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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A car. I guess that means you're in the garage.
A genius is all that's needed to help gravity out.
A girl eating plant already have that one covered.
A self walking dog. I already have that one. Goddard, a genius, is best friend.
According to this, I can only access the database from the computer at the main desk.
Almost out of power.
Almost victorious.
Alright, this should help me out.
An Ultra Lord mailbox. Definitely sheen's house.
Another invention piece for my inventory.
Burning up the dance floor.
Can you describe what's around you?
Can't control my arms and legs.
Can't move. Not one of my best gizmos.
Carl might like this ride.
Come here, boy.
Come on, boy, come to Jimmy.
Cool, a gizmo piece.
Cool, now I don't need the tether.
Cool, this will come in handy.
Drivers start your engines.
Either I need to find another magnet or get off the station as soon as I can. These sneakers are about to fail.
Fingers are ready for action.
Gas planet? If only I had a super invention.
Genius 1 Arcade Machine 0.
Girl germs. I better not stay too long. I might get cooties.
Go, boy, get the bone.
Goddard come.
Goddard locate.
Goddard options.
Goddard sit.
Goddard sit.
Going this way isn't going to help.
Good job boy.
Got me some crazy flipper fingers.
Gotta hurry up.
Gotta recharge.
Great, now I can get up to the tower.
Great. Only four to go.
Gulong Goddard, fetch.
Half of his power is gone.
Hang on. I haven't collected everything from my locker. I usually keep something useful in there.
He helped pick up anyone.
He moves so fast, how am I gonna target him?
He needs to be over the lightning absorber.
Hello. Anybody here?
Hey boy, am I glad to see you.
Hey, that looks like some kind of spider web.
Hmm, doesn't look like there's anything useful in here. I better try some of the other rooms.
Hmm, greasy burgers.
Hmm, I think this one needs perfecting.
Hmm, I'm sure a capacitor will come in handy.
Hmm, I'm sure I can find some more useful items here.
Hmm, maybe if I use more combinations I'll make more noise.
Hmm, maybe just one more.
Hmm, still a few tokens short.
Hmm. He seems to be staying in shadows all the time. If only I had more light.
Hmm. If I can rewire the power, I can shut off the laser turrets.
I am in the zone.
I bet I can use this in an invention.
I bet I could invent something with the magnet, but what?
I better hurry up. She's gonna be awfully mad at me.
I calculate that without an additional fuel source, the strata won't be powerful enough to reach truncus.
I can only go so far with this tether. I'll have to invent something.
I can't be this hard to find mineral sites.
I can't get through here.
I can't go any further. I need to invent something.
I can't go in there.
I can't go that way.
I can't go this way.
I can't leave without finding more items guttered. See what you can sniff out around here.
I can't leave yet. I haven't finished my invention.
I don't have enough fuel canisters yet, there must be some more nearby.
I don't stand much of a chance out here if I keep slipping.
I don't think there's anything else to do in here.
I got him.
I guess all the music is attracted all these stoppers. I've been around them up.
I have enough parts to make a super invention. I better invent it before leaving this area.
I have to figure out an invention.
I have to hurry my rocket ship is getting damaged.
I have to invent something to combat that thing before I get out on the ice.
I have to use this tether to keep me on the space station, but it will only get me so far.
I haven't picked up enough items yet.
I hope Twincast holds together.
I need my fuel stores at their maximum if I'm gonna get to tankus.
I need some way to keep me on the station without this line.
I need to figure out how to get this stomper out of the car.
I need to find a way to distract those monsters.
I need to find my way to Sheen's place.
I need to find something before heading downstairs.
I need to get more tokens.
I need to increase the distance that my puck launcher is firing if I'm to have any chance.
I need to invent something to stop me from floating off.
I need to reverse the energy through that trail somehow.
I really better find a health pickup.
I really need to invent something before heading.
I said avoid those boulders.
I think I can use this to invent something to get through metal objects.
I think I'd better invent something before continuing.
I think I'm going to need more parts to make inventions.
I won't have a chance of defeating that monster without a super invention.
I wonder if I can use that teeter totter for something.
I wonder if I could blow a hole through the roof and let some light in.
I wonder if there's another way in.
I wonder if this RAM could help launch my puck skyward.
I wonder what I can invent with this.
I wonder what other shapes I can make. It can't be too hard.
I'd better close the gate to make sure none of them escape.
I'd better get these back to Carl.
I'd better hurry or I won't be able to cross.
I'd better not get caught in those.
I'd better try a different super invention.
I'm feeling a bit off color.
I'm going to need to invent something to get up there.
I'm not hungry right now.
I'm stretched to the limit. Maybe I can use the magnet?
I'm sure I can make something cool with this invention object.
I'm sure my puck launcher can launch further than this.
I've got it under control.
I've only I hadn't eaten so much breakfast.
If I could create a temporary magnetic field on my feet, I could walk on the station surface.
If I stay away from the metal objects, I should be OK.
If my calculations are correct, her ice trails should transmit energy both ways.
It says here the book I'm after is on the top level in the reference section. I better go and grab it.
It seems to be locked.
Jimmy in giant land.
Just need to cut off his escape.
Just the way I like it.
Just what I was looking for. I think Goddard can help me retrieve it from the ground dogs like to dig, especially robot ones.
Keep up the good work, boy.
Let's go computer.
Lights would really come in handy here.
Looked. I need to invent something to get through here.
Looks like I can play that one.
Maybe I can use the blast array here?
Maybe I can use this magnet somehow?
Mighty Jimmy.
Need more power?
No more ideas today. I'll have to recharge the batteries.
No. Think, think, think.
Nope, nothing this way.
Nope, there's nothing there.
Nope, this one's not mine.
Not quite what I expected.
Not sure if I need a bath right now.
Now where is that last mineral site?
Oh no, the attractor sneakers are used up.
Oh, this is gonna be tough.
Ohh jumping Jupiter, that blast is going between all the metal objects.
Ohh no the attractor sneakers are used up. I am gonna end up in outer space.
Ohh no these panels aren't supporting my weight. I have to run.
Ohh no.
Ohh wow, what is that?
Ohh, feeling kind of tired.
Ohh, it's worse here than I realized. I better stop all this music.
Ohh, that's disgusting.
OK, boy, play dead.
OK, Goddard excavate this.
OK, now to figure out a way to capture those bigger ones.
OK, now what?
Play dead Goddard.
Playing piano isn't going to help the situation.
Purple stompers. I haven't seen those before. I wonder what's attracting them in a retro land.
Removing that seems to have stopped the music as well.
Rob, that was dangerous. I better watch out for the flashing door.
Rousey bouncy.
Splish splash. I was taking a bath.
Still have two mineral sites to find.
Stuck must escape.
That big twankey is going to trash Sheen's room. I better hurry.
That CD must be around here somewhere.
That cleared my head.
That ride looks uncomfortable.
That should stop anymore Twinkies turning into stoppers.
That should stop them from multiplying.
That took some of his power.
That's it. It's drawn in some of its power.
That's it. Now to make an invention.
That's it. Right now, have enough fuel for the final flight to truncus.
That's it. Trapping him seems to work.
That's not gonna help me.
The ice boss tried that on me earlier.
The radio doesn't seem to be getting any power.
There must be a health pickup around here.
There must be a way I can reduce the slipperiness of this ice.
There must be a way to rewire these turrets.
There must be some minerals around here somewhere. I still need three samples.
There must be something I can use around here.
There's nothing up there.
These gates are no match for my superior inventions.
These must be the ones that sabotaged the elevator. Time for some VDR action.
These plans should help.
These shelves need to be moved so I have a clear way through.
These turrets must be controlled by this panel.
They look perfect for attracting the grump. Time to make some noise.
This doorknob seems to have come loose. I'll have to tighten it if I want to get out of here.
This invention should do the job.
This is fun, but it's not helping me find a way to stop those Twinkies.
This is fun, but not helping.
This is fun.
This is not the right super invention.
This is the right invention. Now I just need to use it.
This isn't working.
This Jason's falling apart. I better hurry.
This looks like a good place to borrow a monitor for a new invention of mine.
This mower should reveal where those stompers disappeared to.
This one looks awesome to play.
This rides for little kids.
This should be interesting.
This shrink ray effect isn't long enough to stop these guys.
This shrink ray isn't affecting these guys for long.
This super invention doesn't seem to be working against this guy.