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Home > Cosmic Kitty - Helen Giles
NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Fuck off
Fucking stupid twats
Get a job
How sad are you
I don't fucking care
I don't live in the past like you
Leave seasidemark alone
Listen to fucking druggie piss off
Moral highground
My points are very valid
Piss off
Piss off your not getting nothing
Rtard impression
Scum druggie
Someones gonna knock your teeth out
Something wrong with your fucking brain
Stalkers, Harrasses and perverts such as you
That's why I'm calling you thick
This is so laughable
Well then you shouldn't jump to conclusions
You are pathetic
You can't even say my surname right you stupid moron perv
You freaks
You fucking scottish weirdo perv
You need professional help
You need to go and get a keyworker or support worker
You need to stop taking drugs
You weirdo
Your a liar, Your a liar, your an absolute lair
Your just a dickhead
Your like a puppet on a string