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Ricky Berwick Soundboard

Ricky Berwick Soundboard

Ricky Berwick was born with Beals-Hecht syndrome, a physical disability that limits his movements. From a young age, he took to YouTube, making videos as early as 2006, as his profile name "Dog264sVideos". In doing this, he soon noticed that the content and skits never stuck, leading to a hiatus of over nine years from social media. It wasn't until his second attempt at Twitter in the late summer of 2016, where he posted a video of him yelling and eating McDonald's french fries; did he go viral.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A couple races.
A major ladybug let.
A peace gesture. Can you do that?
A quiet birthday.
About a year ago he tried to meet a minor from the Internet for a quote UN quote cupcake.
Adam Lee
Ah ah ah.
Ah, down she goes.
Ah. Fuck this game and they're playing this shitty ass game again.
All right then.
Almost done.
Alright my friend.
Alright, alright this is my logo.
Alright, because that's all I have at the moment. I would add more, but you know.
Alright, don't you forget about that date? Mark that date on your God damn.
Alright, it's gonna turn on.
Alright, perfect and then we're gonna turn it on right here.
Alright, that's more like trash and dunking on another world when it matches and no stop it now.
Alright, then why didn't you ask me for some help? You need some. First of all, look at your walls bro.
Alright. 3.
Amber Heard, took a shit on my bed. I know how you feel.
And and.
And balls.
And he goes, are you OK?
And I go one day without looking at something fucked up.
And I never got a chance to tell.
And I was not really any.
And just me everywhere. Imagination, life is your creation. Come on Barbie let's go party.
And people like that like they can't stop either. It's like they'll just keep working and it's like it's just like too. He puts he. He's told me he's like, dude, I edit all my shit myself. 99% of i...
And place it right on top.
And place them on the cookie.
And that's a that's a fake baby. I'm not gonna go pray for a fake baby that you can get at wall.
And that's how you turn on a gaming community. The second are you people shooting each other?
And that's my origin story.
And that's why there is no God.
And they're gonna shut the hell up when I'm working.
And very happy very happy.
And when it's Rondo is renting their apartments hallway as a living space for $550, no, this is a listing found on Facebook marketplace and it basically says that you will be living in a hall and s...
And you are, Luigi.
And you know the drill. Who needs vegetables when you can eat testicles. Eat your testicles.
And you want to start to eat.
And you're gonna have to get past all of us.
And. He laughs and goes.
Any minute?
Are those reeses egg balls?
Are you gonna do is stop the pop?
Are you gonna give it away to one of my fellow Christians tonight?
Are you into Ice Age?
Are you ready to clap?
Are you ready?
Are you ready? Are you ready ready?
Are you ready? Are you ready?
As a peace offering.
As you can probably see from my face.
At least you enjoy my musical skills.
Back God.
Be a gamer.
Because I'm hungry.
Because I'm telling you I'm not crippled so I'm not gonna go do your land.
Because no one wants to see your face.
Berwick baby, where the hell is my man?
Bon apetite.
Bro, I have four wheels you have.
But but look at Bill. OK, let me just show.
But Daddy wait, wait, I can fix him. We're trying to convince him, not make miracles. Everybody knows about my Shrek TV.
But I like talking to him.
But I'm actually pretty strong.
Bye bye so long.
Can I go inside yet? Welcome to the Christianity hotline. How you doing tonight? What I'm doing are you pray.
Can I have my Reese's bag?
Can I just have some fucking milk?
Can I use you as a coaster?
Can you hold my reeses?
Can't do shit. You got another rim and hire me.
Can't hide. A lot of people don't know. That the male Turkey produces. Milk, what? I bet your cat isn't trained like my cat.
Change it, check home.
Check out with. These hands can do.
Chicken nugget. Kick the fucking nugs
Coincidence? I think not.
Come on, boys, let's go. Ricky, what are you doing in here? What are you doing back here? I'm sorry. Are you really sorry?
Come on, let's go.
Come on, you gonna come.
Come on.
Comma. Come on.
Comma. Come on.
Compliment him.
Compliment the guy compliment.
Cookies OK.
Dear God Please don't let Ricky punch the fake baby.
Diane villa
Did you get? Did you get me anything? For my birthday I did get you something for your friend.
Did you just order something from Amazon?
Did you know about my Shrek alarm clock?
Did you think he can win?
Did you wanna fuck me like a fucking pancake that's what this means I do not wanna bang you like pancake you see no no one no why did you just do that?
Didn't work.
DIRECTV comes with this.
Do but set one for the side for now.
Do the Tesla scooter I can show you how it works? Here are the Tesla scooter keys alright? We're gonna put it in.
Do you think we can play fucking hockey?
Do you wanna play Super Smash Bros?
Does your computer have tits?
Doesn't it run dry?
Don't believe me?
DVD player.
Each and everyone of them.
Easter is worth it.
Edited videos that have a lot going on with like green screens and crazy effects. Yeah, and he goes. He's not just sitting there talking, he's not phoning it in he's.
Even though it will, even though the big fake baby won't feel the pain that cause Ricky's not strong enough to punch the baby.
Evil cripple.
Face me.
Family Guy.
First one of the season. Fuck.
First, you wanna take 2.
For Bitcoin mining.
Fuck no, it's just the principle. Making
Fuck the environment.
Fuck you little bitch little motherfucker. I'll cripple you like a cripple me. Show me where strong are you?
Fuck you, this is how I get Liam's bookies out. I did this in front of my friends and family not thinking anything of it. They literally were like dry heaving like like I put my mouth over his nose...
Fuck you, you're going to hell.
Fucking men, I really just sometimes I think there should be a freebie. Just give me one fucking freebie where I can.
Fucking nipple. Today we're gonna milk a cat.
Fun fact, I didn't really watch Godzilla. I'm more of a King Kong fan. Do you like King Kong? I like the one with Jack Black. Jack Black is funny. Jack Black knows comedy unlike me. I'm kinda cring...
Fun. Defeat away. My dog stepped on a bee.
Get out of my space.
Get out. Get out, stop chasing me, you son of a bitch.
Get the hell out of here.
Go there. Welcome to the Christianity hotline. What are you doing on here too?
God, you don't wanna worship your bill.
Gotcha. Not be rude.
Guess what, what are you gonna go do to the bed?
Guess what?
Guess who?
Guys I want you go to his profile, the OG EDP and report his God damn page. We can add fucking P words on here alright.
Guys this is eddp.
Happy birthday crippled. I heard it's your birthday and I am here to wish you happy birthday. Nobody paid me to say this at all.
Happy birthday I love you Ricky. I hope you get lots of presents. You get cake. I hope you get a Reese's cake. I hope you possibly get rat poisoning from the from the Reese's cake, but well, let's ...
Happy it's not supposed to happen.
Happy Mother's Day.
Has anyone seen my Nintendo Switch? I swear.
Have you completely fulfilled your donations to the ACLU and the children?
He had a perfect table.
He he looked at me.
He is yelling his ass off. He's crawling around the floor.
He Ricky, I'm done polishing your wheelchair and anything else you.
He's been innocence.
He's crippled now. One of us! One of us! One of us!
He's eating my cookie.
He's great, he's great like to put out that much content is I wish people knew how hard that was to do it is, you know, it's it's killer and I think a lot. They don't. People that they don't realize.
Hear me out.
Hello I am in.
Here we go.
Here's your freebie.
Hey babe. Do you like a handyman?
Hey Google.
Hey Pikachu, you're a bitch.
Hey smile. Smile.
Hey y'all, so pretty much man.
Hey, what the.
Hey, where did baby go? No no. If I look funny.
Hey. How's it going?
Hi my.
Hi there.
Hold your God damn Cooper and you're gonna watch Toy Story.
How are you doing? No, no no no no no no.
How are you? What did I just tell you? Why would you have the baby? There is no why, no? Why would you eat the baby? I'm just trying to prove a point.
How come you don't like?
How did your body physically feel when you see me do that?
How do you say I love you babe in Chinese?
How many times do I have to tell?
How, how, how how? Is the.
I already have stress.
I am a hard worker. I work hard I being wrong? Owner. How are they?
I believe in free.
I can do a lot of things.
I can do this all day. Hey babe.
I didn't see anything. Doing
I do have a soft spot for Donovan.
I don't even like candy.
I don't get.
I don't have a scar. I have a tumor.
I don't know we're looking at about 240.
I don't know what happened next, you know this?
I don't know word you can use.
I don't need it. OK, thank you very much, Ricky, but I already have Shrek on DVD.
I don't need the jealousy in your.
I don't wanna see them. My Christian viewers don't wanna see them either.
I don't want no trouble bro.
I don't want no trouble. No trouble.
I don't want you to finger.
I finally got a powerful graphics card. Yeah, I'm gonna use this.
I guess anyway, it's time for some PlayStation 5.
I guess you can't handle Johnny.
I had daddy.
I hate the minions.
I have not yet you're a fucking liar.
I have special needs.
I know it's not a real baby, but that baby that's fake still has feet.
I look like shit. iPhone doesn't let you move your apps wherever you want. It just forces them to go up there. Like what the heck?
I love refugees.
I love you more than Reese.
I love you so much.
I mean, what if they're clean would if they're washed? It doesn't matter. I don't want to see anyone see. I don't wanna see your face.
I own a scooter.
I say you take about maybe three reasons.