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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A lot of people lost 750k in 2020
Call the cops
Carries not awesome
Carries not awesome all she cares about is her fckin paycheck
Everyone can see that you're laughing at others
Everyone can see your comments
Everyone can see your harassment
Everyone can see your hate
Exactly maaan
Go fuck yourself all of you
Go fuck yourself cunt
Go fuck yourself fat shaming cunt
Go fuck yourself!
Haha you deserve this, starve, die, suffer
How much more does mommy have to beat the children
I am sick of your fckin lies
I can't cook and it looks like garbage
I cant get a fckin break in life
I clean my room too
I didnt do anything to anyone
I didnt do anything wrong w carrie
I didnt do anything wrong w carrie she wants to make money on me
I didnt!
I don't care if they're **** victims
I dont believe humanitariism even exists anymore
I dont even know who the fck you are
I dont even know who you are
I hate all of you
I have had e fckin nough
I have had enough of this fckin world
I havent been eating
I hit people and i hurt people
I know things and things happen because of me
I need piss!
I stole money from a meth head
I wanna do something w my life, what am I doing w my life
I wanna fuck Missy Ann
I wanna get fucking high
I want my children!
I will not be lied about anymore
I wish I had crack to tell you the truth
I'm just gonna have to accept that I'm a bad guy
I'm losing my god damn mind
I'm not triggered
I'm violent, I'm manipulative, I'm abusive
Im fckin hungry stupid
Im just a sick woman
Im not allowed to try and survive in this world
Im sick of not getting a fckin break from anyone!
Im still here stupid
Im stuck in a monstrous world
It didnt come out of my mouth
It doesnt matter how hard i try i cant get a fckin break in life
Karma for what i didnt do anything
Maybe im pissed off about that
Maybe its that 1
Maybe its that 2
Maybe its that 3
Maybe its that 4
My whole life has been blown apart by god damn covid
Nasty bitch!
Oh yeah call the authorities
Oh you piece of shit
Stop saying get a job!
That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen
They are mental **** people
They just won't leave me alooooone
Triggered asshole
What lies am i making out of my mouth
What lies am i saying
When did i ever say i did that
When did i ever say i did that ever
Whens the last time you seen me do any delta 8
Wow look at that
You destroy people's lives!
You fucking fuck!
You guys are so pieces of shit
You hateful horrible people
You need a little bit of empathy, a little bit of compassion
You stupid fckin bitch
You're a piece of shit!
You're disgusting!
You're fuckin bullies!
You're monsters!
Youd be pissed too
Youd rather believe a liar than the source