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Brian Clough  Soundboard

Brian Clough Soundboard

Brian Howard Clough was sacked after just 44 days in the job at Nottingham Forest. Clough is one of only four managers to have won the English league with two clubs. He was closely associated with Peter Taylor, who served as his assistant manager at several clubs in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
See also: Nottingham Forest F.C., Brian Clough Trophy, Derby County F.C., Nigel Clough, Sam Longson, and Peter Taylor (footballer, born 1928).

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And I am very happy, having scored 250 league goals quicker than anybody else.
And I would do something to put it right. I think we played the usual old chestnuts come out of my mouth straight away and I do believe in them. I think we play far too much football, obviously.
I criticized her off when he was on the top. His character now will stand him in good stead because he's a bit of a stubborn bugger.
I knew it was serious, obviously because somebody stuck me in hospital and had not only done me Nate. I happened to bang me head and a lot of people put it down to the way I behaved in the last 10 ...
I resigned and they've accepted it. Peter and I are now officially finished with the Derby County Football Club. Can you tell us why you assigned Brian? Can you just? That is the last question. Tha...
I think it's a very sad day for Leeds. I think it's slightly sad, sad for football.
I wanted everybody to feel like I felt last night, everybody in the world in actual fact. And this morning it was unforgettable feeling and I only wish that, you know, everybody could have shared i...
I went to see. I went to see you on Thursday night at talk of the Midlands in Derby. Ohh. I'm sorry. It was Mike Yarwood.
I would love a few chairman on your program. Occasionally, I believe the very sight of them brings the game into disrepute. Every time, every time they open their mouths, it kills it.
I'm the talker now, cloth. I've had enough. Stop it. Well, you're going to stop it now. I want to fight him.
It does surprise me a little bit that people who want me to stop putting 2 words together can't put them together themselves.
Peter had the ability to establish who could play and who couldn't better than anybody in football at his period of time. Even you. Yeah, well, that was his forty. Yeah. He used to go out, find the...
That other clown at the other end was, yeah, but you keep calling it. Hey Brian, you keep calling him a clown. But in fact, that fellow has made some fantastic saves. And he's he's kept England.
The tightening up of referees extended to such an extent where it would be a crime to go and clobber somebody.
There were a lot of silly people that didn't, Frank. Yes, the more intelligent ones among you did.
We now not going home and enjoying it, we're not seeing as much football as we should and we're getting too much of that and I suggest you shut up and show more football.
We've got a lot of character in the side. And if anything is going to win Second Division this season, apart from the normal skill and fight and all that type of thing, it's character. And I've got...
Well, they're very happy, Brian. But are you happy? Yes, I'm delighted. I'm sorry. I've lost today obviously, but I am happy. I'm a happy man. Happiness comes with inside.