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Glob ai death
Glob boxbreak
Glob break fuse
Glob break light
Glob break metal
Glob break metal bend
Glob break rubble
Glob break vase
Glob break wood
Glob chargeup
Glob charspawn
Glob charswap
Glob clash hit
Glob explosion
Glob flyoff
Glob footstep heavy01
Glob footstep heavy02
Glob footstep heavy03
Glob footstep heavy04
Glob footstep heavy05
Glob footstep heavy06
Glob footstep normal01
Glob footstep normal01
Glob footstep normal02
Glob footstep normal03
Glob footstep normal04
Glob footstep normal05
Glob footstep normal06
Glob footstep normal07
Glob footstep normal08
Glob gethit blaster
Glob gethit fly land
Glob grab
Glob hitfx electric lp
Glob hitfx fire lp
Glob itemhit
Glob itemthrow
Glob knockback
Glob land heavy01
Glob land heavy02
Glob land01
Glob land02
Glob land03
Glob land04
Glob ledgegrab
Glob match countdown
Glob pickup
Glob shield generate
Glob shieldhit
Glob skid
Glob superorb collect
Glob superorb spawn