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A mimic cutie neener neener.
Ah, no. We were too slow.
All right. Share a bot. Good job.
Children destroy the intruder.
Dang it, hades. Get your filthy troops out of my bum depot. You're awfully cute when you're flustered, Rosebud. The Underworld army, and the forces of nature are still fighting. Then take them both...
Dash up to those floating platforms to jump on them. When the platform is lined up in front of you, go for it.
Dashing and doing a melee attack might be the best way to get rid of those guards. close in on a guard, then dash and attack it.
Fight harder, children. He's just one little Angel. If this fortress goes down, that's the end of all reset bombs. That's right. Ready yourself, goddess of nature.
Get up close to a guard and melee it into the trench. The explosion will remove the shell and let you fire directly at the reset bomb pod.
Hit destroy the recent bomb pod to take down the entire depot? Not a problem. That's what you think. Guards, wake up and report for duty.
Hurry, pet, you're running out of time.
I brought a chair, but for you, I can't imagine that pile of metal is very fuel efficient. Actually it runs on Goddess Power, which is totally renewable.
I really don't think I should be touching these walls. Good instincts. What are you, chicken?
I should have brought more soldiers. More competent soldiers. Sorry about that sprout. I'm afraid they're busy fighting my guys. But you have to admit, haides, my troops are no joke, right? Ohh yes...
I'm heading out.
It's time to put an end to the reset bombs once and for all.
Just going to stroll in without backup. That's brave if not very smart. Why is my children politely destroy our guest?
Michelle is off. Now's your chance attack.
More underworld forces I get with Verity has against Hades. He's destructive and evil. But what does Hades have against viridi? I think you answered your own question. Destruction is fun for him. W...
Obliterations. Good, good. Now let's get you out of here.
That's it. You are now officially at the top of my tequila list. Ohh, I'd better get you out of there, pet.
The bridge looks treacherous. Great. Listen, this probably goes without saying, but yes, be careful not to fall right.
The course exposed. Hurry. Come on, bomb, do your worst.
The recent bomb is going to wreak havoc if it hits the ground. There's nothing natural about that. How do I stop it? Careful. The bomb could explode if you just start shooting indiscriminately. Oh,...
The show grew back. You need to attack the inside while you have the chance. Fire at the reset bomb pod immediately after you take out the shell with a guard.
The Underworld army and the forces of nature are engaged in battle. What? Why are Hades and Verity fighting? Isn't it obvious? You again. These brutes have a complete disregard for life. They're ev...
There's a shell protecting the recent bomb pod. How do I crack it? Try blasting a guard into the trench. The resulting explosion will help knock the shell loose, which is your cue to fire away.
There's nothing like fighting a pile of mud to make a guy feel tough. Mud drones are pretty resilient, so you actually do need to be tough to fight them. To completely defeat them, you have to take...
There's the bomb. We'd better hurry. Roger that. Bum won't be resetting anything when I'm done with it. What mischief are you 2 getting into now? Why is my children and pluck this dweeb from the ai...
This is disorienting.
This will take you to the heart of the depot up ahead. It's so close in Palatine's name, I will eliminate the threat of the reset bomb.
Up here looks like a good spot. Prepare for landing. It could get a little rough.
Watch out, pig. Laser beams. Children, you must protect the recent bomb depot. It won't work for Eddie. You have a problem with humans? OK, we get it. But more destruction won't help anything. Help...
We're approaching the bottom of the fortress. Everything seems to be made out of natural materials. Reset bombs must grow like fruit, organic fruit, and when it's ripe, it falls off the vine and ju...
We're approaching the reset bomb depot. It's huge. I'll look for a place to land.
What is this? That's a bumpy ball. Cute name. It almost feels wrong to destroy them. Ohh well, just watch out for their blast radius pit.
What's the deal with this enemy? It's called a meeba, and it's actually a kind of parasitic fungus. That shell will block your attacks. Try getting behind it first. Hey, who asked for your advice?
Woo Hoo.
Wowsa lasers seem like overkill. We usually get much bigger enemies here. Too bad. Pits just so tiny. Hey, I can hear you, you know.
Yeah. Destructive nated. I don't believe this. I know. Isn't it wonderful? But we can't rest yet. Viridi has a reset bomb factory that we need to shut down once we deal with it. That'll be the end ...
Yes, as you always so insufferably upbeat.
You're down to the wire.