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A completely external to those 3 categories. Um, so like why does everyone snap to anyone trying to take my money away from me and.
A lot of the prejudices that we have towards gay men are about them lowering themselves to female status.
Accountable. Absolutely.
All of these people who immediately go you're a socialist, you're a communist, and they can only think of those two things, but they don't actually know.
All the people who made baby formula that was contaminated.
Also, press 1. Like I'm going to ask you a question. Do you think Andrew Tate is a gold digger?
And a lot of these people get exposed to chemicals and they breathe them in and it can have permanent impacts on their health.
And also even if someone made it easy.
And also it's very natural for some people to hate the things that they're insecure about in other people.
And also this would limit our brain growth and development.
And as well, people can should be allowed to be silly.
And being able to bribe their way out of any accountability for the people that they gave cancer to you over decades.
And can you agree that human life would be meaningless without potatoes?
And capitalism is fucked. 99% of people will live and die poor and suffer.
And every time a group of people gained any power.
And every time there is a threat from a specific group of people.
And flushable toilets? You mean irrigation? Yeah, I feel like irrigation is part of hygiene.
And he resents that. Sir.
And I don't know how you'd feel.
And I get it, cause I've been in pain too. But if you haven't left yet.
And I had nowhere to go. And I was royally fucked, right?
And I had. I was caring for my mom, and I had hundreds of rescue animals at the time.
And I hope that that doesn't discourage you.
And I think when a behavior becomes harmful is when it no longer benefits you and it harms the people around you when you go along with it, right?
And I'd hope that in that situation, you wouldn't expect the world to be laughing at you and blaming you for what was done.
And I'm really proud of the people that risk everything and fight hard to make sure that they can afford to raise their kids.
And if I put you in that position as a child, you might be in their position now.
And if people are going to do it to you either way, you might as well not do it for free. You might as well benefit from it, and it adds a sense of control.
And in that circumstance, like the way that you'd adjust.
And in those countries, if you look at the model for what makes it like that?
And it can also shape them to be prey to this exact behaviour from their partner as well. This isn't a gender thing. It's not like women crave abuse.
And it did nothing. They don't rule the world today.
And it took so much work and anger and shame for him to get slim.
And it's because they crave a bad boy is arrogant, evil, cruel, sexist and will keep you single.
And it's not your choice. Then you just feel worthless and you feel.
And it's still scuffed. OK, giving.
And it's worked for thousands of years and I can give you many examples.
And just like dating different people than them.
And knowing nothing about the situation, you immediately assault them for having been victims.
And like ability to enjoy existence.
And no one suggesting that we go like ask Stalin or whatever to go and tell us how to run a country.
And one of the ways that they started dividing and conquering was they planted the seed amongst the men in the villages that they were being humiliated.
And sexism is capitalistic by nature.
And so he came into an inheritance and he offered to buy the house.
And so I feel like at at the point where you realize there's no accountability for them making false promises, even though it's ruining our lives.
And so repetition compulsion could take many different forms.
And so that isn't quite the same as someone wanting abuse. That's people not knowing that they can have anything other than abuse.
And so this idea that abuse only happens to women.
And so yeah, without cooking it's much, much harder to get that many calories, unfortunately.
And so, like when that demographic of people were easy to mobilize.
And that allows them to relive a traumatic moment, but instead of having a fear response, they start to have a sexual or aroused response because they've lived this scenario so many times after and...
And that that's not the same thing as being attracted to violence or it being your own fuck.
And that was completely removed when the Romans came.
And that whole division of labour, the nuclear family, was enforced and designed as a way to.
And that you don't require those sorts of things in order to establish any monetary system whatsoever.
And that's a huge stereotype when women go away like a bad boy.
And that's part of the therapy process is helping you untangle how these situations arise.
And that's so weird to me because he grew up obese.
And that's still unhealthy. Wouldn't you consider that irrational?
And the only way that that could be challenged at present legally is with strikes.
And the thing with that is it's not just going to hurt you, it's going to hurt everyone who connects with you, and then you'll be alone and you'll be hurt twice. Three times, actually.
And then being handed less money than it takes to eat each week.
And then saying it doesn't work if nobody's happy and that situation is dumb.
And then they go to work the next day and they keep contributing to the system. That's fucking them.
And there's still not a fault. Someone does something malicious to them. The only person at fault is the malicious person.
And these men internalized it and felt embarrassed. And they started to take domineering roles, and they started to fight against their women and started working with their women, which halved thei...
And they did that to you. And you're feeling anger.
And they do. Yep. And they should get exactly what they want.
And they explained this doesn't mean you brought it on yourself, and it doesn't mean that you want this to happen.
And they got robbed, even if someone was wearing like a a very sexy outfit.
And they just when it was discovered, they just sold it in unregulated countries and killed lizard babies.
And they only measure other political systems by the worst examples of them.
And they said it was humiliating. And you're not really manly. You should own your women.
And they slowly encroach on your self esteem.
And they still have power over you because they're making you a shit person.
And they work really fucking hard. Really long hours.
And to make it incredibly difficult for them to get out of those circumstances.
And try to do a job that we all fucking need and suffer for it as if it's some sort of punishment at the end.
And um, he can't stand fat people. He hates them.
And um, I couldn't find another place to rent which would take that many animals. So I was stranded and they were selling the house soon.
And um. I feel like most of us would die without nurses.
And we are prayed to you, billionaires stealing from us and holding the country's wealth.
And when he offered to buy the house and just to help me out.
And when they find a loving, happy relationship, they're often like, Oh my God, it could have been like this. I had no idea. And they're so happy.
And with people who have been victims of domestic violence, for example.
And yeah, we've always loved starch. Starchy carbs have been.
And you are like you just want to sugar Mama.
And you can't have it both ways either. You are the bottom G.
And you deserve to be single if you think women want you to beat them.
And you don't want to feel angry and unforgiving whenever other people go through a hard time.
And you know we won't have to pay anyone to take care of you in your retirement.
And you've got to stop them. The uneducated, the savages from from coming up into our ranks. You're one of us now.
Anyone can lie about who they are. But I could be a serial killer and just say, yeah, I've never murdered anyone.
Are heavily capitalist because they were introduced to control and profit from specific groups of people.
Are not regulated and can lobby to protect themselves from any fallout of their actions.
Are social. But they can also be herbivores.
Arguing that cannabis made a smart I don't think anyone could argue at that point at all.
As a cleaner, 100% great, yeah, I think cleaning is really important, don't you? I mean.
At a present time, right? And at the moment what you're seeing is a more capitalistic than socialistic structure, especially in the in the UK. Bitch.
At any cost.
At some point, you will be the victim of a crime or you will be the victim of a manipulator.
Because he couldn't make the money himself, and if that's how he did it.
Because he wouldn't be able to work this many hours in a day.
Because it's often invisible to you, and that's not your fault.
Because of capitalism? Conveniently forget that.
Because of capitalism. Because the companies that sell you your shit.
Because repetition compulsion, often subconsciously.
Because that's not my qualification. But what I can point out to you is where you're being manipulated and where it directly harms you to go along with the status quo as it is right now.
Because the poor white people had more in common with the black people who were being enslaved and taken advantage of.
Because we wouldn't be as intelligent as we are today without cooking food.
Because without them, they'd be deadly.
Because your brain constantly tries to relive the moment in a way that changes the narrative.
Behind the postal workers and behind them all, like they do, deserve their it's essential workers.
Being a nurse is hard enough. It's psychologically damaging. Why should we be expecting them to live in fucking poverty? We shouldn't.
But anyone with any qualifications would think you're a prick for what you're saying right now, because it's well understood psychology that people often repeat.
But he sounds like a scrounger to me. He couldn't earn his own money, so he conned it out of his.
But he's so he has so much hatred towards himself of becoming that way.
But I could get with someone new and they might never know. Like that's the kind of thing you find out down the line.
But I don't like victim blamers.
But I wouldn't say his victims were silly because he did it to them.
But if if you feel like everyone's going to do this to you anyway, everyone's gonna **** you anyway, you're never safe around anyone anyway.
But like the Vikings and many other groups that we would consider white, looking back on history, we'd go, you're a white person. They were white people. They didn't really classify themselves as w...
But like we are heavily reliant on starchy vegetables and have been since before we were even humans.
But no one's going to trust you and get close to you if you savage them the minute they make a mistake or get harmed.
But obviously we can all agree that dictators and massacres are wrong, no matter what political system it's under.
But the truth of the matter is right. As someone who has been in a relationship with someone who started being violent with me, the truth of the matter is that usually violent people lie and they p...
But they'll just be plague after plague, completely eradicating you over and over again.
But they're kind of denigrated. They considered less important than doctors.
But we were also breaking down foods into manageable portions. So even if you weren't eating meat.
But when we became a very monetary, very capitalistic system.
By allowing themselves to be penetrated. We don't like it when men adopt feminine traits and we ridicule men.
By letting their women boss them around or have any decision making.
By slowly encroaching your freedoms. So what my ex did was he waited. He didn't start hitting me until he had me in a financial vice.
By that classification, because it divided and conquered and it pitted people against each other.
Capitalism is you would make it so that you gauge what makes happier cultures, because there are happier cultures than our own all around the world.
Capitalism. You all know that, right? Like, capitalism as it is now is definitely the reason why anyone would idolize that guy.
CK Boy, thank you so much. I appreciate it, Hun.
Clean air. Um, more affordable food.
Cleaners are making sure it's possible to have public spaces.
Communism 2 decades to establish itself.
Communists like how? Why? Why are they the only two options? And if you don't like those options, come up with a better one, because capitalism is killing your kids.
Complete socialism doesn't seem to work, and complete capitalism doesn't seem to work.
Completely different brain than cannabis does, so I don't think anyone's actually.
Create a non capitalistic society is immediately either going to be socialist or.
Dictators who created mass atrocities.
Do they crave an abusive boyfriend? I don't think so. I think that's quite naive when it comes to psychology.
Doesn't cannabis stunt great bang growth in children as well? What the stone deep theory is based around magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms definitely activate different regions of the brain and do s...
Easy. Like it's not out of our reach to adjust this system. There are tried and true proven methods.
Education, healthcare and transport for all.
Either of them mean and they just think about evil dictators in other countries, even though there have been plenty of capitalist evil.
Even though they lived off purely me. So meat doesn't make your brain bigger. Most of the social species we consider to be highly intelligent.
Every year, their manifesto says they'll they're so proud of the NHS and they'll keep funding it and they'll keep.
Everything he did was kind of. He wants to be a capped man, but he still wants to act like he's the top dog.
Exist and also measuring them when categorically every time a country takes on these values like capitalist or socialist, no communist or socialist.
Feel angry about a system that they're currently in. They complain, but they don't do anything about it. And they do do the odd tweet and they have a little bit of a moan.
Fell to poor hygiene. With the invention of soap.
Femininity is an underclass, and it's degrading to stoop to it.
Fire and then hygiene allowed us to build civilizations because you can have the stone.
For a crime, I'd blame the perpetrator because at the end of the day people should be able to cartwheel down the street naked and expect not to be ****d.
For a multitude of social services if.
For example, we need more money and more funding for our NHS so more people can access healthcare for free.
For those people, you can start implementing them in your own regions, in your own countries. That's totally doable. There are other countries leading the way in pioneering and things like.
For way longer than us.
Forever. Soap was far more transformative.
Girlfriend, then force them into camming.
God knows how long. Probably longer than we've even existed.
Group. That's a work description, not a race of people.
Have never built towards those aims. Never.
Having more food, having more quality, being free.
He couldn't make enough money by himself, so he went and found some mommies to go and do it for him.
He may well just be angry at victims because he's been a victim himself.
He said yeah, and then he started being violent and controlling because he knew he could get away with it because what was I gonna do? Where was I gonna go?
He threatened them with violence.
He turned like that. Or was there people who have been abused or disrespected their whole childhood and don't know what a loving, caring relationship looks like?
He was an anyone who's been abused now.
He went to the casinos and thought, I'll turn this, I'll turn it into more, but he lost like 40K.
He'd hold it over me all the time. It'd be like, well, your mum would be out on the streets, you're disabled, mum would be out on the streets.
He's a gold digger. And isn't that supposedly, by the conventional archetype of masculine ease, such a beta thing to do?
He's scrounging off sugar Mamas.
How much of your check will you be donating to the nurses?
Humans evolved intelligence due to eating mushrooms. My biggest problem with the stoned ape theory.
I absolutely don't think that someone should work in misery, that they should train and train and train.
I could be a serial abuser. I could have beaten thousands of men and women in my lifetime.
I definitely agree. My mom was a nurse for so many years and the payment wasn't enough.
I don't believe the stern dank theory 1 bit.
I don't psychopaths in my life and I'm not 100% free of trauma like you're assuming. And that's why I'm judgmental of people who love their abuser, because I have had real abuse and I'm not like that.
I don't think that that would work. I think like if if it took me researching this.
I feel like cleaners have always been underpaid and they're really essential too.
I feel like I'm gonna get your name wrong every single month that you're here.
I feel like making um so basically.
I guess the king to have fresh flowers in his palace. Do you know how much we pay for?
I hope that they receive psychological care and that they don't.
I know that when I went to a domestic violence centre, um, they did say that. What most commonly happens is that.
I mean, like the popularity of Andrew Tate is literally a symptom of.
I mean, press one if you're unhappy with your current living circumstances.
I mean, reindeer have been getting high on mushrooms.
I never want to be around victim blamers because I know that if anything bad happens to me, you'll be the one laughing.
I really do pizza and Dement.
I think it's absolutely fair to take action and they should.
I think soap is more essential than the Internet, even though the Internet is huge and has transformed society.
I think the ideal here is that we all get along, we're all kind to each other, we stop exploiting each other, and we mutually work with each other to improve.