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A giant sandy robot. I'm doomed.
A note from Mr. Krabs and it even smells sweaty, just like him.
A plankton.
A promotion?
Absolutely, Barnacle Boy.
Actually, I think that Patrick borrowed your equipment.
Ah, a little shade on a hot day.
Ah, Patrick, I've gotta go. Garriott needs another bath.
Ah, this is so creepy.
Ahoy there, Mr. Squidward. Swab the poop deck. Yeah.
All right, but it's going to take a while to get all this dust.
Always glad to lend a hand, Mrs. Puff.
And I found this order form for robot parts with your signature on it.
And I saw a plaque on the butt of one of the robots that said property of plankton.
And there's a golden spatula at the end of this cave. Wow.
And what's the matter?
Another fine for Patrick.
Any luck beating my time yet, mermaid man?
Anything for my best friend's Woodward can I rub some on?
Are checkers the king of non contact sports?
Arm roll horrific.
As if the small version weren't enough.
As long as these pants are square and this sponge is Bob, I will not let bikini bottom down.
Bad mermaid, man. You're the best thrower there is.
Because of a toothbrush.
Behind Not a Shell scout.
Bolo Rama.
Bringing it around town.
Bubble buddy, gosh, everyone is trying to help out today.
Bubble buddy.
Buddy, I bet the next move you teach me will be the best one ever.
But all I need to do is figure out how to get rid of these robots.
But I can't swim.
But you're the greatest superhero that ever lived. How could I, a simple sponge, topple your record?
Bye, bye buddy.
Call. That's easy. In Episode 27, the Mermalair is invaded by the digging monsters of Bermuda. And they.
Can do missus.
Can we just load them up in the boats?
Cannon do, Mr. Crabs.
Cha Ching.
Coming at you.
Consider the artwork saved, Mrs. Puff.
Couldn't we just drive in a straight line?
Defiling the Krusty Krab? Is there no end to their evil? What are we going to do, Mr. Crabs?
Do you want to leave now?
Don't worry, Mr. Crabs, I'll end this challenge on a high note.
Double power.
Down the slide. It might have broken its leg. I've got to save it.
Dream bubbles I'm surrounded by dream bubbles. I wonder what that means.
Father back home, safe where they belong.
Fish sticks.
Flash sponge wearing 5 pairs of underwear coming through.
For me, here were me.
Fresh, like a spring breeze.
Gary, I see you've made your way down to the deepest recesses of the Mermalair.
Gary, what are you doing here?
Get Sandy and head to the smokestacks. Door check.
Get Sandy head to smoke Stacks door Check.
Girls, SpongeBob, it's your birthday.
Girls, SpongeBob, it's your birthday. Bye.
Give me some credit, Gary. I remember. Press this button to read the signs. Hmm.
Golden spatula right after Patrick's rock. Gotcha.
Got it.
Gotcha, baby buddy.
Gotta watch out for the boom.
Hammer, I get it.
Have you ever seen a more perfect spatula of shiny golden goodness?
He looked a lot bigger on TV.
Hello again, Mrs. Puff.
Hello Mermalair Computer.
Hello Plankton.
Hello, Gary, what's new?
Here I come, Patrick.
Here, boy. Here boy.
Here, I'll blow you some.
Hey Gary, what's shaking?
Hey Gary, you're on and off a long walk, aren't you?
Hey, Larry.
Hey, Mr. Crabs, what are you doing?
Hey, Patrick, nice sock.
Hey, Squidward.
Hey, you called them your robots.
Hi again, Barnacle Boy.
Hi I I ohh I already did. That joke was good with Mr. Crabs.
Hi, Gary.
Hi, Gary.
Hi, mermaid man. What are you doing here?
Hi, Mr. Krabs.
Hi, Mr. Krabs.
Hi, Mrs. Puff. Driving class isn't out here today, is it?
Hi, Patrick will be glad to have this back.
Hmm, now how to get this one open?
Holy Dutchman's Ghost Bat Gap looked impossible and impassable.
Horus, the buttons. Got it.
How about a drivers license instead?
How about the rest of that pedicure now, Sir?
How can I help? I have a merit badge in twig gathering.
How do I get the ball rolling, Mr. Crabs?
How is anyone going to get across there?
I accept this awesome responsibility. Mermaid. Man, you won't be disappointed. Shamed maybe, but not disappointed.
I already solved the challenge.
I am so sorry, Squidward Pepper guy. We're just playing a game and.
I did. I figured if you didn't know, you wouldn't mind again.
I didn't know Squidward had a lamb.
I don't know, Mrs. Puff. It looks like they're having a lot of fun.
I feel like a new sponge.
I feel like I should be working.
I gotta say, Bubba buddy, for a bubble, you really get around.
I guess you could say I had that course licked.
I knew that King Jellyfish was big, but who knew he had such a beautiful voice?
I know it's my dream, but I want you to stay.
I love opening presents.
I make myself a snack, but there's no time.
I think you've been pulling my leg this whole time.
I was just wondering why all the robots seemed to be coming from inside the chum bucket.
I won't forget Bubble Buddy. I absorb information like a sponge.
I won't let you down, Barnacle boy.
I'll bet you made all these robots. And after I get inside the chum bucket and figure out how to stop them, I'm gonna tell everyone.
I'll help you find them, Miss Puff. I'm the sponge for the job.
I'll just sneak up on him.
I'll OK.
I'm a bubble blowing machine.
I'm getting that sinking feeling.
I'm glad I'm here too, Mrs. Puff.
I'm not afraid of heights. I am not afraid of heights. I am not afraid of heights.
I'm ready for driving school to start off again after all these robots are gone.
I'm ready.
I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready.
I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready.
I'm sorry, plankton. The Chum Bucket lab is locked up tight. I don't know if I'll ever get enough golden spatulas to get in.
I've found if you keep your marbles in a bag they don't get lost as often. In fact, I've got mine right here. It's embroidered with this lovely.
I've got my eye on yours, Plankton.
If I had a castle, I'd name it Fort Patty Town the 3rd and Fort Patty Town the third would have a big bake sale every Monday.
Is that adorable hat available in a size 3?
Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?
Isn't there a safer way?
It is.
It shines.
It shines.
It's almost too pretty to break. Almost.
It's like a shiny golden toothpick that holds together the bun of.
It's me, SpongeBob, Sir.
It's not just any sponge, it's super sponge soaking up crime.
It's on your head, remember?
It's something about new bubble moves.
Just my size.
Last piece of artwork accounted for Mrs. Puff. I left no strange glowing stone unturned.
Listening. Got it.
Little boy, would I.
Living under a rock now that's the life.
Luke Ohh yeah.
Massaging your feet isn't working. I think I'd better try a more direct approach.
Maybe a little bounce on the old bed.
Me, man, would be my greatest honor to fix your television.
Mermaid man and Barnacle boy.
Monica Boy, I think I found all your crystals. Now I can see your secret superpower.
Monica, boy, are you on patrol down here.
More tasks? Well, I could use more golden spatulas, but where should I start?
Mr. Crabs is dreaming of the Krusty Krab.
Mr. Crabs, how can you think of money at a time like this?
Mr. Krabs, what are you doing in Squidward's dream?
Nautical nonsense. 23 The procrastination.
No more fried cooking.
No problem Mrs. Puff. Any self respecting sponge would gladly help and it was actually fun exploring the kelp forest.
No time to talk, Gary. I'm on an important mission for mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.
No, just saying hi to 1/2 of my favorite superhero duo.
No, not really.
Not done? Doesn't that mean?
Not exactly.
Not the forks, of course. I'll help. But wait, I'm supposed to collect a whole lot of golden spatulas.
Not thinking. Not thinking. Not thinking.
Not yet, Patrick.
Now I can wear 4 pairs of underwear. This is great.
Now I'm being shagged.
Now that's a deal.
Number one in the bikini bottom scavenger hunt three years running. Thank you.
Of course not, Mrs. Puff. I don't even have a license.
Of course, Barnacle Boy. I'm always happy to lend my services to my favorite superhero. If you ever run into trouble again, let me know.
Ohh barnacles.
Ohh boy can I have it.
Ohh hi Sandy.
Ohh more robot.
Ohh no.
Ohh no.
Ohh no.
Ohh no. Everyone will burn and then they'll get all itchy and peel.
Ohh okay. Press this button to read the signs. Hmm.
Ohh thanks buddy.
Ohh yeah, lots of times. I figured if you didn't know you wouldn't mind.
Ohh yeah, right after Patrick Rock. Thanks.
Ohh, at the top of the sandcastle right? That should be easy to reach.
Ohh, don't I.
Ohh, OK. So if I want to come back and talk to you again, just walk up to you and press this button. I'd better get started now. Gary, I think that this is going to be a very long day.
Ohh, Sherry is.
Ohh, so I'm dreaming. Well then first thing I'm going to do is dream myself up a mustache.
Ohh, something's Fetty here.
Ohh, Sparkly.
Ohh, that gap looks big.
Ohh, that's the entrance to the rooftops, which leads to the lighthouse.
Ohh, you took the elevator. Oh how do I get to the top of this room?
OK, I'm definitely not making that jump.
OK, Mrs. Puff, I'll keep looking.
OK, that's creepy.