.
But the the the.
But there were not many pastors yet that had been divorced and and married again and were still pastors.
But ultimately, the sin is that pride is against God.
But we certainly don't want to go back and and try to observe those rules.
But we have to be able to have a call that we can put on the on the air.
But when it says Christ got into a ship, or it says talks about some historical event that I'm in itself seems to be unrelated to the gospel, then we know that that has to be a parable, even though...
But you see?
But you're not coming to your question.
By God's mercy, I have this opportunity to greet all of our listeners.
By some of these revelations we get a politicians who and what they're up to, and so on.
By what we see with our eyes.
Charlie, help me.
Current Cupid.
Defraud. That is, steal from them or take advantage of them.
Did she say 6 or fix?
Do but. But I as you notice, I'm not giving you a very good solution.
Do you have a question about that verse?
Do you have a question from the Bible?
Drive in thinking sexually, and I.
Even as the Gentiles which know not God.
Even those who are claiming that it does have something to do with the Bible, they cannot find anything of any consequence that identifies with 2012.
Even though Satan would torment him in a grievous, grievous way.
Every time I think of that, I I'm appalled in my soul, because I think now here is man.
Everybody else is taking listening to the professor and taking notes.
Everybody today has access to all this pornography.
Except that we have some evangelists in our day and others who are trying to get away from the idea of 2011.
Excuse me just a moment.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Excuse me, what is your question?
Excuse me? No, excuse me.
Excuse me? No, you didn't hear that.
Feed my sheep.
First Kings chapter 19 verse 14.
For more great many people, they're very intrigued by this.
For the sake of all the other people who are trying to get in.
For we know what commandments we gave you by the Lord Jesus, for this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that is the will of God, is that that you might hear the word, and some of you be...
Gave me, giving it a very exotic name.
Genesis 17, seven.
Genesis 33, seven.
Go ahead with your call.
Go ahead with your question.
Go ahead with your question.
Go beyond and the front is brother in any manner.
God did something very interesting.
God has allowed Satan or to torment job.
God is the creator of the world.
God is the eternal ruler of the whole universe.
God said, and Sabians fell upon them, and took them away. Yay, they have slain the servants with the edge of the sword, and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.
Have the same hole.
Have you been seen God last week?
Have you seen God today? Have you seen God today?
He but he did his work was not correct at all. If you go through how he arrived at that, you know that he he did not appreciate the authority of the word of God.
He has been loose so that he will be used of God to make the church and the world more sinful.
He loosed Satan from his prison.
He loosed Satan from his prison. We read this in Revelation 9.
He was not in the tomb for three days.
He went up to my couch.
He would know more than I would.
Hey God, we really weren't that sinful.
Hey, guys.
Hold on just a minute.
I am overwhelmed as I have followed this.
I don't know.
I gotta be careful.
I have been proud, or rather, for she had been proud.
I have never.
I have no evidence in the Bible that I can find that it's a feast of dedication. It probably.
I hope you'll understand.
I I I.
I I really can't answer your question.
I I.
I I've never looked at this chapter in the light of the fact that we're at the end of the church age.
I just have to have to take some kind of action to to unload myself.
I never took notes because I I knew I couldn't read them. After I got home, I got to my home.
I never took notes.
I never took notes.
I see your hand way back there.