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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A special stone passed through the legends of my people. Few even know of its existence.
After seeing you achieve synergy with MU two during battle, I thought maybe you could help.
Correct. It's not mutua's free will, but rather the influence of a shadow synergy stone.
Correct. Mu two has merged with the shadow Synergy Stone.
Correct. That's the strength of the synergy power created by the stones.
Even having me at his side is not enough to bring him back to normal.
Even worse, I forgot about all of this meeting you 2 again. That's when I remembered and decided I have to save him once and for all.
He is forcing himself into battles across the region, seeking greater synergy power.
Hold on. Power is flowing into the shadow Synergy stone again.
However, I have a bad feeling about this. Please be careful.
However, the power of this stone has grown too great.
I can't do this alone, but with you and your partner, we might have a chance.
I can't stop the shadow synergy stone from overloading.
I sensed powerful synergy.
I was able to use the synergy between myself and mutiu to contain the power of the shadow synergy stone.
I'm sorry, but.
I'm sorry, I must take my leave.
I'm sorry, please try again.
I've marked the spot on the world map. Just let me know when you're ready.
If we don't do something, MU two will be completely consumed.
If you can achieve synergy with MU two, then just maybe.
If you can, weaken the shadow Synergy stone a little more.
It might not work, but there's no other way.
It was Mutu who saved me, but at the cost of taking my place.
It was. You two wasn't.
It wasn't exactly the same as before.
MU two ending up like this, it's all my fault.
MU two has been suffering for such a long time. All thanks to me.
MU two has gone for now, but this isn't the end.
Muto's body can't take much more of this.
Mutulu is also fighting back against the shadow Synergy Stone.
My name is Anne. I'm not a battle trainer.
New 2's power is spiking again. You have to hold out, please.
Now you should be able to use synergy burst.
Opposing this, shadow synergy stones have the ability to absorb synergy power.
Please save me you too.
Please, will you help me? Help me save me you too.
Please, you're the only one I can rely on.
Power originating from Gaia, found in the very earth of the Pharaoh region.
Synergy Power has the ability to vitalize living creatures.
Synergy Stones convert this Gaia into synergy power.
Thank you so much. There's somewhere we should go first.
The more power the stone absorbs, the greater the power it seeks. Its strength endlessly continues to grow.
The safe.
The synergy stone has recovered quite a lot of power. Just give me a little more time.
They are said to be the opposite of synergy stones. What do you know of synergy stones?
This synergy stone has recovered quite a lot of power.
Was that power I just felt coming from you, too?
We're running out of time.
When I was small, I was almost possessed by a shadow synergy stone myself.
Yes, just in time. I'm sending you synergy power. Please save me too.
Yes, keep this up and everything will be OK.
Yes, made it in time. I'm sending you synergy power.
You can't use synergy bursts, but please keep MU two under control.
You've got what it takes to fight MUTO on equal footing.