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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, the iconic superheroine, has captivated audiences for decades across various forms of media. With her strength, compassion, and fierce determination, Wonder Woman has become an emblem of empowerment and a symbol of female strength. Whether it's the groundbreaking 1970s television series or the more recent blockbuster movie, the character has left an indelible mark on popular culture.

The 2017 film "Wonder Woman" directed by Patty Jenkins brought the character to new heights and introduced her to a whole new generation of fans. Gal Gadot beautifully portrayed the Amazon princess, infusing her with grace, power, and unwavering resilience. Set during World War I, the film follows Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, as she navigates the human world and discovers her own extraordinary abilities. The film's action-packed sequences, heartfelt storytelling, and strong performances made it a critical and commercial success.

The cast list for "Wonder Woman" boasts several talented actors who brought the story to life. Alongside Gal Gadot, Chris Pine delivers a memorable performance as Steve Trevor, an American pilot who becomes an ally to Diana on her quest to end the war and restore peace. Robin Wright mesmerizes as Antiope, the fierce and wise general of the Amazon warriors. Connie Nielsen brings depth to her portrayal of Hippolyta, Diana's mother and the queen of Themyscira.

Directed by the visionary Patty Jenkins, "Wonder Woman" hit theaters in 2017 and became an instant sensation. With its grand scale, mesmerizing visual effects, and empowering themes, the film quickly earned praise from critics and audiences alike. It showcased the power of representation, proving that strong, complex female characters can dominate the box office and inspire viewers of all ages.

To commemorate the film's success, a soundtrack was composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams. The score perfectly captures the spirit of Wonder Woman, blending epic and heroic motifs with moments of reflection and emotion. From the thrilling action cues to the poignant character themes, the soundtrack enhances the film's narrative and showcases the depth and complexity of its inspiring protagonist. The Wonder Woman soundtrack can be played and downloaded here.

"Wonder Woman" is not only a film but a cultural phenomenon. It's a celebration of female strength, resilience, and compassion. It resonated with audiences, igniting conversations about gender equality and the significance of representation in media. The film's success opened the doors for more diverse storytelling and empowered female characters on the big screen.

In addition to the 2017 film, Wonder Woman has made appearances in other forms of media throughout the years. The iconic 1970s television series starring Lynda Carter remains a beloved classic. Carter's portrayal of the superheroine made her an instant role model, inspiring generations of young girls to embrace their own strength and potential. The show's catchy theme song, composed by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, has become synonymous with Wonder Woman's enduring legacy. The theme can be played and downloaded here.

Whether through film, television, or music, Wonder Woman continues to captivate audiences and inspire individuals around the world. Her story serves as a reminder of the power within us all and the importance of standing up for what is right. So, go ahead and immerse yourself in the world of Wonder Woman, play and download her iconic sounds, and join the ranks of those who have been touched by the indomitable spirit of this legendary superheroine.

A bottle of your very best Hermitage Blanc.
A contractor that sets up intelligent operations for any number of nations.
A dental appointment.i lost a filling
A ghost town called Alba..
A messenger will be here to pick it up.
A style all her own.
A wonder woman.
Abner .
Abner convinced that your life is necessary..
Abner wouldn't like that.
Abner? Oh, Please. Abner.
About those lives, mr. Smith.
Ah. you do know who i am.
All five parts being necessary to use any of them.
Alright. the clock is ticking get on it.
And , then you called me.
And Abner Smith.
And after we're done we get to the so called...
And consulets through out the world, none of those was touched.
And don't forget to call maintenance about the air conditioning here.
And i advise you to do as you was instructed.
And I have ten books that which as soon as the ransom is paided..
And i really hate to have a guest at one my parties.
And I won't ask for Abner's approval.
And i would go in your place without hesitation.
And I'm to be alone when i open it.
And if he discovers out that the money is marked he'll sell the lists and the codes to our adversaries .
And if i win...
And if you don't have dinner with me tonight...
And is no way that four hoof transmitters is going to go on the frits.
And maybe I can help you to find what you came to Cap d'Antibes for..
And mine.
And my room is bugged.
And now you're charged with a mission.
And our guess is it's not a bomb.
And our word has to be good.
And put it down on the floor.
And relax?
And second he runs up against a problem , he can't really handle.
And since he's still the boss, i'd hate to have to explain it to him.
And so, your mother spoke of according to our just laws..
And tell him there's a 50 dollar tip if he gets here in the next minute..
And tell him to have the messenger sent to Steve Trevor.
And tell the waiter to let himself into the room,
And that box on the floor.
And the agents will remain, undercover secret and safe.
And the other one's is on a long vacation in China.
And then join me, all right? Right.
And there are the basic morality, of right and wrong.
And this is where you plan the robbery.
And we may want to do business with them again.
And what if she doesn't?
And when you return to the island give her my love.
And with that list the key to every diplomat and military code...
And with those 39 lives lost our entire organization...
And yet you still followed it. How?
And you are invisible when you fly it.
And you my sister.
And you was in New York ahead of me. How?
Any place you choose.
Are the ones we overlook.
As i've looked forward to meeting you, Mr. Smith.
As to where and how the ransom is to be paid.
As you all know a agent in the field reports in every 72 hours...
Assuming our instuctions we had our lab people check out by every method.
Because we made a deal, George.
Before we confront that. will you answer a question for me.
Both sides are considering an exchange, Mr. Secretary.
Brilliant people there.
Business of course.
But i think you'll fit .
But inevitably two things occur..
But it has its own style.
But it's the best i could do on short notice.
But just why did you decide to pay me all this money?
But please don't. i'm sure i can handle it.
But that line usually has a very disarming effect..
But there's also joy.
But there's quite a few attractive and appealing men in this world.
But to take his shoes off in the hall first.
But you deserve Champagne.
But you did pick the right dentist, the frenchman.
But you don't think it is.
Can i bring you a appetizer, mister?
Certainty. i'll call him straightaway.
Charles Sangry, Freelance operative without nationality.
Come in, come in.
Come sailing with me tomorrow.
Common sense would seem to indicate you to need re evaluate your position.
Completely vulnerable to be apprehended or eliminated.
Consider ...
Consider the proposal, I'll phone back.
Could find a lot to buy with 5 million dollars.
Could survive in your memory longer than a few days.
Data bank, line3A.
Day and night. shine the light on him and he'll light up like a Christmas tree..
Deactivated the signal transmitters .
Did you order a drink?
Dinner, Dee? don't answer now. think about it. think about it
Do enjoy your present.
Do we know who it is the messenger?
Do you mind?
Do you think I'd do anything contrary to your orders?
Do you want me to send you some company for moral support?
Each was broken down into five parts...
Enjoy your stay in France.
Even if i don't like it.
Even if i give you my word. i'd make no attempt to steal it
Except for the books and for the safety of those 39 agents..
Except probing and X ray.
Find George and go to the glen..
First he decides to take over at some point.
For hitting that Stump, George.
For that is the only true means,
For your peace of mind.
Gentlemen, go right on in.
George, i seriously doubt that any woman...
George, Take the burro and leave.
George, You Don't want to relax.
Get them, Joey.
Give the Burro a command in Spanish, and slap him on the romp and leave.
Given any choice i'd spend the rest...
Giving all the preference information the data base of computers...
Good, this way Please.
Good. What about electronic tracking.
Guess who turned up riding the burro?
Has come up with only 3 individuals or organizations capable of this enterprise.
Have you read all these books?
He can hold her in her own?
He has a clever grotesque turn of mind..
He has given us 48 hours to gather the money.
He will contact us again in one of our top secret codes...
He's a very sound sleeper and he doesn't hear me knocking.
He's not going to like this, George.
He's too clever not to do a thorough examination when he gets it..
Here's the ransom, Steve.
How can you stand up after that?
How do they activate?
How i shall miss you.
How Much?
How's it going?
I am delighted you decided to accept my invitation to join in this enterprise....
I am so sorry.
I bring you love from your mother, Diana.
I brought your trunk.
I called to invite you to lunch.
I can call the agency, so that someone can replace me while i'm gone.
I did not save your life on the island to take it now.
I didn't me why should you want to...
I don't agree with you, Mr. Smith.
I don't know that wine.
I don't think so.
I find it very difficult to accept your word of honor...
I got five big ones that saids you can't take her off from here.
I guess the honeymoon is over, George.
I had to guess your dimensions, but...
I have another question.
I have everything i want.
I have no choice but follow their instructions, Colonel.
I have this Marvelous plane. That flies that much faster than yours..
I haven't really?
I hope you feel up to coming in tomorrow.
I hope you will have the opportunity.
I intend to return to your goverment.
I just can't let you put me in that trunk, George.
I know it's small.
I know.
I left Cap D'Antibes a full hour or more , Before you had.
I look forward to our next enterprise together.
I made my choice.
I meant why should i.
I met you under other circumstances.
I misjudged you, George.
I need a light.
I never would have guessed it George.
I only came by to rescue the books you borrowed.
I owe you my life. Set your price. I pay it.
I prefer not to drink at lunch, thank you.
I propose to leave here with the money by helicopter.
I really wish you're let us mark that cash, Steve.
I remember.
I reserved the computer and their waiting for your call to the data bank, line 3A.
I seriously doubt that you will have success that you think you will, George.
I sincerely wish that we might have spend more time together.
I still worry .
I stole the plans for it from Strategic Air Command.
I take it the trunk is for me?
I take it you are the one, who sees to the burro.
I think i know what your's is, George.
I think the french one.
I think we can work out a compromise.
I think we're being watched.
I think you're find Cap d'Antibes a very exciting city.
I thought so until I saw the topographic map ...
I thought you couldn't.
I want all available agents in here at once, Diana.
I want the things this world has to offer.
I want you to be there.
I was in Lisbon.
I was out this morning.
I was totally unaware that anything like that happened.
I was wandering if you did.