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Sound Effects - Quake II - Miscellaneous (PlayStation)

Sound Effects - Quake II - Miscellaneous (PlayStation)

Doom WAD is the default format of package files for the video game Doom and its sequel Doom II Hell on Earth. Thousands of WADs have been created for Doom, ranging from single custom levels to full original games.
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Amb brkglas
Amb butn2
Amb drip2
Ara deth1
Ara melee1
Ara pain2
Ara sght1
Ber attack
Ber deth2
Ber pain2
Ber sight
Bhv deth2
Bhv engn2
Bhv pain1
Bli engine
Btk unqv1
Chk atck1
Chk atck4
Chk deth2
Chk idle2
Chk pain3
Chk sght1
Fem death1
Fem drown
Fem fall2
Fem jump1
Fem pain50 222K
Fly atck3
Fly deth1
Fly idle1
Fly pain2
Fly sght1
Gld death
Gld melee3
Gld pain2
Gld sight
Gun death1
Gun idle1
Gun pain1
Gun sight1
Gun srch1
Hov deth2
Hov pain2
Hov sght1
Hov srch2
Inf atck1
Inf atck2
Inf atck3
Inf deth1
Inf deth2
Inf pain1
Inf pain2
Inf sght1
Itm damage3
Itm l health11k
Itm l health22k
Itm m health11k
Itm n health11k
Itm n health22k
Itm pkup
Itm protect
Mak bhit
Mak laf2
Mak popup
Mak rail up
Mak voice4
Mal pn100
Mal pn25
Mal pn50
Mal pn75
Med atck4
Med deth1
Med idle
Med pain1
Med sght1
Msc am pkup
Msc ar1 pkup11k
Msc ar1 pkup22k
Msc ar2 pkup22k
Msc comp up
Msc h2ohit1
Msc keytry
Msc keyuse
Msc menu1
Msc menu2
Msc menu3
Msc pc up
Msc power1
Msc power2
Msc secret
Msc talk1
Msc tele1
Msc udeath
Par atck2
Par atck3
Par atck4
Par deth1
Par idle1
Par idle2
Par pain2
Par sght1
Pla burn2
Pla death4
Pla drown1
Pla fall2
Pla gasp1
Pla jump1
Pla land1
Pla step1
Pla step2
Pla u brea~211k
Pla wade3
Pla watr in
Pla watr out22k
Pla watr un
Pt1 end
Pt1 mid
Pt1 strt
Sol atck1
Sol atck2
Sol atck3
Sol deth1
Sol deth2
Sol deth3
Sol idle1
Sol pain1
Sol pain2
Sol sght1
Sol srch1
Str atck2c
Str deth
Str idle
Str pain1
Str sght
Str step
Tnk atck1
Tnk death
Tnk pain
Tnk sight1
Tnk step
Wep blastf1a11k
Wep blastf1a22K
Wep chngnd1a11k
Wep chngnd1a22K
Wep chngnl1a11k
Wep chngnl1a22K
Wep chngnu1a11k
Wep chngnu1a22K
Wep grenlb1b11k
Wep grenlb1b22K
Wep grenlf1a11k
Wep grenlf1a22K
Wep grenlx1a22K
Wep hgrenc1b11k
Wep hgrent1a11k
Wep hgrent1a22K
Wep hyprbf1a11k
Wep hyprbf1a22K
Wep machgf1b11k
Wep machgf1b22K
Wep noammo
Wep railgf1a11k
Wep railgf1a22K
Wep rocklf1a11k
Wep rocklf1a22K
Wep shotgf1b11k
Wep shotgf1b22K
Wep shotgr1b11k
Wep shotgr1b22K
Wep sshotf1b11k
Wep sshotf1b22K
Wep sshotr1b11k
Wep sshotr1b22K