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A big house, a beautiful wife? No, it would have to be money.
Are you implying something about my driving?
Five races for 1 billion credits prize money. What a profit.
For the money, money makes the world go round.
Hurry up. Where's my prize money?
I don't need flattery, just bring me out the money.
I'm the richest monkey in the Galaxy.
If you want to know, cough up a billion credits.
Lunit to those in need at an exorbitant rate.
OK, OK, bring him on. But you have to offer the same steaks.
Shut up. This is my money and I'm not giving any of it to anybody else.
The cut praised banana business, door to door sales, anything that makes money.
The TV commercial of that one where Falcon says let's try at the end.
This thing really brings in the money.
What key? I just went after the cash.
50,000 space credits each. I'll give you 2 for 90,000.