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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A lot of people are complaining
A lot of people are getting this money
Alright yeah
And a thief
And you send money to the person
Apples and Gala
Are You a Gey
Are you alright
Are you OK
Are you telling truth or lies
ATM Card
ATM Card 2
ATM Card 3
ATM card we have it here
Austin Oba 1
Austin Oba 2
Authority are working on it
Bombaclaat 1
But its not from me
Called with an American number
Calm down and speak with me
Charge again
Come Again
Come on don't call me
Come on get out of my phone
Cursing 2
Cursing 3
Did you reply to me
Do what I told you
Do you choose online bank or ATM Card
Do you have the receipt of the payment
Do you know me
Do you really know me
Don'r call my phone again
Dont call me again
Dont call this number again
Eh Heh
Err delivery company
Fast delivery company
Fine how are you doing
Fine how is your family
Five Dollas
Fock yo moda fock yo fada
Follow my instruction
Forget about him catch him get him
Garri Small Boi Poor Man
Get de fock man
Get Out
Get out my line
Get out my line 2
Get out my line 3
Go ahead
Go and get out
Good morning
Government is not an individual
Have to pay admin charges
Have you made the payment
Have you paid the $155
He is not my chairman
He is not my chairman im not working under him
He is not working with my bank
He just cut off on the phone
He's hungry
Hello 2
Hello 2
Hello 2
Hello 3
Hello 3
Hello 4
Hello 4
Hello 5
Hello 6
Hello 7
Hello 8
Hello good morning
Hello you said you want to give me a phone
Help receive your fund
Hes a criminal
Hmm I'm not a scammer
How are you
How can we help you please
How is your family
How Much
How much can I gain from somebody
I believe in God
I called you on the phone you didn't pick your call
I can hear you alright
I can hear you who is speaking
I can understand you well
I cannot involve myself in scammer
I cant do that
I cant hear you
I cant hear you
I do my best to my people
I don't do business with people like you
I don't know you called me
I don't know you n
I dont call you to joke
I dont really know much about it
I dont really know much about the parcel
I dont understand the email you are talking about
I have all your documents
I have not received any text
I know you have a little doubting on the business
I read the email hes a fockin
I said
I said send the payment slip that you used to pay the money
I said what did you say
I said you're a game man
I said you're a game man don't call my phone again
I say my friend you are a theif
I say somebody is calling me
I say you are a mothafucka
I sent you a text
I sent you email this morning
I should come back to you with a scammer
I swear to almighty god
I swear to almighty god 2
I talk to joker
I told you from the beginning that you are a liar
I wanna feed you
I wanna feed you 2
I wanna feed you 3
I wanna feed you 4
I was in UK
I was in UK 2
I will do that now
I will give you all
I will send you all the things right away
I will send you my personal ID Card
I will send you the email
I will tell you what to do to get your fund
I'll send you a message now
I'm gonna fock yo ass
I'm gonna shoot you
I'm gonna shoot you 2
I'm not a scammer
I'm not working under him
If you can listen to me
If you like ATM card online transfer
Im a busy man
Im fine and you
Im fine very well and you
Im heaing you
Im listening to you sir
Im only a delivery agent
In three days time you will get your card
It's from the united nation its not from my money
Its from the united nations
Its from united nation
Its not from my money
Its very horrible
Just a junkie
Know De Way Cure Ebola
Lemme check the number
Lemme see your face 1
Lemme see your face 2
Listen im not like other people
Listen im not like other people 2
Listen to me 1
Listen to me 2
Listen to me 3
Listen to me 4
Listen to me 5
Listen to me 6
Listen to me 7
Listen to me text me
Listen, listen to me
Listen, listen to me dont call this number again
Mambala Chandiye
Mf 2
Mf 3
Mr man
My Broda
My guy, get out of my phone!
No i have never check it
No no look
No No No No No
No no no no no no no
No problem send me an email
No the ATM limit is $5000
No, I Say No
OK 1
OK 2
OK 3
Ok im waiting
OK Thank You
Once you paid the fee
Once you receive your fund, theres nothing to worry again
Online Banking
Onye Iberibe
Onye Nzuzu
Otu Nne Gi
Pay one fee $155
Pay the money
Please hold on
Please why are you calling my number why are you disturbing me
Remind you to pay the fee
Report to FBI 1
Report to FBI 2
Right now
Right now check
Scamming somebody
Send a messae
Send me a slip
Send me an email
Send me an email i will give you the address
Send me the payment slip
Send Me Your Fada
Send the $155 you will not pay anymore again
Send the 155 dolla
Send the payment slip that you used to pay the money
Send us your information
Send You Some Naira Hongri Man
Slow down and talk to me