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You Can Do It (Motivation) Soundboard

You Can Do It (Motivation) Soundboard

Behaviorist theories try to explain behavior solely in terms of the relation between the situation and external, observable behavior without explicit reference to conscious mental states. Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the ERG theory, for example, posit that humans have certain needs, which are responsible for motivation.
See also: Do it yourself, Booker T (wrestler), Self-determination theory, Motivation in second-language learning, Jai Paul, and Content theory.

And you had to endure.
Because you can't do it.
Don't let your dreams be dreams.
Don't you give up on life.
Every single time you run up against a trial, every time you run up against a tribulation, you stop. And when I'm here to tell you is if you tell that thing, I'm here just like you here. And I prom...
Have patience and engage in consistent action.
If you believe it, then you can achieve it.
It is good to be uncomfortable. I've never met anybody who was terribly creative or gifted or strong in leadership who was also comfortable.
Just do it.
Look at time and use time completely differently.
Look at your belief system every single day and stick with it.
No matter what happens, no matter how frustrated I get, no matter how angry I get, no matter what happens in the world. No matter what. I'm fucking doing this. Those are the people that are going t...
No. What are you waiting for?
Nothing is impossible.
Press above the pain. And keep moving. And we must realize it's the ending that matters.
Start right now.
To achieve anything, yeah, you got to believe it, but you better get the work done.
Yes you can.
You should get to the point where anyone else would quit and you're not going to stop there.
You will cry. It's some stuff that will happen in your life that will make you cry. It's OK. It's a part of the deal. If you can't handle pain, you almost success.