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Alright then. Before we get started, don't forget.
Although I suppose it's not the size of the player lobby that matters, it's what you do with it.
And here's where everyone landed on the final scoreboard.
And here's where everyone stands at the end of round one.
And here's your final score.
And here's your score at the end of round one.
And welcome to Lie Swatter, the massive true or false trivia game.
And yes, I am bragging about that.
At least 99, probably more.
For the final round, all the facts will be about one category. That category is.
Good and Doug.
Hello to you.
Here are your first seven fact categories.
Here are your new fact categories.
Here are your next 7 fact categories.
Here are your scores.
Here is your score.
How goes it?
I hope that impresses you.
It's fun for just one player, but more fun with 100.
It's time for another game of Lie Swatter.
Just trust us. We totally can.
Let's begin.
Let's go.
Let's play.
Let's proceed.
Let's see the final scores.
More players than you can probably get to play right now. And yes, that is a challenge.
New players can go to this website and enter this room code to join the game at anytime.
So find as many people to play as possible.
So I hope you have a lot or any friends.
So many players, in fact, you may want to get the people at the Guinness Book of World Records on the phone.
The more the merrier.
The number logo only goes to 99, but if you can somehow get more than that, it'll still work.
Use your device to pick whether you think the fact is true or a lie.
We can accommodate a huge number of players in a game.
You could even stream it on Twitch and get all your followers playing.
You're going to see 7 crazy facts pulled from the following fact categories.
You're going to see 7 crazy facts pulled from these fact categories.